Tuesday, December 20, 2016


"From home to home, 
and heart to heart,
 from one place to another, 
the warmth and joy
 of Christmas 
brings us closer to 
each other."

Emily Matthews

each and everyone
 a very 
Merry Christmas.

Gold Country Cottage

See you next year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016



We are so happy 
to have you stop by 
for a bit of 
simple Christmas cheer.

There is nothing complicated 
about the decorations this year. 
 We took down
 about 20 or so boxes and, 
used 2 or 3 items 
from each.

Maybe this will be the year
 when the hoard collection 
will be refined
wouldn't that be grand?!

Let me show you 
how we are enjoying Christmas 
this year
 with a few pictures and
 fewer words. 

(After reading this post over, 
you might want to be prepared 
for more than 
a few pictures!)

The Captain and Kai
 left to buy dog food and
 came back with this 
gorgeous, huge

The old gray mare,
 dashing through the snow, 
with the three Gingerbread boys and
 their bounty of pinecones. 

 My dad 
made the sleigh for me
 many years ago and 
I made the 
wooden horse.

Here are two more 
of the pillow covers
 I purchased from Amazon:

 Left, Merry Christmas, $2 
 Right, Have a Merry, $3.

I think 
they are well worth 
the price...

...and, yes, 
I did put pompoms 
on this other pillow..
much to the 
Captain's dismay!

This is a pillow cover from
 Miss Mustard Seed's Society6 collection.
  I just love it 
on the guest room bed and
it has inspired this
 little vignette...

I made the
 paper mache Santa 
many years ago, and 
the ceramic rocking horse 
as well.

I showed the parlor mantle
 in my last post 
saying it was what 
inspired the 
tree this year...

Here is the tree 
without the lights on.

 My only regret is
 that I sprayed it lightly with snow 
and only managed to turn it
 a sickly gray. 

 The Captain and I, both,
 wish I had left it just natural. 

 It is a Noble fir, 
about eight feet tall.

 The smell from the tree 
permeates the whole house
 and is just wonderful. 

everything considered, 
it does have 
the most beautiful glow about it 
when the lights are 
turned on...


I hope you enjoyed 
the Cottage Christmas tour 
and now I'd like to thank
 all of you for your kind birthday wishes
 for Jake, 
and let you know what 
he is up to now...

He returned 
from Spain and Italy 
and brought us this beautiful water color 
of the Vatican. 
 I can't wait to frame it 
and I have the perfect spot
 picked out for it.

 he is in Spain again. 

 The photo above 
is one he sent 
during his lay-over in Sweden.

will be finishing up her classes this week
 and then they are off to 
ride camels in Morocco, 
and who knows where else!

 They will be back home 
just in time for Christmas.

 Oh, to be young again!!


As you probably have figured out by now, 
we are doing some extended work 
in the kitchen.

 I said 
I wasn't going to share until 
it was all done, 
but...just like I can't wait
 until the Captain has 
pounded the last nail,
 I'm pushing him 
out of the way 
so I can start to decorate!

The photo above
is one that I took
 a couple of years ago
of the large kitchen window 
where I had the old slate blackboard 
and my swanky swig collection.

 Here is that same window now...

I am anxious
 to have it done. 

It is going to be 
quite a


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Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Dear Jake:

As of December 4, 2016, 
it has been 23 years 
since you came 
into our lives.

You took awhile to get here
 and I can remember
 your mom being so patient 
as she kept repeating
 during the process, 
"Come out baby, come out."  

Not at all 
being my own experience
 when she was being born!

But come out you did,
 and you have been living your life 
in that same kind
patient manner.

We are so proud
 of the way you give respect
 to your parents
 and to all of us
 who love you.

We are so proud
 of the choices you are making 
in your life 

...the friends
 that you surround
 yourself with.

You were so well loved 
by great-Grandpa

...Uncle Brent,
 who would have loved 
sharing his birthday
 with you

You are a kind 
and caring young man,
 quick to smile
 and lend a helping hand 
to whoever needs one

...I just couldn't resist 
showing how quick you are 
to turn the 
other cheek!

You have made,
 and are making, 
smart choices 
in life
 and we have no doubt
 that you will always
 be successful.

Some years ago 
you followed a path with Grandpa,
 holding tightly 
to his hand...

...and now
 you are on another path together, 
and the only difference to us is 
that Grandpa
 is now the one with 
the white hair!

Even though
 you are becoming a world traveler, 
you are,
 and always will be, 
our little boy.

  We were so proud of you back then
 and will continue to be so proud
 of the man you have become. 

 We hope
 that you will always know that.

  We will always have 
a hold of your hand.


Love you 
to the Moon 
and beyond...


Grandpa and Grandma

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