Tuesday, February 25, 2020


  1. A constantly changing set of colors
   2. Constantly changing phases or events

Life is a kaleidoscope.

 It is ever changing and 
sometimes the colors are brighter 
than other times.

The seasons change,
 each one bringing a different event, and 
a different perspective 
to the way we look at
 the world around us.

We grow up, 
we grow old, and 
how we manage all that, 
even though our 
surroundings and circumstances
 have much to do with that process,
 it is mostly up to us,
 as individuals,
 to figure it out on our own. 
 In a perfect world, 
our innocent selves would prevail and 
we would view all 
that we see and do 
through the eyes of a child. 
 Eyes that are still
 uncorrupted by
 life itself.

Sometimes we get lucky.
  Sometimes it is an uphill struggle.
  Whatever the case,
 if we do what we think is right,
 it usually comes out OK.

We make mistakes
 all the time. 
 We must be able to forgive ourselves
 these mistakes and 
go on with a clear eye
 so that the future 
comes into focus and
 we learn to live there
 in peace and harmony.

Where did 
all this wisdom come from,
 you ask,
 and why?

I'm really not that deep.

I was sitting here 
in my mistake filled sitting room, 
it doesn't look too bad and 
reminding myself that 
this can and will be fixed in time and
 seeing that 
a tulip on the coffee table, 
almost at its life's end,
 was still beautiful 
at its core.

A kaleidoscope of views 
that could be, and 
probably will be in another time,
 so much worse than 
they are right at this minute. 
 It is a phase and event 
that holds so much gratitude 
for the 
here and now...

...and a reminder that 
if we keep our minds and hearts 
clear and open,
 for however long we can,
 we will be able to always 
see and appreciate 
 the changing colors 


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Tuesday, February 18, 2020


I hope you all had a 
wonderful and sweet 
Valentine's Day.

I want to say thank you to
 Katie at Let's Add Sprinkles 
for featuring my little red stove 
last week and 
another big thanks to all
 who left such kind comments of anticipation
 about the up coming reveal
 of the sitting room.
I appreciate you all so much but,
 I regret to inform you, 
that all didn't play out 
as I had hoped and
 here are the reasons, 
without any sugar coating.

Fool me once...shame on you

Fool me twice...shame on me

We've all heard that old adage and 
a few of us have,
 most likely, experienced it.
At any rate,
 please let me keep believing
 that is the case. 

let's jump in with both feet! 

My imagination is huge.  
I often have an idea in my head and 
it seems 
oh, so right, 
but as it plays out in real time,
 sometimes not so much!

The scene above 
is a figment of my imagination. 
 It looked so pretty there, 
tucked away
 where it couldn't hurt anybody.

 My vision of a 
beautiful blue and white room 
with red accents and a little black
 to ground it all,
 along side a neutral background 
which is the carpet and the sofa.

  I closed my eyes and 
saw white sheets 
blowing on the line
 with windows open and
  lace curtains 
rustling in the breeze and 
the smell of 
spring in the air.

 (My imagination at work!)

 What could be prettier and 
not so different from 
the way that a 
country cottage 
should look.

Then the art came into play.

 I have had the above antique print forever. 
 It was once a gift 
to my grandfather
 from a wealthy woman that owned horses
 for whom he worked. 
 It was then handed down to my mom and 
later to me.
  I remember it hanging 
in my childhood home 
for many years.  
It has sentimental value and
 I really do love it. 
 It has hung on this same wall 
for quite some time 
after a stint in the library, and
 will continue to do so. 
 I knew I wanted something different 
over the sofa 
than what I had, 
so a journey on the internet 
took place for a pretty piece of art. 
 Everything I found 
was either not the right size 
or color or was too expensive. 
 My last ditch effort 
was to go to Hobby Lobby but
 before that I decided to 
check out some 
thrift stores...

 ...on my third try,
 I found two paintings 
that I loved and,
 as they were the right colors    
I decided to go for them.

 Long story short, 
when I got them home 
I really liked them with the horse print.
  They all have a brownish cast
 that worked well together.
  They were a little smaller than
 I wanted so turning them into
 part of a small gallery wall
 worked out fine. 
The rug was laid down 
and, whoa, 
 that's when my whole idea
 of a charming blue and white room 
went out the window. 
(I must admit, 
although I didn't say anything
 to the Captain,
 on the way home 
I already had my doubts).

What was I thinking? 
 (Feel free to roll eyes here)
 I really can't answer that question, 
so fast forward
 to another day, 
after a night 
of anguish...

...the rug moved 
into the parlor.

 It is a perfect match 
for the wallpaper and 
just the right size. 
I guess my subconscious 
had my back all along 
because I love it in there. 
 You would think 
that it had been planned.

 The sheets can still billow 
even if on a
different clothesline.

