Tuesday, September 27, 2016


 let me set the record straight...
I am not a southern girl. 
 I am probably as northern 
as they come but,
 may I say...


I just love 
the way that rolls 
off the tongue!

 fall is here and 
it is as 
hoped for.

Soft breezes,
 cooler air, 
falling leaves 
blue skies.

 is the time 
for nesting,
 for gathering 
for settling in...

...for dreaming
 with a good book
 and a warm throw
 by the side
 of the fire.


Jake, Tim, Kai, Captain, and Tami

 is also time 
for back to school and
 Jake took us, and his parents, 
on a tour of Santa Clara University 
where he will be studying 
for his masters 
over the next two years.

Santa Clara University 
is California's oldest operating 
institution of higher learning. 
 It opened its doors in 1851 
and has always remained faithful
 to the 475 year old 
Jesuit tradition
 and core values.

Established in 1777 
by Father Junipero Serra,
 the Mission Santa Clara de Asis 
was the 8th of the 21
 original California missions. 
 The campus was built 
around the Mission 
and is, and always has been, 
the University's 
anchor and spiritual center.

The school,
 originally named
 "Santa Clara College" (1851-1856)
 began as an all-boys preparatory school.
  Santa Clara 
started offering college courses in 1853, 
and by 1875
 had an enrollment of more than 275 students 
at the preparatory and collegiate levels.

With the addition 
of law and engineering schools,
 the college became 
"The University of Santa Clara" in 1912. 
 The Leavey School of Business 
opened in 1926,
 and within a decade
it became one of the first business schools 
in the country 
to receive national accreditation.

In 1961,
 Santa Clara University 
admitted 75 female undergraduates,
 becoming the first Catholic 
coeducational university 
in California.

In 1985,
 The University 
adopted Santa Clara University
 as its official name, 
and today SCU 
enrolls 9,000 undergraduate and graduate
 students from all over the world.

It is a beautiful campus,
 meticulously landscaped with
 rolling lawns, palm trees,
 bright flowers and rose gardens.
  The above 
is one of a number of olive trees
 that were planted in 1822.

As I write this,
Jake has been attending classes
 for almost two weeks.
 He is loving it.


 when a sales woman said
 that I would be able
 to keep a living plant alive in my house?
 is how the China Doll
 looked when I brought her home...

...the woman was right
 and this is the longest 
I have ever gone 
with good results. 
 I am so proud 
of how this little beauty is progressing.
  She has not dropped 
one little leaf yet...

...so I decided 
that I would take a chance 
on an even bigger China Doll.

 Over confident, you say! 
 Time will tell.


I am so pleased 
with the response from all of you 
about whether I should 
take a paint brush (AGAIN) 
to our chest.

 I appreciate all your comments
 and have to say
 that you were ALL in agreement
 that I should not!..
after much thinking it over, 
I decided...

J U S T   K I D D I N G !!!

To be honest,
 I think I knew what I was going to do
right after the Captain worked his magic.

 I couldn't believe 
that I just didn't see 
that a little distressing
 was all it needed in the first place,
 and I am so thankful 
that you all agreed! 

 After a couple of coats of hemp oil, 
she now really belongs!


The beginning of fall
 brings us to the end of September
 and a change for
 the parlor mantle...

...and after a long day of work 
nothing is better than 
a light dinner
 on the porch.


For those of you
 who are familiar 
with what I do on this blog,
 you already know what
 October will bring...

...and thanks
 to my good friend, Cheryl,
 who gifted me 
with the sweetest little framed embroidery
 that I just love 
so much...

...thank you, my friend!

I'd like to invite you,
 my pretties,
 to join the Cottage Witch 
and all of her friends
for the next month, 
when they appear each week 
the Moonlight and the Majic.

By Invitation Only.

Be very  kind of  sort of  Afraid!


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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Last week, 
I told you about my
love affair fixation with Pinterest. 
 I mentioned 
that it was a place where
 dreams and ideas could take shape, 
and I've come to believe
 that there is a fine line 
of distinction
 between the two.

I was recently inspired 
by the folks at Arhaus 
to tell my story of how 
I decorate and get ready for fall.

You can check out 
some of their furniture here
for your own dreams and inspirations. 

 I was impressed
with the quality and beauty of their line, 
so thought I would share 
a couple of pictures 
that caught my eye...

Aren't these pieces elegant?...

...wouldn't these two
 beautifully appointed rooms 
be eye-catchers 
decorated for 
the holidays?

Something about
little chair 
really speaks to me 
in the classic black and white check.
Those beautifully turned legs 
with the small casters. 
Warm and cheerful 
yet so elegant.

The above pin 
was one taken from Arhaus'
 Fab Florals board 
and I thought I'd have 
a little fun 
and try to recapture it
 in my own 
fall sitting room setting.

It is always fun to dream 
and Pinterest
 gives us all a chance to do that.

  In my own humble little Cottage,
 where dreaming is second nature,
 let me tell you 
how my personal fairy tale 
will play out
 this fall.

Fall and comfort
 seem to start with
 the sofa in our sitting room.

  Last season, 
I made a couple of pillows 
to bring in the colors
 and I added a new one this year
 from Home Goods.

I stenciled 
some autumn leaves 
on the back of a Halloween pillow 
so that it could extend its use 
and added a heavy throw,
 also from Home Goods,
 to make a comfortable space 
where we could enjoy
 a cup of hot cider.

While it's not quite 
fireplace weather yet,
this will be just the place
 to be 
when it is.

I already 
showed my shelf over the sofa 
but since then,
 I added a couple of small wreaths 
on the shutters
 and a few more autumn accents
 to bring 
the warmer color
 into focus.

Our "undecided" cedar chest 
carries a basket full of
harvest bounty and...

...the game table
 displays its usual colorful arrangement
 with the addition of 
some pretty pumpkins 
and a 
rustic runner.

I want to thank everyone
 for their input on the cedar chest.
  I am taking everyone's opinions
 under advisement 
and will let you know shortly 
what we decide.

you never stop


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