Tuesday, September 20, 2022



It has been a long, hot summer

 and it can't be over with too soon for me.  

With that being said, 

I absolutely know that I will be complaining about cold, winter weather soon enough 

but, right now,

 when I walked into the kitchen this morning 

and saw that The Captain had lit the little red stove and I could feel

 the beginning of its warmth, 

this is perfection for the moment.

This sight is just enough 

to put me in the mood for

 a small amount of fall decorating.

  I plan to do some, as I just can't let this beautiful season get away from me. 

 It won't be like times past 

when all the bounty 

was brought out of hiding 

and each available surface was covered,

 but there will be enough

 to make the moment count.

I am so happy about the way 

that the wisteria is covering

 the top of the gazebo

 with no trees to grab on to.

 Since it was cut back so far, 

I don't know if it will bloom 

next spring or not

 but I can't help but have visions of

 those beautiful purple blooms 

dripping down over the Secret Garden, 

at least I certainly hope so.

The Captain is doing very well

 after his surgery. 

 He was told that

 he couldn't drive for six weeks

 but after his two week check up

the doc said he could start.  

They didn't have to adjust

the device very much 

as they seemed to get it just about right

 at the time of surgery.  

Tami stayed with us after his surgery 

so she could drive us around 

until the doc released him.  

He still has to wear his sling at night,

 just in case he would move 

his arm over his head, 

but has been able to take it off 

during the day. 

 He is getting his strength back and has been taking short walks each day 

when the smoky air allows it. 

 It has been bad again this year 

and the reprieve we had from the hot days was sitting on the porch at night, 

but the smoke lingers so we haven't been able to do that for awhile.

  A storm is expected so hopefully that will help with the fires

 although the wind picks up

 before the rains come 

and then the threat of lightening 

is stronger too.

I mentioned that I thought I was getting a cataract on my left eye 

and driving was scary

 when I first noticed it.  

That was during the time when the Captain was having his symptoms 

and he couldn't drive

 so I was the only option.  

Lines were a little wavy

 but when shutting my left eye, 

I could get us to Point B from Point A. 

 I wouldn't recommend it though!  

It was so helpful when Tami took time off to come and help us. 

 I went to the eye doctor and what I thought was a cataract,

 turned out to be macular degeneration.

  I am now going to a retina specialist

 and having shots

 put into my eyeball once a month.  

Yes, you read that right! 

 A shot in my eye! 

 I have never been able to put eye drops in my eyes myself. 

 Anything having to do with coming into contact with my eyes has really scared me my whole life. 

 Whenever I had my hair dyed, I was always petrified that some 

would drip down in my eyes. 

 It has always been my worst nightmare and now the doc is telling me

that he wants to give me

 an injection into my eye.  

I think I must have been in shock because I felt that what had to be done

 would be done! 

 He put drops in that numbed my eye, 

stuck some kind of an instrument on it

 so that I couldn't blink 

and shot away.  

I felt just a very little nudge in my eye

 and it was over. 

 Actually, the drops were the worst thing.  

As I said, I will go back once a month 

for the rest of my life. 

 It has been two weeks since the first treatment and I can see a bit better.  

Of course, the real test will be when I go back in October

 but he said they have good results with the treatment.

Well, I just wanted to update you on what is going on around here 

and to show you a bit of fall color.  

Thank you all 

for your concerns about our health 

and I always appreciate

 hearing from you so much

 and try to keep up with what is going on with you as best that I can.  

Will talk to you all again soon. 

 Hope the fall days ahead will be good to all of us.


I hope to get back to painting soon.  

Here are a few doodles that I managed to do at the beginning of summer.

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