Tuesday, January 26, 2021



The snowmen have been put away. 
 Normally they are in attendance until Valentine's Day
 but this year I am finding that
 I need a little brightness, 
I need a little color and 
I need a little lightness in the world that I inhabit. 
 I would never describe myself
 as being a true winter person. 
 I do love the first rain or snowfall 
after a long, hot summer
 but it all wears thin after just a small while.
  In my opinion,
 the last few years and especially 2020
 have been like living in an eternal winter, 
and I am going to try to change 
all that for myself 
to the best of my ability.

 I am starting to combat the cold days ahead
 by putting away things within
 and replacing them with comfort and cozyness 
that will be in complete opposition to 
what is without.
  As I sit in my favorite spot 
and look out at nature's elements,
 I will feel and be warmer 
than I have been
 in awhile.

I live in California, 
so rest assured
 that we do have more than our share of sunny winter days, 
and I do love a winter's day warmed by sunshine 
but, just in case, 
I have done something that I have never done before.  
I have left one small tree
 up after Christmas,
 devoid of decorations, 
but with starry, twinkly lights ready, 
with the flick of a switch, 
for when the cold
 settles in.

In the sitting room, 
the addition of colorful pillows,
 normally used in the patriotic months, 
along with pictures and flowers
are doing the job assigned to them and...

...along with the warmth from the stove 
and the presence of pine cones 
there is a slight nod to Old Man Winter, 
and the greens liberally sprinkled around
 reminds us that spring 
will be on the way 
as well.

And speak of the devil:

Overnight the beauty happened...

...but we are warm and toasty inside.

The inauguration was another bright spot. 
 It was decidedly different 
but done with simplicity and good taste. 
 I was so thankful that 
a beautiful ceremony honoring those that died from Covid 
was incorporated 
and the rendition by Lady Gaga 
of the Star Spangled Banner 
and the beautiful young woman poet 
were especially bright spots.

We are moving into another era 
and whose to say
 that it will be good or bad?  
That is how it is with politics. 
 For now, though, 
the feeling is of
 hopefulness and joy.

  I strongly wish,
 that we can all take 
President Biden at his word:
  "Give me a chance, know my heart". 
That would be
 a very good place to start.
 If you need a little help, 
picture what you heard and saw 
on January 6, 2021.

Stay Smart
Stay Well
Stay Warm
Stay Home
Wear Your Mask.

Pray for the vaccine 
to be made available
 to all of us
 sometime soon.


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Tuesday, January 19, 2021


Chrysanthemum:  Truth
Calla Lily:  Modesty
Orchid:  Refined Beauty

I really don't have much news this week.
  Just thought I would string along
 a few random things
 that have been happening
 over the last few months or days. 
 Also, for lack of photos
 to go along with it all,
 here are some of my go-to subjects, 
flowers and their language... 

Alstroemeria:  Devotion

 ...these are being used to signify
 our better selves in better times. 
 Bright spots of color 
that are so
 badly needed now.

Larkspur:  Lightness
Canterbury Bells:  Constancy
Calendula:  Sunshine, fire, passion
Statice:  Fond memories, sympathy, success

Over the holidays,
 we received multiple phone calls
 that are a waste of time and energy and, frankly, offensive. 
 We get a lot of 
these types of calls most days
 but there is something about receiving them at Christmas 
that just seems to make them so much worse...

Sunflower:  False Riches
...calls from Medicare, 
calls about selling back braces,
  calls about orders placed on Amazon 
  wanting to deliver some piece of technology equipment 
that costs $7000, 
please give them the OK to deliver.
All of these calls 
are made in order to
 gain access to your personal info and
 it is so sad 
that a lot of them do succeed.

Iris:  Message

  The best (or worst) one 
was a young man calling me Grandma and 
saying (crying) that he 
was in dire trouble and 
evidently needed my help
 in the way of some money.  
I knew it wasn't my grandson,
 so I admit,
 that I strung him along
 just to hear what he wanted. 
 I called him Bobby and 
told him I missed him
 which he didn't object to and 
after a long babbling of how
 he had an accident while on vacation 
and had to go to the hospital
 because of his injuries 
I told him that his real grandma
 must be so proud of him
 and he hung up.
  The very next day 
I received the same call
 from the same person,
 this time I called him Jack and
 he didn't object to this either.  
I then told him that if he wanted 
to make some money
 he better keep track of 
who he was calling
 and told him
 I didn't think he was any too smart. 
 Well, he hung up again and
 that was the last call I got.
 Merry Christmas!

Camellia:  My Destiny is in Your Hands

Before Christmas 
we saw an ad from Omaha Steaks 
which money wise was a pretty good deal.  
We decided to order the package and
 its expected delivery date 
was December 18.
  That date came and went and
 I called to see where it was,
 the auto voice said it had been delivered,
 I said no it had not.
  So they tracked it and said 
it would be here on the 20th. 
 That date came and went and
 I called them and cancelled.  
It is frozen and packed in dry ice
 but how long will that last?  
They said no problem,
 how sorry they were and
 they would remove 
the charge off of my card... 

