Tuesday, July 28, 2020


Straight up, 
I will tell you 
that anything like this post, today,
 will never come again.
 Talking to you now 
is not the same, 
normal, self-respecting,
 polite and loving person
 you have come 
to know me to be..

I have had it. 

 I don't like that
 it has been so darn hot,
 but I don't like it that 
summer has seemed to pass me by.
 Where has it gone?

I don't like that 
my internet keeps going out and 
I have to have someone
 come fix it 
(and know they probably won't 
as they have been here 
many times for
 the same problem).

I want to go to 
Home Goods and to thrift shops, 
but I can't, and 
before you say anything 
about that being a 
stupid outlook on the situation
 that we are in,
 think twice.

I am looking 
for a fight!!

I don't go out 
to a restaurant 
because I don't trust 
that the precautions
 that I need 
will be taken.

I only go to the 
blood lab, my doc's office, and PT 
that the doc prescribed for me.

  Because I am concerned for my health,
 I will do these things,
 not just because 
I can or I want.

I see more people 
wearing masks, 
and that is what
 I have been pushing for and 
that is a really good thing.
On the other hand, 
just because people
 are wearing masks now, 
doesn't mean they are 
following all 
the rules.

I don't like to be the one 
that says I told you so, 
but when talk started up
 about opening the country, 
I thought it was too soon and
 no one seemed to be 
going about it 
in the right way.
 That is exactly what happened, and 
I can hardly restrain myself
 from calling it all
 a matter of greed.
I know people 
have to feed their families, 
I get it.  Don't think I don't.

 But there is a 
right way and a wrong way, 
and which one 
do you think 
our country chose?

the talk is about sending 
our kids back to school.
 I know kids need an education, 
I know that there are 
a lot of them 
that don't get fed properly 
unless they are in school.
  I know they need interaction
 with their peers. 
 I know all that, I get it!
 I retired from a 
school district.

But if we jump into it
 without thorough planning, 
just like we did about 
opening up the economy,
 our kids are going to be 
on a level with guinea pigs and rats
 used for testing make-up, 
or more to the point,
 so parents can go back to work, 
which brings us right back
 to the economy.
And how is that working out for us?

I was very happy
 when I heard that
 CVS, Walmart and Home Depot
 were requiring masks
 of everyone who entered their stores. 

 I hear that they 
are softening that rule 
in order to not cause
 any confrontations with their customers
 who refuse to wear masks.

 What about my rights 
when I was a smoker?
  Laws were passed that
 I couldn't smoke in restaurants,
 and other public places, 
so I didn't.

 Me, as a customer, 
were denied my rights 
in order to protect others.
What do they think 
the mask rule is for?

When are we going to grow up and 
start acting like adults and
 not like little kids 
who want something 
just so they can have something
 that they think they are missing.

  I realize 
that there hasn't been the 
best role models 
to follow but 
an adult should be able 
to figure it out.
 I sure would like to know 
how many of the citizens of our country
 that are storming the beaches and
 filling up the bars and restaurants 
have had someone they love 
fallen ill or died 
due to the virus?
I hope not many, 
and I, myself, haven't, 
but yet I can see 
where this is all leading us,
 why can't they? 

has now surpassed New York 
as the epicenter
 of Covid-19.

Our little county, as of today,
 has 242 coronavirus cases. 
 On June 30, there were 116, 
growing to 151 by July 7 and 
182 by July 14.
 we have only had one death. 
 I say only..
that says something different
to the family of the deceased?

In today's paper,
 there have been at least
 four restaurants that have not obeyed 
the orders of
 closing down indoor dining. 
 They have been warned and
 after 15 days, 
if still happening,
 they will be fined $25 per day,
 doubling each day after that,
 up to a maximum of $1000 a day. 

 they don't realize 
that there are a number of 
other restaurants that are 
abiding by the law.
 If that isn't a sign of greed,
 I don't know what is, and
 if the citizens of this fine city 
can't understand 
what is going on around them,
 then there might not be a chance
 for a more "normal" return 
to our lives 
that they all say they want.

Two accusations of coughing were reported:
  When a woman
 asked another couple, with a baby,
 to put on a mask,
 the man followed her out of the store and 
chased her to her car 
while coughing her way, 

 In another
 a 70 year old man
 was trying to pass another couple 
on the sidewalk who were maskless.
  They wouldn't let him pass, 
used homophobic slurs and
 said they had "Carona" 
and coughed at him.

  What is happening 
to the human race? 

 Where does all 
this hatred and disrespect 
come from?
you want to know why 
this upsets me so? 
Where does that leave me and 
those like me?

 I'm taking it
 personally and 
getting selfish.

Along this rant path
 that I have taken today, 
I have been showing you 
what the garden is looking like.