But, wait, 
I know you have spotted 
that ugly burgundy carpet 
- you are thinking that I still don't know what I'm doing - 
but that is what
 our next project will be. 
 There is the original fir flooring
 under that carpet and 
it will live again!

 back to the sitting room.

 I painted over the gray 
on the drawers of 
the chest and...

 ...it went from 
that to this,  
much brighter and lighter...

...now the sitting room 
is put back together and 
the Captain is happy 
that he got rid of that paint 
he didn't like, and 
we are both super happy 
with the blue walls 
(Skinny Jeans by Behr.)  
 It is a beautiful deep jewel tone 
that looks lighter in the photos 
than it actually is.  
It is a very soothing color and 
not at all 
dark or depressing.

If you look closely
 at the two prints 
you can see what looks like 
they are painted on a wood panel
 in the style of folk artist, Warren Kimble. 
They were marked at $10 each and
 we didn't realize 
there was a 50% off sale going on. 
We paid $10 for both
 which made them $5 each. 
They are not signed and 
are printed on a light weight canvas,
 stapled to a frame. 
I am assuming that 
they were mass produced on the canvas and 
just cut to the size of the frame. 
they are really neat little prints and 
I am very happy with them.

 I have always been drawn to anything featuring a little house. 
 I choose what books I want to read 
if they have a cottage on the cover.  
It sounds silly,
 but I have always been like this 
since I was a 
little girl playing house.

 My original thought for art
 on the walls of the room
 was a possible garden 
with bright flowers and 
a small cottage down a country lane. 
 That was what my vision was, and 
when I saw these two prints 
I focused on the houses.
  If I had seen them first, 
I would have gone
 in a whole different direction and
 would have chosen 
a different color of paint and 
a more casual carpet.

I am not totally unhappy
 with the room as it sits now.
  It is clean and neat and comfortable and
 we are both happy 
with the new paint 
so we will live with it for awhile 
( but just until we get
 the credit card paid off) 
then those new pictures 
might end up in 
the dining room, 
a great match BTW,  
(my subconscious working again)   
and the horse print 
back to the library and 
we will be off 
on another decorating adventure and 
the pursuit
 to perfection.

Do you often have
 to eat crow? 

 Please say 
I'm not the
 only one!


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Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Going back a couple of posts, 
I described how rooms in the Cottage were
 when it came into our safe keeping. 
 Over what seems like
 a long period of time, 
we worked diligently 
to change each room
 into the vision that was
 within our heart and soul.  
As it turns out,
 that vision that we had for...

...the guest room...

...the parlor...

...and the entry 
was right on point.

 With the exception
 of changing the entry and parlor flooring, 
those rooms, today, 
remain just as we saw them then. 
 They obviously were 
the right visions 
for us.

If you will remember 
our first choice for the dining room
 was wallpaper with a red background.
  Not very different from
 how it looks today.

It seems now,
 like we were on the right track back then.
  We just had to change it 
one more time
 before we
 knew it.

Our first go-round 
with the kitchen 
started out with a white background
 but added pink and blue to the mix 
as I showed you last time. 
 In between 
there were red checks and 
two different shades of yellow.

 Now it is returned 
to a white background. 
 The only difference is 
the red that now accompanies
 the white.  

On the whole,
 pretty much the same again.

The time has come 
to let you know 
what those five little words were 
that the Captain uttered 
on that eventful day:

"I don't like this color!"

As I stated at the time,
 those words sent me on a quest
 for the perfect color 
for the sitting room and
 I don't mind telling you, 
I was happy to 
take on the task.

let me recount what the changes were
 in the sitting room.
  Our #1 journey was blue. 
 We loved it and 
lived with it, and our country decor,
 for quite some time.

As time passed 
we decided to make the room more fitting 
for a Victorian cottage,
 so we changed to a
 really pretty burgundy 
with a touch of gold bling and
 Gone-With-the-Wind lighting. 
 Then we decided 
another change was in order...

...so we went back to blue 
but the burgundy carpeting
 threw the whole thing off and 
we quickly nipped that combination 
in the bud.  
We then replaced the carpet 
with a light color and 
changed the paint to another light color and
 that is how the room looked
 until those fateful words
 were spoken by
 the Captain.

you have figured out 
where this is going by now, and 
I don't mean to be a tease, 
really I don't. 
 As most of our jobs go
 -very slowly- 
this one is no exception. 
 I had hoped to reveal
 the finished room today but
 it is not quite done 
so the final will be,
 next week. 
 For now 
a small sneak peek 
at our 
final decision:

And - once again - 
we are right back
 where we started.

 I guess the moral of this story 
could be any number 
of old cliches:

What goes around, comes around.
Everything old is new again.
Don't second guess yourself.
Your first choice is always your best.
Don't look any further
 then your garage 
for a can of paint.

I'm looking forward 
to sharing it all with you
 next week.


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