Tuesday, December 22, 2020



On a cold December evening,
 just before twilight,
 there is a hopeful feeling in the air and 
there is something magical
 that happens to the human spirit
 as well...

...the long wait is over,
 the tasks of the day
 have been given their due, 
and a quietness blankets over all.

The kids have been put to bed
 with visions of
 Santa Claus and sugar plums 
dancing in their heads...

...and a mug of hot cider 
awaits by the fireside...

...this is no ordinary time.

 This is

What better time 
to light a few candles and
 welcome in some friends.
   (there is a lot to see).
An Olde Homestead Christmas
 by candlelight:


A Warm Christmas Welcome 
to one and all:

Sit deep and enjoy!

The Entry..

The Parlor..

The Sitting Room..

The Dining Room..

 The Kitchen..



There is always 
something to be said for 
the magic of a few candles, 
lighting up the reality that
 life is good and 
we are fortunate if
 we have survived it this far. 
 This is especially true 
at Christmastime.

When all 
the twinkling lights and candles,
 all over the world,
 come forth
 to shine a light on that 
we are all together in this life and 
should be proud of 
our individual efforts to remain
 true to that fact.

I would like to give 
my thanks and love to all of you. 

 Thank you for listening to
 the good and the bad 
throughout the year and,
 above all else, 
for your
 continuing friendship. 
 I would also like to thank Linda 
for adding my last post
 to her party 
as one of the features. 
I appreciate it so much.

A new year is on the way,
 with many good things to come. 
 I wish us all
 everything merry and bright, 
because we certainly
 deserve it.

Have a Happy and Healthy 2021.
  I will be back 
after the new year.


 Stay Smart
Stay Well
Wear the masks. 
Some things won't change for awhile.

Light a few candles,
 sit deep at home
 so we can all be together
 next year.

Merry Christmas to all
 and to all
 a good night.
 Everything is going 
to be
 all right.

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