  It is overgrown and 
starting to wilt and 
losing hope 
that summer will be around 
for much longer.
  Berry bushes
 are taking over the lilacs, 
the lawn is going brown, and 
the July 4th decorations
 are still in place.
 As I said before, 
where did it go? 

 My time
 is being taken up 
by things that seem 
out of my control and
 of that I am not a fan.
 Now that you have read this, 
I beg you
 not to send any comments 
that say tomorrow will be a better day.
 I already know that.
Don't say that I watch
 too much news and 
it has my head
 in a bad place. 
 I already know that but
 I say we need to be informed. 

 Don't tell me
 you feel sorry that
 I am worried or sad, 
 because if I am 
at this moment, 
that doesn't mean 
I won't get better.

Don't tell me
 that this is not the majority
 that act like this. 
 I already know that.
Maybe, just maybe, 
all these people 
that are making me crazy
 are doing so because 
they don't know the severity 
of what is going on 
or they don't want
 to know. 

 Another person in our community 
engaged a gathering of 
more than 150 persons and
 an outbreak ensued. 
His only defense 
was to say that
 "Had I known about the problems, 
I wouldn't have done it."

has this loser been?

The facts are there,
 all staring us in the face, and 
even if we don't, or can't,
 choose to see them,
 they won't go away. 

 Maybe people need to be
 a little better informed 
about what it means
 to be a person who has 
common sense and uses it and 
what could be the outcome 
of not having or using
 any at all.

Thank you for staying with me,
 if you are staying with me.

  If you have opinions of your own 
that differ from mine and
 want to share them,
 I welcome them too.
Just remember, 
I warned you,
 I am looking 
for a fight! 

 I also added to
 the title of this piece,
 I Promise and I Hope. 
That covers all my bases,
 just in case.   
It does feel kind of good
 to let off steam
 once in awhile 
so that is what I have done.
 let's move on
 to better days. 
I know those
 will come also.

Even better
 would be a 
tall glass of cool lemonade.  

Stay smart, stay well, wear your masks and 
 don't be afraid
 to speak
 your truth.


FYI:  I just wanted to tell you
 that I produced this whole post 
with the new Blogger interface. 
 As I understand it 
the old way of publishing 
will only be available 
until August 24. 
Give it a try
 before too long 
so any kinks might be worked out.
 I found it 
pretty easy to use and
 as the saying goes,
 if I can do it
 anyone can!!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020


It is 2020 and
 this summer is shaping up 
to be a very hot one.

 I have been looking for a way 
to beat the heat and 
I think I might have found one. 
 Let us step into my time machine and 
take a well deserved trip 
back to the past.

How could we 
have ever known
 at the end of 2019, 
  that within a relatively
 short amount of time,
 we would be up to our 
necks in the thick of things.

if you were one of my fairies,
 I could strap you to the back
 of this beautiful butterfly and
 transport you to a land far, far away
 where you could find 
some relief from the world around you.

How could we have ever known 
that the biggest problems we might face
 would be which mode of transportation 
we should take
 to transport us back to a time 
when all was well with the world.

If you lived in my world, 
you would know that 
a butterfly is much more efficient
 in getting you where you want to go 
than an orange dragonfly 
could ever be.

 now that we have found our time machine,
 let me show you
 what the world looked like before 
it all started to come
 crashing down.

It is said that Christmas 
only comes once a year
 but, for now,
 I will disagree with that nonsense.

 Because Christmas was 
really the last part of 
a sensible world and
 because we can take us "virtually" 
any place we want to go, 
let's make Christmas 
come again 
in July.

I have been reading 
a few blogs where they are doing just that,
 and as I sit here 
in my hot little computer closet,
 I have decided to 
cool us off
 with a post about 
twinkling lights and 
the quiet of softly falling snow 
 December, 2018.

I hope you enjoy it.


You might want to put on your cap or your kerchief and settle down - there is a lot to see here.

We left Christmas last week 
to the Victorians and,
 now this week, 
we are back in real time 
and as we move from one room, and one era, 
to the next,
 it is funny how time
 seems to have no meaning at Christmas.
  There is no line that is crossed, 
no door is closed or another opened, 
it is just a continuation of
 the magic of Christmas 
and the spirit of the season,
each and everyone
of us celebrate.

Our celebration, today,
 starts with a bouquet of pretty flowers,
 accompanied by two small santas
 on the game table, 
in the sitting room,
 with the Christmas tree 
as backup.

The sitting room 
is probably the most used room
 in the Cottage.
  As its name implies, 
a lot of sitting goes on in here.
  It is where we watch TV, 
read the newspapers,
 eat more than a few meals 
and just,
 generally, relax.

It is why our tree
 is positioned where it is.  
It can still be seen from 
the parlor's bay window 
but also we can enjoy it 
while sitting 
in the sitting room.

