Tuesday, May 28, 2013


"The glory of the garden lies in more than meets the eye."

Rudyard Kipling

Is there a better way to be welcomed to a party, hosted by Mother Nature, than through the garden gate..?

The fairies have already arrived.

  They have settled into their new, comfortable accommodations.

  But, mind your step, as they are prone to wander about, unexpectedly, as soon as the sun goes down.

The valerian stands guard around the premises, keeping an eye out for any party crashers...

...oh, oh, it appears that one escaped their watchful eyes.

The David Austen roses are the guests of honor at this party.

With the Cecil Brunner in attendance.

The lilacs were the first to arrive, but didn't stay long.

They must have had other social obligations.

The antique summer phlox is not at it's best yet this season.

I think the old girl is trying to be fashionably late.

The lavender beauties have not finished dressing. 

They won't be entirely presentable until they have donned their lovely purple garden bonnets.

The hollyhocks look like they might make an appearance at this party.

They were less than eager to attend last years.

The sweet lily of the valley just poked their heads in for a little while on their way to another engagement.

"White silver bells upon a slender stalk
Lillys of the Valley deck my garden walk."

Old song

Not too bad for the coming out season.

Maybe we can talk the fairies into staying around after the party is over and work their magic for the next one.

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Friday, May 24, 2013


There are days that are tailor made for porch sitting.

Memorial Day is just one of many.

Pitcher, glasses and silver tray: garage sales
Blue and white cache pot and welcome sign: HomeGoods

It's a perfect day for cooling off with a tall pitcher of iced water, steeped with mint.

A day when you wave to your neighbors, passing by, on their way to the parade in the village.

There is a gentle breeze blowing that waves the colors of Old Glory.

It is not uncommon to enjoy a picnic on the green...

...and the ants can always be counted on to attend, and present, a parade or their own.

Come evening time, sit and reflect by candlelight.

Listen to the songs of the crickets.

Remember, and pay tribute, to the strong and brave men and women who have given their all to defend and protect this wonderful country.

"There are times when we stop.

We sit still.

We listen...

...and breezes from a whole other world begin to whisper."

James Carroll

We send our warmest wishes for a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend to you all.


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Sunday, May 19, 2013


We made a fast trip to Santa Cruz this weekend to help Tami put on her annual breast cancer yard sale.  She has been doing this sale for the past 10 years as a fundraiser to finance her walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in San Francisco.

She had a lot of stuff to sell and a lot of people came by to buy.

The day's entertainment was the neighbor's cat that just kept everyone in a happy mood.

Fun was had by all.

"Boy, this entertainment business is hard work."

The topper of the day was that she raised a little over $900.00. That is half of what she needs to do the walk.

With those kinds of monies being raised from all the participants, maybe they will be able to come up with a cure sometime soon.

"I'm so pretty!"

We also went to dinner on the wharf again.  This time in celebration of our Mother's Day and her birthday.

"So very pretty!"

My Mother's Day gift.

"This is just too pretty."

It was a good weekend...


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Saturday, May 11, 2013


This road didn't lead us to a far away exotic place, just to a week of quiet and relaxation.

So quiet in fact, you could hear a nose drip.

Once again we returned to Jackson where we...

Sat and enjoyed doing a lot of nothing...

Gazing at the changing skies...

Looking out over distant vistas...

Watching the sheep graze...

Occasionally waiting for the sun to shine through the rain clouds...

Seeing the last of the spring wildflower blooms...

Taking a table from my sister's garage sale...

And placing it, primped and pretty, in it's new home on the road...

And country roads...taking us home.


Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!!


A happy camper!

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