Tuesday, January 30, 2024


When I say this post is about nothing,
 I don't mean to say it's about nothing.
  It is about something, 
but may mean nothing to anyone
 other than myself. 

The photos were chosen for no rhyme or reason 

but only because I like them

 and, in the end, 

I hope you will see that they prove my point.

No doubt you have heard me complain

 about my getting used to this new computer.  

I will just say it has been a long journey

 which, by no means, is totally over yet.

I used Picasa in the past

 and even though I couldn't begin to tell you, now, how I managed to set that up,

 all I know is that it took care of all my editing needs with mostly one click. 

As it was lost when I took possession of this new one, 

I felt like I had landed in no-man's land without it.

 I would rather figure out things for myself 

and, in all honesty, eventually most times I can,

 but it takes a long while for me to do that.

I did finally figure out how to get 

my watermark back on my photos. 

 I went on "Watermarquee.com" 

and signed up for the "Pro".  

It only cost $19 flat fee forever.  

They do have a free version 

but it doesn't offer as much.  

It is so easy and as I am now a "Pro", 

I can help anyone who needs it!!

The size of my photos 
is the most important thing to me.
 I just don't like how my blog looks with small photos.
This is just my "personal wierdness" 
and very important to me. 
Jacenda came up with a good solution 
and showed me how to do it 
but then I noticed that my pictures
 intrude into my sidebar  
and wave around from side to side.
 I know you must have noticed 
but were too polite to say anything. 
 I thank you for your concern for my feelings,
 but I would never mind 
if you tell me you see something wrong.  
Jacenda made it look so easy 
but it wasn't an exact science. 
Her hands are so steady and confident, 
as well as her knowledge, 
after all, she is a nurse, 
but mine aren't
 and I didn't always get the spot just right,
 so it stands to reason that it didn't work for me.

I did remember a snippet from Picasa though that had to do with the pixel count of a picture, 
and thought it was 900, but that was a little too large so I changed them to 875. (500) 
 I googled how to find the pixel count 
and, long story short,
 I changed the size of my photos 
and now they work just the way I like them.  
There are a few more steps than just one click 
but I'm finding it worth it.

So, now I warned you
 this post was about nothing
 but something I wanted to get in writing,
if nothing more than to prove to myself 
that I did figure it out. 

Most of this will sound old hat to probably all of you
but it is exciting to me that I was able to do it.
If you will remember, I said in my last post 
that it doesn't take much to make me happy! 
I thought I might not even publish it
 - --
but, what the heck!!

Let me know what you think about it all,
 and if anyone is having similar problems
 I have learned a couple of things 
that I might be able to help with. 

Imagine that!!


P.S.  I just published this post and noticed that my margins are still out of whack.  I sized my photos down and it still didn't help.  After I type it up and "preview" it the margins are all just fine but the minute I "publish" there they go.  Back to the drawing board.

P.S.S.  I think I may have fixed it. I had to make my photos smaller and change the margins.  Whether I did it right or not - I don't know but it seems to be working now.  Let Me Know.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024


January brings the snowfolk
 out in style at the Cottage.

I put these little folks together a few years back 

and mostly they have suffered through stormy weather on a closet shelf.  

This is their year!

One lone snowman, in his warmest attire,

 has joined the scene 

on the winter mantel...

...and another on the sitting room shelf.

I received this little guy 

as part of my Christmas gift from Jake and Jacenda.

  He is now learning to adjust to winter life at the Cottage.

A dapper snowman has a message for all who enter


 Now that you have seen the little Chills...

...here are the big Thrills.

A trip to Trader Joe's. 

Pretty flowers and fixins' for all kinds of soups.

 It doesn't take much to make me happy!

"The power
 of finding beauty in the humblest things
 makes home happy and life lovely.

Louisa May Alcott


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Tuesday, January 16, 2024


I wrote a post last May

 that turned out to be the most viewed of 2023.

  We are now in the throes of winter 

and I thought it timely to show it again. 

 If it was liked then, surely it will be loved now
 so grab a hot drink, take a seat by the fire,
 pull back those lace curtains
 and dream a little dream with me.



Any day is a good day 

when sun shines through lace curtains...

...but before the lilacs 

and the Lady Banks bloomed 

and even though spring had arrived, 

the sun still hadn't gotten the message

 and faux greenery 

was the only game in town.

Now, the roses are in full bloom,

 filling the garden 

and all the rooms in the Cottage

 with their lovely scents and colors...

The sun is now shining,

 with attitude,

 and the garden is grateful...

Just keeping you in the sunshine.  

Hope all is well.

We had our family celebration last Sunday.  
It turned out really well. 
 Lots of laughing, love and good eats. 
 We exchanged gifts
 and watched all the dogs frolic 
and ate marionberry pie. 
 Jacenda was the star of the day
 as she taught me how to get my photos larger. 
 It was a good day.

So now back to dreaming...

...and life in real time and living color.


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Tuesday, January 9, 2024



Not doing much. 

 Just sitting here on our behinds, 

contemplating the joys of winter.

I am not a winter person. 

 Never have been, never will be 

but I am practicing very hard learning to live with it. 

 A day without sunshine rides on top of my head 

like a heavy weight 

and as there are many days like that during 

the long spell of winter, 

I am determined to make "light" of it.  

You have seen that sign that says

 "I am so sorry for the things I said 

when it was winter"?

The poor Captain really deserves to have that sign!

I know there are many things to love

 about winter and I do.  

The first snowfall 

when everything seems quiet and clean, 

heavy sweaters and quilts, 

being lulled to sleep by the sound of rain 

that chases away the summer heat.  

I always look forward to all that,

 but there are those times when that isn't enough 

and those are the feelings that need attention.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

 and can turn the mind to a more peaceful place. 

A comfortable chair, in front of a warm fire, 

reading by lamplight, 

can transport a person to a place of

 content and comfort...

...and sometimes the very objects

 that signify the heart of winter 

can be calming and warm. 

 I've placed an old print

 of a small cottage nestled in the woods,

 along with my great-grandmother's ironstone pitcher filled with twigs from the garden 

and the garland and candles left over from Christmas, dotted with snow berries, 

add to a scene of winter at its best.

The Christmas tree

 still remains in the corner of the parlor 

as we are having our family celebration mid January.  

With the addition of a few wayward snowflakes 

it seems to take on a feeling of winter

 but the twinkling lights

 add the warmth that is definitely needed.

The table is set 

for our long awaited gathering.  

Simple winter greenery 

runs down the center

 accented with the colors of Christmas and winter...


...the place settings are Wood & Sons.     

The pattern and color 

reminds me of spring 

and I can't help but feel

 the good things that come about 

when we return to that season 

and yet the warmth of the smiles

 that will be around the table 

keep me grounded in the beauty of 

the here and now...

...and isn't it amazing 

that just a trip to the grocery store 

can bring with it

 the most simplest of pleasures.

Happy New Year everyone!


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