Friday, March 29, 2024


This is a favorite spot of mine. 

 When the morning sun comes in 

through the lace curtains 

and reflects off of the ceiling, 

I sit and drink my first cup of coffee 

and all seems right with my world.  

I could sit here all day and dream

 and it was so pretty this morning 

that I just wanted to share it with you.

As I was finishing up my post for last week, 

I glanced at the calendar

 and Easter smacked me right in the face.

  I don't know where the time went this month. 

 From the first day of spring until now

 has all passed by in a blur. 

 I have been planning out in my head 

what I was going to do for Easter 

and it seemed that I had way more time 

than I actually have.

I didn't want the time to go by 

without wishing you all a Happy Easter 

so here is an extra dose of cheer 

from the Cottage.

We are back to sunny spring days again. 

 So far the beautiful flowering spring trees

 have managed to bloom

 right in between an occasional windy and rainy day 

so they are holding onto their blossoms 

longer than usual this year. 

 I am fortunate to be able 

to look out my kitchen window

 and see my neighbor's tree in full bloom.

I added a small bit of Easter to the parlor...


...a little something more to the entry...

...and to the game table
 in the sitting room as well.

I have been writing this post

 over the last couple of days

 and what started out as beautiful sunny weather 

has now turned into something a little different. 

 Such is Springtime.

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter everyone.




Tuesday, March 26, 2024


Everyone laughed at this little birdie

 dressed in his rain gear.

  It was the first day of spring 

and the sun was shining so brightly, 

and he looked rather foolish to us 

who were so happy to see the sun 

that we didn't take into account the big picture. 

 Now who has the last laugh?

 Yes, it is raining again

 but we are looking at it through different eyes. 

 We now know that spring is really here 

so if we have to put up with a little weather 

that will bring on the flowers, 

we can do that.  

Happy days ahead.

One of our camellia bushes

 is really making a grand show now.

  We thought bringing some into the Cottage 

would take care of our Sprinter setback.

"The power of finding beauty in the humblest things 

makes home happy and life lovely."

Louisa May Alcott

 The game table, spring edition, 

is looking quite festive with a sponged pitcher

 full of faux greenery

 alongside a butterfly plate.

I had a comment from Pam last week 

when I showed our little piece of

 gallery wall in the entry. 

 She wanted to see more of it.

  In reality it is a very small wall

 just as you enter the Cottage 

and very hard to photograph 

because there isn't any room 

to get far enough away from,

 in order to take a decent picture. 

 I don't think I have ever shown the photos there

 for that reason. 

So above, you can get the idea of how it is laid out

 and below I will show you each individual picture and tell you a bit about the subjects.  

Of course, I am quite prejudiced 

as they are long ago members of our family, 

but thought you might like to meet them...

My paternal grandmother

My paternal great-grandfather

My dad

My mom

The Captain's paternal great-grandfather

My maternal grandmother

...I wish I had dates on these photos 

but am assuming they are 

from the late 1800's and early 1900's. 

 Isn't if fun that they all happened to pose

 with their animals?

I have picked up the paintbrush again 

and am following (or trying) along with 

a British artist on YouTube. 

 I think she is quite good 

and so far she is painting miniature subjects. 

 I think that is a helpful way to start out.  

It seems that painting this mini-pumpkin

 is more helpful to me

 as far as mixing colors 

and having control over the amount of water to mix in. 

 However, after enlarging the attempt for this space, 

I can see mistakes that I need to correct.

 It is easier for my eye that way. 

 I am fairly happy with this little piece 

and now can see the areas which need more work.

You may have noticed that I have been 

showing up as "anonymous" lately.

  Don't know why that happened 

and really don't know why I am back to normal either, 

but I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth, 

so am glad that it is straightened out.


Could it be some more

 of that wonderful springtime magic?

Hope Springtime has arrived at your home 

and that you have a wonderful week.


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Tuesday, March 19, 2024


Exactly one year ago today

 this is what the front garden looked like... 

