Tuesday, March 29, 2016


 has got her foot in the door,
 or at the very least,
 depending where you are in this world,
 a toe.

We just need to be
 a little more patient,
 but for us humans,
that isn't always 
as easy as it is
for some.

Hope everyone enjoyed 
a happy Easter.

 We drove
 down to the kids' 
on Sunday morning,
 had a fantastic meal
prepared by our 
talented SIL...

...topped off
with a Three Berry Crumble...
and were back home in bed 
by 11:30
 Sunday night.

Tami had these beautiful tulips 
as a centerpiece 
and sent them home with us 
as her two cats 
have been known to eat 
whatever flowers 
they find laying around..

...the culprits! -- 
 I certainly 
can't complain!

While we are on
 the subject of tulips,
 I thought I would share again
 these beautiful flowers
 from a couple of years ago.

These photos
 are from a tour we took 
of Ananda Village.

 It is a cooperative
 spiritual community 
outside the town of Nevada City. 

 Two hundred residents 
of all ages 
live on 700 acres of land. 

 They choose devotion 
through the path 
of Kriya yoga.

 Every fall
 the residents plant 
thousands upon thousands 
of tulip bulbs...

...and come spring time 
they open their gates 
to share all the beauty with 
anyone wanting to visit.

 It really is 
a spectacular sight,
 one that the photos 
cannot do justice.

I hope you enjoyed the return trip.


 In last week's post, 
I mentioned that Picasa
 was eventually going away.

  The truth of the matter is
 that it is not going away,
 we will still be able 
to access it
 and use it for editing,
 but Google
 will no longer back it up,
 so if anything were to go wrong 
they would be of no help...
for those of us
 who love and use Picasa,
 fingers crossed!

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Saturday, March 26, 2016


"Little Easter,
 the comedienne bunny,

Tried too hard 
at being funny.

She juggled
and she dropped the eggs

They fell and smashed 
between her legs.

Vintage children's bunny slippers

Poor Easter 
left the stage in shame

And thought that she 
might change her name.

But then that bunny 
read this ad,

"This Sunday
 we need help 
real bad."

So Easter Bunny
kept her name

And through the years
 has gained much fame,

When Easter's Sunday 
comes each year.

She delivers eggs
 and we all cheer."




Monday, March 21, 2016


Spring arrived
 on Sunday morning
 with sunlight streaming 
in the windows...

...and shining its spotlight
 around the

No wait, 
that's not exactly 
how it

found the sun hiding 
behind a sky of
 gray clouds...

...and it looked like winter 
was here to stay awhile longer.

a few light touches 
around the Cottage 
will keep the spirits up 
while waiting for
 the real thing.

Lacy touches of white
 mixed in 
with an assortment of
 spring greens...

...a vase of dried hydrangeas 
from years past 
that have held onto 
their verdant hues...

...taking some liberties 
with Picasa 
(which won't be around much longer)...

...and adding in 
a few old books
green bindings...

...a sprig of clover 
on Irish Belleek
 to pay tribute to
 St. Patrick's Day...

...a small
faux primrose
 for a 
blush of color...

...and a touch of 
spring yellow 
to pull it all 

Some good news to report: 

 I finally figured out
how to set up
 my "follow by email" button.

if you would like to receive 
Gold Country Cottage 
in your inbox,
 just sign up 
(top right corner of blog, under header)
 and you shall receive.


Welcome to spring everybody!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


You came riding in
 on the sunrise 
on a hot
California day...

...with a fancy man
 in a painted wagon
 with some fancy things to say

Looks like
 you folks need some water, 
 water is my game

And for the small price
 of 100 dollars, 
I bet you 
I could make it rain...

They all 
just stood there staring 
trying to believe...

...but there was one
 named Lizzy Cooper 
who said he was a lying cheat

She said 
you call yourself the Rainman,
 well you ought to be ashamed

all these people dreaming, 
thinking you
 can make it rain.

The North Fork
 of the Yuba River
last summer

Step back non-believers
 or the rain
 will never come

Someone start
 that fire-a-burning,
 somebody beat the drum

He said 
some may think I'm crazy
 for making all these claims

But I swear
 before this day is over 
you folks are 
 see some rain.

"Lizzie and the Rainman"
Larry Henley and Kenny O'Dell, 1971
Performed by Tanya Tucker and others, but my personal favorite:
The Cox Family
"Beyond the City", 1995

As we got out of the car yesterday, 
the roar of the river was deafening.

 I really hate
 using a word that is so over-used,
 but it was 

 we did get some rain,
 but it was disheartening to hear 
that we are still in the drought.


All that rain
 didn't dampen Kai's bling of green 
and all our good wishes
 for a
 Happy St. Patrick's Day.


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