Tuesday, June 10, 2014


My computer was in the repair shop last week and received a well deserved make-over.  Now she is back to work, but as in all make-overs things usually don't get put back together in the same way as before, so it takes awhile to become reacquainted.

 Saturday, on the way home from the Farmer's Market, while the Captain was in Starbucks, I sat in the car holding my bouquet of sunflowers.  For lack of nothing else interesting to look at, I started studying the flowers.

They are a mix of so many different facets.

A wonderfully, lovely work of art.

Looking at the flower as a whole, as we usually tend to do, does not tell the real story.

So right here and now, 
have a seat at
 Mother Nature's drawing board,
 and I will dissect the sunflower for you.

Be ready to be truly amazed...

...and I bet you will never look at a sunflower again in the same old way.

Also, I now know that I will never see my "old" computer in the same way either, but in a new and different way. 

New experiences are always a good thing.


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  1. Sunflowers are such wonderfully cheery flowers arent they Judy? I love to buy the cut ones for a jug to display in the kitchen window. They never fail to make me smile.XX

  2. What a beautiful homage to the Sunflower and well deserved they are not only pretty to look at but provide so many other uses. Great, great photos!

  3. These are stunning pictures, Judy! It is like looking at a sunflower under a microscope! Brilliant. I planted knee high sunflowers a few weeks ago and I'm anxious to see them grow! :)


  4. Each part is truly magnificent. I don't think we would have seen that beauty without such a great photographer. These are postcard worthy!

  5. Sunflowers are beautiful and you captured the beauty so well. On my drive to and from my dad's house neat Austin, I pass by fields and fields of sunflowers. They aren't blooming yet this year but are just about to. It is spectacular when they are!

  6. WOW, your photo's are spectacular and you really captured the essence of a sunflower, Made me feel like I was looking through a microscope and that I could see every little detail. Thanks so much.
    Stop by Kris of Junk Chic Cottage, she Spotlighted me this past weekend.
    I need to get a new computer, but I am dragging my feet.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Judy, Your camera is taki8ng wonderful photos...of course so are you LOL . That was very interesting. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. You are so right.... We have such a wonderful creator. To get that close and see the details really brings the creativity and of God to life.. Every little detail means something and is special..just as we are to him.. Just beautiful. Blessings!

  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. You did a great job on those photos! Hope you make good friends with your new/old computer! xo Diana

  10. Beautiful sunflower photos, Judy. I love all the macro shotes. They are pretty amazing plants when you look closely at them.

  11. Thank you for commenting and wishing me luck - I am grateful. I joined you too!

  12. Hi Judy,
    Loved this post! I love sunflowers and I love the pictures that you took and shared with us.
    Sunflowers are such happy flowers!! They make my heart smile :)

    Glad you got your computer back! It's a wonder how much we really end up using/needing our computers these days.
    Hope there are no more problems with it, and smooth sailing from now on.

    Have you ever roasted your own sunflower seeds??
    I used to leave our sunflowers out for the birds and the deer. At least any that I hadn't used in a bouquet :)


  13. I love sunflowers...they are bigger than life! Did you know that the finches use the threads in the leaves for their nests? I couldn't figure out why the leaves were being torn apart and by what or whom. We have a finch feeder and noticed that they were always in the leaves. So no only are Sunflowers happy and beautiful, they provide shelter for the cutest little birds!

  14. So very interesting - I love to see the close ups of flowers. It makes them so much more interesting. Great shots. I'm glad your computer is back and doing well.

  15. i love their big happy faces:) great post and pics, judy!

  16. Those were great shots of all the different textures, Judy. I love sunflowers but don't have enough sunlight in any one spot at our place, so I buy them at the Farmers' Market. They just make me smile.

  17. Sunflowers are truly amazing... I just saw a house that had turned the whole area between the sidewalk and the road into a beautiful bed of sunflowers... It was neat.

    Amy Jo

  18. Hello dear Judy,
    Please forgive me for late commenting.. I just cant seem to get around to everyone.
    I think this post is so so interesting .. You have really shown us the sunflower in all its glory..
    what comes from it is amazing.. one day, we may even have fuel from them.
    I have only grown them once.. i must try again.
    sending you best wishes for a happy June.
    val xxx

  19. Cool pictures. That was pretty neat dissect.


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