Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Still hanging around, waiting for snow.

Last week my post, "May I Have This Dance", (here) was chosen as one of their features by The Farmer's Daughter (here) and Old Time Farmhouse (here) for their monthly party, Country Whites Weekend (here).  Both Dru and Cindy are beautiful and talented ladies who host this great party every third weekend of every month, Friday through Sunday.  You should stop by for a visit.  Thank you ladies.  I am so honored.


I am enchanted with clouds.  They bring the artist out in me.  I look at them and I feel in my heart that I could take brush in hand and paint a beautiful picture.

It feels like it would be an effortless task. Just a matter of dipping my brush in a small amount of white and touching ever so slightly with a bit of gossamer silver and maybe a hint of soft yellow to show the sun glistening off the edges, or a drop of pink to capture the setting of the sun.

In reality could I do this? I could not.  But, when I think with my heart and soul, anything is possible and when the beauty is only seen in my mind's eye and I have a need to share it, then I always must remember to have my digital paintbrush with me at all times.

A cotton clad trellis to the wild blue yonder...

A bird's eye view...

Snow covered mountain peaks in the distance...

A raging firestorm...

As smooth as butter cream frosting...

Over the Golden Arches...

A Stairway to Heaven...

"Look for the silver lining
When e'er a cloud appears in the blue
Remember somewhere the sun is shining
And so the right thing to do
Is make it shine for you..."

Jerome Kern
Lyrics by B.G. DeSylva - 1919

Looks like a beautiful day...a zippity-do-da kind of day...

Once in awhile you might be able to see clouds by the light of the moon...

Do you see the fire breathing dragon?


The flying rabbit kicking a field goal?

Do you recall, as a young child, you would lay down on the freshly mowed grass with that amazing fragrance all around you and those little white daisies that always popped up and no one ever knew where they came from, and you would try to make out images of some wild animal or your great-aunt Matilda in the clouds?

What would happen if you saw this?...

Would you run and hide?...

Well, that's the beauty of taking all these pictures through the windshield of your moving car...

...A little further down the road and the boogie-man returns to the closet and...

 It's just another zippity-do-da kind of day...


And I'm not blowing smoke either!


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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I've mentioned previously that in past years we have spent the month of January, on vacation, in San Diego.  It's a beautiful city, with spectacular water views, wonderful restaurants and a plethora of places to go and to see.

We would always leave a few days after Christmas and return on the first of February.  This really never gave enough time to enjoy our Christmas at the Cottage and if we did decorate, it wasn't in the usual style we are accustomed to.  So this year we decided not to go.  Even though it gave us the time we needed at home, I don't mind saying that I really miss the wonderful time we spent there.  For that reason, I've decided to take myself on a return "virtual vacation" and am inviting you to come along.

We pack up the motorhome, hitch up the car, load Buddy in, being sure not to forget his favorite toy, and off we go.

We stay at the Chula Vista RV Resort.  It's a beautiful RV park right on San Diego Bay.  At night we can see the lights of Tijuana to our left and the island of Coronado to our right.  It is almost always "shirt sleeve" weather this time of year.

We are able to look out onto the bay and a beautiful park that we have access to for either a picnic, biking, sun bathing or walking the dog.      

As we walk around the park we pass the marina.  It's lined with good restaurants and is a beautiful sight at sundown.

A large sculpture of a egret stands next to the marina.


We usually hop on the trolley in the mornings and ride to downtown San Diego for a day of sightseeing and shopping.  We buy a ticket for under $20 and we can ride unlimited times during the whole month.

In Balboa Park where the San Diego Zoo is located, the architecture is magnificent.

In Seaport Village the shopping is abundant and there are many colorful art exhibits.

The USS Midway, which is now turned into a museum, is one interesting sight along the downtown waterfront.

Another interesting sight was the art entitled "Unconditional Surrender" by Seward Johnson.  It was modeled after the picture in Life magazine, 1945, but sadly it was taken down in 2012, but will be cast in bronze and painted just like the original and returned to it's rightful spot on the waterfront.

To help you get the perspective of just how large a piece this is:

Oh, Captain, you naughty boy!!

The Spirit of San Diego, a tour boat that will take you out for a lovely excursion on the bay.

The skyline of San Diego looking off of the tour boat.

A stop by a Marine aquarium. Aren't these some endearing creatures?

And a beautiful bird that is spotted quite often around the area.

A ride under the Coronado Bridge on the way to the island.

The elegant and beautiful Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island.

The Gas Lamp District. Great restaurants, sidewalk cafes and entertainment.

Little Italy. Every Saturday, the Farmer's Market, fresh vegetables and art and street performers.


After a full day we return to the park and there are still things to do such as potluck dinners, bingo, karaoke and bonfires.

My kitchen in the RV is tiny but tidy and I love to cook there.  Things seem to taste so much better than they do at home for some reason.

Picture this:  You've just spent a very fulfilling day, shopping and sightseeing and maybe a game of bingo, where you might have won a couple of bucks.  You've fixed a fabulous meal with ingredients you bought fresh from the Farmer's Market, you are sipping pinot noir from a crystal glass, and watching the sun go down over the bay...

Now, whose the idiot that said they wanted to stay home??!!



Back to the here and now:

Jake, you have done us proud again.  Keeping up your grades while working. And now you are able to buy yourself another car and what a nice one it is.

A 2008 Mustang

Congratulations! We love you.


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