Tuesday, February 21, 2023



"Where is he? We have been waiting forever."

The stockings were hung 

by the chimney with care 

in hopes that St Nicholas

 soon would be there...

but, alas, that didn't happen until last Sunday...

...but then the day came 

and we had a wonderful time.  

Good food, great gifts and it was so nice to finally be together. 

 Tami and Tim gave us

 a set of security cameras 

and the boys installed them 

while they were here.  

They also gave us an instrument to block those pesky robo calls

 that we get so many of.  

We had one yesterday 

and I pushed the "block" button 

and it immediately shut it down.  

What a blessing! 

 Jake and Jacenda gave us a doggie DNA kit to send in for Rugby.  

We just sent it off so am anxious 

to find out what he is made of.  

Speaking of Rugby, 

he was very sick this past week. 

 He had no energy and he finally stopped eating so we took him to the vet 

and after x-rays and blood tests and an assortment of meds

 found out that he had eaten 

a bunch of tinsel 

from off the Christmas tree. 

 Our pretty new Christmas tree turned out to be very expensive

 and we coined a new descriptive term: tinsellitious...

...but as you can see 

he is back to his fun little self 

and enjoying playtime

 with granddoggie, Bean. 

 Robin was performing her referee duties from just far enough. 

 She will not join in the playtime

 but she sure has a lot to say about it!

The cubbies are now lined up in each room 

waiting for the final decorations 

to be put away. 

 Now on to some long awaited projects

 and a clean house,

 hopefully, sooner than later.  

I apologize for poor picture quality

 but just wanted to get off a short message to let you know 

that I am still alive and kicking and trying to get back on track.

Hope all is well with everyone.


 "Whew, now we can finally sleep!"

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