This year 
the sitting room has the honor of 
hosting most of the santas 
we have collected and made
 over the years.

This year, 
we have a special guest
 joining us...

Remember when 
Gertie, our Halloween Witch, 
came to live at the Cottage? 
 She told us she had 
a twin brother 
who was also in 
the business of holiday magic 
and what to our wondering eyes did appear? 
Himself, in his one-horse open sleigh!

Can't you see the resemblance?

My dad 
made my sister and me 
sleighs as a surprise one Christmas.
My mom painstakingly sewed 
all the little red cushions,
 covering little boxes for each one.
  I made the horse many years ago. 
 They just seemed to go together.

Santa came from Cold Creek Primitives,
 as did Gertie.  
April is a wonderful, imaginative artist.  You can reach her through Etsy.

I ordered this cute rocking horse from Antique Farmhouse
 and I bought the tree last year 
and added the red and green braid
 for just a little color.
 It snugs nicely next to the pine cones,
 just like it was made for it. 
I thought the little horse 
(cute though he is)
 could benefit from a 
painted saddle and halter. Maybe?

Moving into the dining room 
there is a bright patriotic tree
 to greet you 
and a shelf full of crocks 
with celluloid vintage reindeer
 mixed in.

If you look up 
you will see a 
little yellow rocking horse and Goatzie 
all draped in
 Christmas finery.

We uncovered our old sled
and set it on the table 
with another ceramic rocking horse
 that I made years ago.

Have you ever seen a red snowman? 
 As you know from years past, 
I don't usually decorate with
 snowmen at Christmas.
  My collection awaits for January
 when they come out in force 
to celebrate Old Man Winter. 
 This year, however, 
I had some red velvet 
and while still being obsessed
 with velvet pumpkins, 
I couldn't help myself. 
I know that pumpkins 
are not Christmas material usually 
but when you make two
 in the color of Christmas 
and stack them with 
a sweet little face on top - 
A red snowman is born!

I have a feeling 
I will be expecting a shipment 
of white velvet soon!

I added some faux greenery 
to the bittersweet left over from autumn 
along with some vintage gold snowflakes, 
and our dining room light
 joins in the festivities.

A small amount of sunlight, 
through the kitchen window, 
on a cold winter's morn...

...and holly and ribbons
 to brighten up the 
kitchen jars and cabinets.

The kitchen table is set 
with everyday white plates 
on a bed of faux greenery from Pier One, 
green dishes are Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe
 from Goodwill, 
and the holly plates and bowl are from Home Goods.

Cheerful candy striped napkins 
and cutlery, also from Home Goods, 
are caught up with a star napkin ring
 from a thrift find.

A pitcher of seeded eucalyptus 
from Trader Joe's
 and a spray of Heavenly Bamboo berries
 from the garden, 
along with the "gingerbread" house 
I painted last year 
and Season's Greetings glasses
 from a thrift store, 
make a festive setting 
for breakfast on 
Christmas morning.

I certainly enjoyed your visit
 to our Christmas Cottage. 
 Where has the time gone? 
 It is getting late and
 I know you all still have so much to do.
  Instead of dropping bread crumbs, 
I have lit the candles 
to show you the way out. 
 Please come back 
after the first of the new year and
...until then...

...I will be taking 
a couple of weeks off,
 sitting right here 
by the fire.

You may have noticed
 that there is a lot of "joy"
 in the Cottage
 this year and...

...some of the 
same old tricks
 are still at the top
 of the list...

...and not a creature 
was stirring...

 the usual suspects!

As you go out
 through the entry...

...take a peek
 into the guest room...

...the room is 
always available 
for a little get-away.

"From home to home
And heart to heart
From one place to another
The warmth and joy of Christmas
Brings us closer
To each other."

Emily Matthews

While you sit around your tree 
with the lamps and
 the candles lit...

...Take Joy!

After Santa 
has come down the chimney 
and the home fires 
are burning once again 
and the frost is 
sparkling on the roof...

...Take Joy!

And as you are going out the door,
 look back on 2018 and

...Take Joy!

 in the wonderful, happy, healthy and peaceful
 New Year to come.



For those of you 
who have been with me for awhile, 
I hope you enjoyed 
seeing this again, and
 for ones who are just starting out 
on this journey with us, 
please come back and 
look forward to next Christmas,
 may it be a better place.


Huge thanks 
to the Hallmark channel 
for making 
Christmas in July 
a reality.

As we venture back 
into summer and 
the reality of July 2020,
stay smart, 
stay well and 
wear your mask.

 I would like to ask 
you all a question.  
In reading this post 
did you get the opinion that
 I was looking for
 some cheap call girls? 
almost two years after the fact,
 I have gotten a comment
 from someone asking me that question.

 Where does this crap come from? 
 Do you get these 
kinds of comments sometimes?
Just curious..

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