Pink Roses:  Grace

 ...on Christmas Eve,
 our next door neighbor called..  
there was a box 
on their front porch 
addressed to us.  
We picked it up and 
sure enough,
 it was the box of meat. 
 I expected it to be
 all thawed out and stinking, 
but even though the dry ice was gone 
all of the meat was frozen hard,
 so I put it in our freezer. 
 That night I got an e-mail 
saying the meat had been delivered so
 I called them and 
told them the meat was in good shape
 and they could put the charge back
on our card.
They replied absolutely not,
 that for what we had gone through,
 keep the meat free of charge. 
 Now this wasn't a $20 charge
 by any means,
 and we thought that
 was pretty good business. 
 we have eaten almost all of it and 
it is very good meat.
 As of this writing, 
we have ordered another package, 
promised delivery on January 18,
 and in was on our front porch
 on that date.
 They included a cheesecake medley, 
and we had one for dessert last night.
 Oh, so, good!

Yellow Tulips:  Declaration of Love

I got all of my Christmas packed up 
but not put away. 
 The trees are still standing, 
but undecorated.
 I can't wait to get it all put away and
 dig into some deep cleaning.

Remember this old Sequoia Redwood tree 
right by our driveway and back door? 
 The one that the city
 (or someone hired by them) butchered? 
 Well, the Captain was noticing
 that our foundation at the back of the Cottage was lifting out of place. 
 He surmised that 
the tree roots were the culprit. 
 We had heard rumors that whoever owns the adjacent lot where the tree is 
was planning on selling and
 we needed to address this problem
 before they did.
  We got hold of the property manager and she said he would call us.  
We didn't hear anything right away 
so we contacted
 the property manager again and
 just a little while after that call,
 a man showed up
 from a tree company and
 said as soon as the permits come through
 they will take down the tree. 
 He said in his estimation
 the trunk is about eleven feet in diameter.
  I am sorry. 
I know the tree has been here 
a very long time and 
one neighbor has already 
raised objections, but
 I am so excited 
to get this monstrosity out of here...

 Now, we will be able to have a clean car,
  no stickery branches in the carpets,
 none hanging from poor Kai's tail
 or climbing up our pants legs. 
 I guess we will address 
the foundation after 
the tree is gone.

Asters:  Patience
Feverfew:  Warmth

Regarding the above photo:  I think the little white bloom is feverfew, but am not sure. If anyone knows the right name, please tell me.

The very last piece of random news 
and the best one yet.  
Tami was exposed to Covid_19 
from someone she works with. 
 She went to get tested right away
 and she is negative.

Pale Peach Roses:  Modesty
Periwinkle:  Tender Recollections
Lily of the Valley:  Return of Happiness
 So that's all the randomness
 I can come up with for now.  
The inauguration is
 scheduled for tomorrow.
  Please let there be
 nothing horrible happen. 
 So many toxic circumstances 
have been unleashed into our country 
and it will take a long time to clean up. 
 What has happened
 in the United States 
since the election (and before) 
has been a disgrace and 
the time has come 
for it to stop!

Parsley:  Festivity

 Close down the playground, 
lock up the bullies,
 their leader and his enablers
 and let the adults and, 
what the United States has
 always stood for,
 take charge!

Rosemary:  Remembrance
Sweet William:  Gallantry 
Carnation:  I Will Never Forget You
Nandina berries:  Protector of household

Stay Smart

Stay Well

Stay Home


Wear Your Mask

On Thursday, January 21, 
it will be exactly one year
 since the first known Covid case was found in Washington.
 As of today, Tuesday, January 19,
 the United States has had
 400,000 + deaths.
 If the vaccine is available where you are 
please take it. 
 It is not available yet 
in my town in California.


Daffodil:  New Beginnings

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021



As in years passed,
 I will show you how you responded 
to how it was back then. 
 2020 was a longer year than usual,
 it seems. 
 Now that it finally has come to an end, 
we are hoping we can move
 down the road to,
 if not bigger and better times,
 at the very least a little more of what
 we were used to
 before it all came crashing down 
around our lives.
  We do have a lot to look forward to
 but it is going to take a lot of 
time and effort 
to put our world back to rights.

  Make no mistake, 
a lot of real damage has been done
 in more ways than one, and
 it will not be an overnight job.
 The best I can say is 
that this is my fervent prayer as
 I know it is all of yours also.


May 12, 2020  

A little family of wrens
 was raised here earlier and 
now they have come back
 (unfortunately, not to stay)
 to cause a little havoc
 in the Cottage.

January 28, 2020

While waiting to catch up 
on some projects
 I took you back to when 
we first bought the Cottage.

October 13, 2020

Having to stay warm and cozy 
very soon after a hot summer,
 60th wedding anniversary, fall colors and voting.

June 2, 2020

How Covid-19
 and everything around it
 is making a 
dark and dismal place to be.

February 4, 2020

How a little red stove 
came to belong
 to the kitchen.

August 18, 2020

Photos of flowers 
do the talking for
 an unforeseen event.

July 28, 2020

Venting about what I think is 
the horrible injustice that we faced over the last four years
 and some of the consequences 
that we are living through now.

August 25, 2020

Looking back one year
 through smoke filled skies
 to see how life was different then.

August 11, 2020

How the color green 
plays more of a part in my life
 than I realized.

And the most viewed post of  2020:

September 7, 2020

How being secluded in our homes 
doesn't leave much chance
 for new decorations.


I hope you enjoyed 
a small look back over the year 
and I sincerely hope that we 
can have all new and joyous conditions
 to look forward to
 this year.

Stay Smart
Stay Well
Stay Home
Wear the Mask

Remember, deaths are up to 4,000 + daily.

This is only one of the consequences we are facing.


In going over all that I have written 
to make sure I've got it right,
 I find it very interesting that
 there were some statements,
 written over the past year,
 that seem to have
 a ring of truth and
  a foreshadow of reality
 that came after the fact.
 It is a lot to read but
 it may be of interest
 to some of you.

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