...but, today,

 beautiful, glorious, breezy today, 

this is what it looks like now.

As I opened the door so I could share with you

 the first sighting of a spring fairy

 basking in the sun, 

this happened...

...two robins mysteriously appeared from the sky

 to join her on the fountain, 

in celebration of the first day of spring.

If that isn't magic, I don't know what is.

Speaking of magic...

the entry got a few touches of spring herself. 

 Don't you just love when that happens?

As I chose a couple of green books 

to elevate the birdies

 as part of the spring celebration, 

look what title randomly came up.  

Another magical springtime moment.

We are doing some spring cleaning

 in each room as I decorate.   

The parlor and entry are the shining stars this week.

Hope your first day of spring is 

bright and beautiful 

with many magical moments.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2024


Before the calendar actually says 

the real spring has sprung 

we had a few marvelous days. 

 The kind of days that make Robin sneak out the door 

and seek wherever there is a spot of sun to lay in.  

The kind of days that makes me want to join her. 

 But, now that we are only one week away

 from the first official day, 

you know that Old Man Winter 

is still holding on for dear life 

and, once more, gray and gloom.

I figure we are close enough to the real thing 

so I decided to add a little springtime to the Cottage.  

I got some pretty napkins 

and I am sure that you can imagine

 what I did with them. 

 I have seen so many pretty projects accomplished in

 the land of Blog and Pinterest 

and I thought I would try my hand at a little decoupage. 

 I have done a lot of crafting in my days

 but I am finding that

 I am not as patient as I once was. 

 It doesn't seem to be a conscious effort, 

it just seems to be how my brain is working now. 

 I itch to start a project and once I do, 

I can't wait until it is done. 

 I notice that I don't take the time to attend to details, 

I just want to get it made.  

Consequently, you can't look for perfection 

in any of my work these days...

 ...but there is always a way to hide 

what you don't want to be seen...

...just don't look at it too closely. 
I should have taken the time to paint 
a white undercoat 
before I put the napkin on.

I also spruced up the parlor mantel for spring. 

 Just some little items that can be changed up 

when Easter rolls around

which won't be long now...

One little birdie knows the system 

so he is prepared to weather the storms 

that are bound to come again 

before spring actually gets here.

Hope you are enjoying 

these last few days waiting for spring.


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Tuesday, March 5, 2024


The first daffodil that showed up in the garden was tightly holding onto her bud 

when I picked her and brought her into the Cottage. 

 It wasn't long before the warmth took hold 

and she unfurled and showed 

her beautiful little face.  

A sure sign that spring will not be held captive 

no matter how badly 

Mother Nature tries to make that happen.

Late in the day the skies turn gray

 and the wind and the rain make themselves known 

as they pound against the windows 

and howl around the sides of the Cottage. 

 During the morning, however,

 a sunbeam sneaks through and places a smile 

on everything that it touches.

Years ago we bought some pans

and there was one pan included in the set that was used to cook soft boiled eggs.  

It had small individual cups that fit over simmering water and cooked the eggs.  

To be sure, I cannot abide soft boiled eggs.  

I have to have the whites very well done but the yolk can be soft to a certain extent 

and this pan took care of that problem every time. 

 Over time the pan was lost 

so I ordered this new one from Amazon and... I can again enjoy my breakfast

 just like I like it.  

I add a little pat of butter to the cup and then the egg with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. 

 It cooks for about 7-8 minutes

 and is just right for me.

Add a cup of tea and an English muffin 

with butter and raspberry jam.  

My breakfast of champions.

Sunday was the Captain's birthday. 

 He said he just wanted to 

sit on the couch and watch TV.  

 I asked him how that would be different 

from any other day

 but if he insisted

I was all in favor of giving him that present.

Have a wonderful week.


I would like to thank Linda for recognizing my last week's post on Life and Linda. 

 I appreciate the time and effort she puts into this party every week. 

 It is always a pleasure to be included.

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