Tuesday, May 30, 2017


We are starting, today,
 with the letter "P".

This is a Picture.

This is a Porch.

This is Primer on the Porch.

Just so you don't think 
that I am so delusional 
that I would believe that
 this is Pretty.

 I know it's not Perfect, 
but you have to agree, 
from this Point on - 
the Potential Possibilities 
are Probably Pointless!

 And, also,
 just to show you that
 we are making

The beginning of summer 
always starts for me
with Memorial Day.

 I plan for it every year.
  There is something 
about the colors of our flag 
that gets my juices flowing.

 This year, however,
 because of working on the "P", 
things have been slow 
getting started.

We are hoping 
that we will have
 this Project done for, 
at the very least, 
Flag Day, 
but certainly before the 
4th of July. 
 After that, 
my plan is to carry 
the patriotic theme, 
inside and out, 
throughout the summer.

I am showing 
some small ideas 
that may or may not show up, 
in and out, 
of the Cottage 
over the summer.

I do know, however, 
that along with 
the red, white and blue,
 there will be pops of yellow, 
even to the extent of
 California orange. 
 To me
 they are all colors 
that compliment
 each other.

Along with the
 stars and stripes of Old Glory 
there will be another 
Grand Illumination 
and lots of little details 
that will be fun to see.

This is going to be 
a great summer.

  One that we are going to 
take full 
advantage of.

the red, white and blue 
comes out for Memorial Day, 
and is put away 
after the 4th of July.

  This year will be different.

 It is time 
for the Cottage 
to stand up and 
be proud...

...now is the time 
for the USA 
to get a 
little TLC!


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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Standing right beside us
We forget that you are there

When trouble comes to find us
We turn to you with prayer.

Without a hesitation
You step into the fight

Standing right before us
To protect us day and night.

You leave your home and family
Knowing where you're bound

With courage, strength and valor
You stand a piece of ground.

Security, peace and freedom
Are the gifts that you supply

The soldiers of America
On you we can rely.

Author Unknown

Thank you
 to all the men and women
 who have served and will serve
 to defend our freedoms.

  We remember,
 and appreciate you, 
on this
 Memorial Day.

...Gold Country Cottage...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 it's not official 
Summer has come to town...

...while Spring 
had a short dress rehearsal, 
winter kept popping back in and 
closed the show 
before her star had 
a chance to shine.

The Cottage 
is appearing a little drab and 
is looking forward to 
a small make-over.
  When her front porch is 
put to rights, 
she will feel and
 look much brighter.

some of her accessories are
 coming to life and 
starting to put a
 smile on her face.

The lavender is
 full of buds.

The mint is 
reclaiming its place 
along the wall.

The valerian is
 outside the fence...

 inside the fence...

...providing a
 colorful hug 
all around...

...stopping only 
long enough 
to welcome all 
through the garden gate.

This is
 my favorite pose of the Cottage.

   Just a small peek
 through the seasonal branches of
 the crepe myrtle tree.

 During spring, 
it looks mostly green,
the tree is sporting its pink blossoms, 
through the autumn colors of the leaves,
with snow on the ground and bare branches.

This is the time of year 
the Secret Garden 
is doing what a secret garden does best.
  Being overgrown and unruly. 
 Soon its turn will come 
to be plucked and pruned.

The hydrangeas are
 budding out and 
will soon become the 
 in the crown of the garden...

...along with
 the mystery flowers 
(we have concluded 
they are summer phlox, old school) 
which will line the sides 
of the walkway 
with their lacy white blooms.


This is the story
 of a little Cottage that could 
come back year after year 
 all on its own 
with very little help from 
the lucky folks that
 live within.


Summer Dreamin'

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I hope
 all of you moms 
had a wonderful Mother's Day and 
are enjoying some beautiful
spring weather.

We have been fortunate 
to have some spring-grazin' weather 
but, today, 
it looks like another 
windy, gray day with rain 
due at 
any minute.

This beautiful, 
little bouquet 
was on the table 
this morning...

...picked and arranged 
 for me...

...by my sweet Captain
 his little buddy.



Thank you all 
for your kind words of encouragement
 about my ailing back.

 I'm so glad to say 
that it is all better now. 
 It most likely will return 
at some point, 
as it always does, 
but until then, 
I will enjoy time without it!

I had a really wonderful 
Mother's Day.

 Tami and Tim 
came up to pick up our
 front porch wicker set. 
 We are re-finishing the porch
 and changing things up a bit.

  They brought with them 
the sweetest gift (above) 
from Jake and Jacenda.

 It is so special to me 
that they always take the time 
to pick out something 
that is just right.

  I love it 
and you kids
mean the world to me. 
 Thank you both.



I mentioned 
we are fixing the front porch.
  The floor needs to be stripped
 and repainted 
and the walls and railings 
need some TLC 
after many years. 

 My gift from the Captain and Kaizie...

as we sit and rock,
 the Cottage will truly become 
an old folk's home!

 A few other bright accessories 
(courtesy of a Mother's Day trip
 to Home Goods) 
will shape it right back
 to its former glory.

 Hopefully it can be revealed soon!



The crowning glory 
to a memorable Mother's Day 
is my gift from 
Tim and Tami...

Have you ever seen 
anything so adorable? 

 I just love him so much. 
 He is called Goatzie and 
he sits on the kitchen table.
 To the eye he looks perfect there, 
but with all the light behind him,
 he doesn't show off too well in a photo,
 so I placed him on 
the settle bench
so you could see him better.

He and his cart
 are made out of tin and
 they both are just about
 the cutest things I have ever seen. 

 He just makes me smile out loud!

 Tami is the best
 at picking out gifts and 
she sure knows what I like.

 Thanks Tim and Tami.

 Goatzie is at home and I love him.



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