Tuesday, February 27, 2024


The last few days have been exquisite. 

 The kind of days that you wish would be setting an example for the rest of the year. 

 Soft breezes along with 

the warm sun on your back.  

It all adds up to perfection

 and even though it's a little too early for it to last,

 it is something to be held close and cherished for now.

I am enjoying seeing all of the pretty neighborhood early bloomers 

but our garden is always a little slower.  

The daffodils are just buds now

 and a few camellia blooms are spotted.

I didn't get to the market 

so the few blossoms that are in the garden are now in a pretty green vase

 in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

  Although a very few, 

they are still some beautiful blossoms, 

as promised.

 A few more photos of the entry.

Last weekend we took a little ride and stopped at a couple of thrift stores. 

 I have lost track of how long

 it has been since I did that. 

 I guess I have finally come to the conclusion 

that I must have enough stuff because not much appealed to me. 

 I did find the pretty plate for $3

 that matches the Belleek cup that I picked up

a few years ago at a garage sale for 50 cents.

Plate with clovers:  Belleek, Fermanagh, Ireland
 Green plate:  Royal Doulton, England

I set up some blarney in the entry
and on the game table in the sitting room. 
 Not a lot, just enough to spread 
a little bit of Irish spring around.

A sunshiny day. 
 Possible rain tomorrow. 
One day closer to spring.

Hope you all are having a good week 

and getting a peek at some springlike weather.


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Tuesday, February 20, 2024


We are kind of at a crossroads around here. 

 The holidays are over, 

Valentines Day has come and gone 

and winter is winding down. 

 I see a lot of bunnies in different places 

but, personally,

 I'm not ready for them just yet. 

 Spring is around the corner, 

and our hearts are joyful, 

but it still has a ways to go. 

 My juices don't start flowing until that warm sunshine

 is literally coming through the lace curtains

 so the question is 

what to do until then.

I suppose now would be a good time 

to clean out closets and drawers 

and if I was anywhere close to normal, 

that would be what I would do, 

but due to circumstances beyond my control,

 I just can't do that. 

 I have neither the desire or the want

 to do what seems logical.  

I am just the opposite from most people. 

 When it is beautiful and sunny, 

when most would want to be outside

 in the garden or at the beach, 

that is when I want to be in my house

 washing windows and cleaning. 

 I don't think it is an age thing

 as I have always been this way. 

 I often think it would be nice to be a bear

 and sleep throughout the winter, 

waking up refreshed and ready to go in the spring. 

 So that brings me back

 to the question of what to do until then...

...flowers, flowers, flowers, 

beautiful and colorful flowers.

The Captain brings me flowers quite often. 

 I love that he does that and always appreciate them

 no matter what the occasion, 

but he doesn't especially pay attention to the colors. 

 If I were to mention 

that I would like a bouquet for the kitchen table, 

he jumps right on that 

and brings home orange and purple flowers. 

 But, when I got up on Valentines Day, 

guess what was waiting for me. 

 Two beautiful bunches of pink and red tulips. 

 He couldn't have gotten it

 more perfect than that.

And, now as I am writing this,

 I am feeling a burst of energy and lightness

 that I haven't felt for awhile. 

 I feel very fortunate to live in California, 

as even in the dead of winter,

 there are many moments when the sun 

does come shining through the lace curtains, 

even after a day of rain

 when Rugby and Robin go to bed 

looking like little drowned rats.

The kitchen is on the back side of the Cottage

 and doesn't get any sun 

for the better part of the day 

so the beautiful red tulips really brighten it up.

I expect there will be a few more times

 where there will be nothing new to get excited about

 and until there is

 there will always be just 

lots and lots of colorful 

and beautiful flowers.

Around here we are lucky

 that we can vote by mail if we choose.  

No waiting in long lines 

in the heat or the rain.  

While I was getting used to my new laptop, 

I practiced over and over typing 

"Now is the time

 for all good men 

to come to the aid

 of their country"...

Please vote. 

 Now is the time.

"So glad it is finally time to cuddle and watch TV".


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Tuesday, February 13, 2024



Good Morning, Friends...

Tomorrow is the big day. 

 The day when we have a heart to heart,

 wear our hearts on our sleeves, 

pull on our heartstrings and, hopefully 

have no broken hearts. 

 We all know that home is where the heart is 

so I got busy to show you exactly where my heart lies.

I'm getting to the heart of the matter

and gathering together 

some romance to adorn the parlor mantel.

I think we all feel

that there is nothing like a little bit of soft color 

to warm up what is probably

 the coldest month of the year...

...Cupid knew what he was doing 

when he picked February to show off. 

 I just couldn't bring myself

 to put all the winter away yet. 

 I am leaving just enough to blend into 

what is coming in through the windows still, 

and hoping that

 the romance of dried anniversary roses 

will have the heart to overcome it all.

Do you see the string of little birds 

peeking out from under the winter greens?  

They are telling us 

that spring can't be too far behind.

The dining room is another spot 

that needs some brightening up

 this time of year,

so a pretty bunch of flowers 

that the Captain brought home 

as a surprise for me does the trick.  

The man not only is a sweetheart 

but he definitely has a sweet heart.

Just a couple of...

...heart felt moments from the Cottage.

A few days ago we saw this...

...and now this.

  All is well with my heart.

I am wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day,

 and all happy days thereafter,

from the bottom of my heart.

Now I'm off to pay bills and taxes,

 and I can tell you my heart is not in it. 

Bless your hearts,


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Tuesday, February 6, 2024




the postman delivered the

 March-April Victoria magazine to my door.  

It is just blooming with all kinds of 

springtime enticements.

  You know, it just isn't fair.

  Our garden is very much still 

in the "dead" stage of winter.  

The stage where I always imagine 

that it will never shine again

 and even though it still does eventually, 

it is hard to wrap my mind around it right now.


 I kid you not!

One minute the weak sunshine

 is trying to break through the lace curtains

 and my heart is a-flutter

 and in the next second 

it goes dark again. 

It just simply is not fair. 

 I really don't feel right about 

taking down winter just yet. 

 It seems that I just put it up, 

but when you are being torn 

by what you see around you, 

it feels like I am back between

 what looks like Christmas 

and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. 

 I really don't want to be left 

not having anything to put out 

when the real spring actually gets here.  

So just like having 

one piece of candy to appease you 

instead of the whole bag,

 I am rummaging through the cupboards and bins

 to find just a little bit of color and romance 

that will bring out what the heart wants

 until it can get what it needs.

I can not forget that this is February, 

the month of the valentine.  

So, while trying to bring a little something 

bright and beautiful to the Cottage, 

I will add in a few touches of something

 that might pull on your heartstrings.

I hope you liked that I brought a little

 brightness to the picture 

and I think I have satisfied myself

 without giving too much of spring away.  

I know that there will still be much to enjoy 

and old Punxsutawney Phil

 says it will be here sooner than later.

Happy Valentines to you.


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