Tuesday, September 24, 2019


"Allow autumn's 
spirit of change 
to invoke 
a grateful heart."

Author Unknown

Welcome to fall everyone. 
 We have all caught 
the autumn bug and
 have started placing touches
 of the glorious season around
 but, as of yesterday, 
the real fall can now,
stand up and 
be counted.

Do you remember 
when I said that...

...I was trying 
not to decorate...

...every available surface...

...and that I was 
really good at it...

...right then and there,
 I saw some of you 
roll your eyes, 
put your hands over your mouths and, 
 voice your opinions...

will never 


 this one is for you! 
 (And, you may say, 
"I told you so").

The old, new, newer kitchen, 
filled to the brim with 
autumn splendor! 
and here is the little jewel 
that started it all:

Our little found 
Ikea island,
 just big enough and 
I love it.

We have had this 
quaint little hanging shelf 
for a long time and 
never knew what to do with it...
now we do!

You will notice 
that her Ikea "big sister" 
has moved back under
 the old hanging cupboard...

...and the stove 
is back on the brick hearth
 where it belongs.

What looked like a 
piece of distressed wood 
with stenciling on it
 that I used as a teaser 
last week
 is now the mantle shelf
 for the stove. 
 It had been hanging outside 
the back door for about 
the last twenty years and 
was beginning to crack and fall apart. 
 Because I love it so,
this seemed to be the solution 
to keeping it safe for
 a few more years.

This sweet little window 
had cobwebs dusted off and 
panes shined and 
hung in a spot
 where it 
deserves to be the star.

look at the art
 one can create 
with a
 dirty chalkboard eraser!

Our black microwave
 went kapoot 
so now we have
 three matching appliances.

We brought these little chairs 
in from the screened porch. 
 I like them but
 am kind of missing the
 higher backs of the white ones.

 I love braided rugs and 
now I have two 
in the Cottage.

Here are a few over-all shots of the kitchen.  For some reason this arrangement makes the kitchen look and feel bigger to me.  My guess is it is that sweet "little sister", the orphaned Ikea island.

that's the end of 
our autumn house tour for now.

I do have some 
other little something coming 
into the kitchen 
(of course, she does) 
but the order hasn't 
come in yet.

I have finished 
another Santa...

in the series...

...and the first
 real pumpkin is
 put in place...

...so, for now, 
we mostly have
 all our little 
pumpkins in a row.

As we light 
a new Village candle,
 the scent of warm apple pie 
permeates the Cottage
 and we want to wish 
each and everyone a...

Happy Fall 


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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


A good cup of coffee and 
sun shadows through lace curtains 
is a very fine way 
to start one's day.

 Fall is, once again, 
on the horizon and 
it feels as if it is easier to breathe.
  It is still warm but 
only to the point of being comfortable. 
 The time will come again
 when the weather will be the 
most complained about subject
 but, for now, 
it feels like perfection 
to me.

I started this post on Sunday and
 that's how it was.

 It is also the
 same this morning 

...this is what it was like
 in the time between.

 A torrential downpour 
on Monday morning.

 Just keeping it real!

It seems like yesterday 
that I picked these hydrangeas 
from the garden and 
placed them in the guest room 
along side of a little pumpkin 
that I made from 
the sleeve of a sweatshirt...

...in reality, however, 
it was almost one year ago and 
now they have dried to perfection and 
sit, once again,
 in the same spot. 
 A sharp reminder of 
how quickly
 time passes.

this is the bush 
that those hydrangeas were picked from. 
 You can see the difference
 in the color and the texture now 
as compared to 
one year ago.

Still beautiful, 
still perfection although different. 
 Picked and arranged
 in an old jar, 
we will see how they dry this year.
  It is only a story that 
time will tell.

I have added 
a very little fall decoration 
to the dining room. 
 A few bright faux leaves
 mixed into the ever present
 yarn and twig wreath and...

...two pitchers of 
more drying hydrangeas 
with an old crow and 
a trio of pantry boxes.

The reason being 
is that I am using the dining room table
 as my painting station and 
I am not neat and tidy 
when I paint.

Since Bitty Morsel and Miss Gertie
 are delivering a wagon load of
 autumn delicacies to the Harvest Market,
 I decided to question them 
about the goings on this year
 Between the Moonlight and the Majic.

  They were quick to inform me 
that the Cottage Witch would 
probably not be
 returning to the Cottage this year.
  It only seems like yesterday
 that she was here last and 
her time is being taken up now 
with new projects and pursuits.  
She may make one return visit 
but, then again,
 maybe not.  
Sometimes "perfection" must be 
protected and preserved!

I don't have a new Santa
 to show this week
 as I am waiting on a new pattern book. 
 But, rest assured,
 you are not off the hook quite yet. 
 There will be more over time.

Here is a small peek 
of a new project
 that is being worked on right now.

Have a wonderful week!


And in the meantime 
my wish for you is 
a good cup of coffee and
 morning sunshine.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019


We were on the quest 
for a spray can of white chalk paint.
  We went to every paint store in town 
and no one carried chalk paint 
in a spray can. 
 We finally found an Ace Hardware 
that did 
but they were all sold out of white. 
 No thank you, 
cream will not do.

We have been wanting 
a smaller island in the kitchen. 
 As you well know by now,
 we have had a few 
and none have worked. 
 The working part of the kitchen (above)
 is pretty small
 in comparison to the whole kitchen 
and nothing has seemed to work out.
  I've been trying to get
 the Captain to take a trip to Ikea 
for the longest time...

...as I love
 the Ikea sideboard we have 
but he firmly believed that 
we wouldn't find anything
 we liked there.

So, by chance, 
we stopped into our local consignment shop 
and he picked out this 
cute little number and 
guess what, folks? 
 It is an original Ikea product! 
and that is why 
we want the spray can of chalk paint.

  So this is the simple story 
of the Saturday surprise. 
 I got to go to Michael's 
(who was also out of white chalk spray paint)
 but who can leave Michael's 
empty handed? Right...

...and I came away with 
these two little sweet things
 and we went on to Home Depot
 where we did find the paint, 
and then to In-N-Out Burger
 where we had dinner, 
and you know 
how happy that
 makes me.

I can't wait 
to get the little island painted 
and put in place 
which means there will be a few changes,
 yet again,
 in the kitchen.

Besides dreaming about the kitchen, 
I have put a couple of touches of fall
 in the parlor.
  The velvet pumpkins, 
along with some faux ones, 
sit on the marble table
 in front of the settee. 
 It looks pretty at night 
with the lamp lit 
in the background.

The mantle 
gets the honor this autumn
 of showing off the garland 
which has been adorned with 
sunflowers and zinnias 
that have been dried 
throughout the summer.

I pulled this old Christmas wreath 
out of the closet 
and after removing the red bow 
and adding a few of the dried flowers, 
it is a close match 
for the garland.

I love
 the earthy look and feel
of it all.

(I am fully aware that red candles are not what is called for here, but they were all I had, and I am not known for my patience when something needs to get done NOW!!)

 is dressing herself in 
showy dahlias and splendid marigolds and
 starry zinnias."

Hugh MacMillan

Here is Santa #4. 
 I tried a little 
different approach on him and 
changed up the color 
of his coat...

...I'm not sure if I am liking it.
  In my mind, 
Santa is always wearing red. 
 That is just the way it is 
and has always been.

 we will just call him 
Father Christmas.

Have a great week.


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