Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Us, you ask? Ha, we wish!

The year was 2009. 
 It was a beautiful 
sun filled, San Diego, California,
 day in January.
  We were there on vacation
 without a care in the world. 
 We had just finished
 a delicious bowl of fresh clam chowder and 
was then scheduled 
to take a short boat ride 
around San Diego harbor.

I grew up in Santa Cruz,
 around the ocean and beaches. 
 It is a beautiful place 
with a lot of wonderful sights 
but San Diego 
gives it a run for its money. 
 The waters of the harbor 
are filled with
 everything imaginable...

...sail boats
 with colorful sails,
 tour boats
 loaded with sightseers...

...security boats
 piloted by naval personnel
 along side 
recreational activities... 

lining the shores and
 sun bathers 
in all shapes and sizes..

...and territory occupied 
by the U.S. Navy. 
 There are pads 
along the water 
for helicopters, and 
ships in dry dock 
that are being
 rebuilt and refurbished.

The USS Midway, 
now a naval museum, 
is a popular attraction...

...and you can see 
the famous sculpture of 
the nurse and the midshipman, 
kissing in the street, 
celebrating the end of World War 11.

 The Captain says
 he is just standing there 
to show the size 
of the sculpture!

There are so many wonderful things
 to see in San Diego
 but there was one sight
 that I never dreamed
 we would see again.

The USSN Mercy,
 was in dry dock at that time,
 but is now anchored 
in the Los Angeles harbor 
awaiting to be filled 
with patients from local hospitals
 so that their beds
 can be freed up
 for the COVID-19 pandemic patients. 

 (I remembered 
taking a photo of a hospital ship 
while there and 
when I looked back 
through my pictures - 
sure enough there it was. 
 I hadn't paid any attention, 
at the time, 
to the name of the vessel - 
I was intrigued by 
the large red cross.)

This is such a sad time. 
 I pray that all the medical heroes 
on the front lines 
can get what they need 
to keep them, and their patients,

 In my lifetime,
 I have never seen 
a situation such as this. 
 We all thought 
that there could never be 
any time worse 
then what happened on 9-11 
but we are being put 
to a hard test again and 
today I heard 
that the death toll 
has exceeded that 
of 9-11.

"We are all in this together and
 he says
 he is practicing social distance
 but I know he just wants to steal 
my breakfast"

We all need 
to find something 
to occupy our time and our thoughts. 
 We need to watch the news,
 sometime like looking at a train wreck, 
but it is important to know
 what is happening 
even though we can only watch so much. 

 As you have undoubtedly heard by now,
 The Tiger King, streaming on Netflix,
 is a really good show 
to take our minds to
 a different place for a short while. 
 It is about 
big cats, murder and mayhem. 
 Another entertaining series
 is Good Girls,
 about three moms 
trying to better their soccer mom lives and
 we have just finished watching 
 about a young Jewish girl 
out in the world 
after her faith is being tested.
 We enjoyed it and 
thought it was well worth our time. 
 The Hallmark Channel
 has started airing 
Christmas movies also,
 another form of escape.

I am enjoying
 watercolor painting now, 
so am practicing as I go.  
I think I am getting a better handle
 on painting leaves and 
am trying to perfect the technique
 of using less paint and 
building on that.
 Some things
 end up better than others, 
but it is something to keep me busy and 
after we are back to normal,
 I'm hoping I can justify 
buying better
 paints and brushes.

Practice, practice, practice...
Makes perfect??

All my daffodils 
have bloomed now and 
I picked them 
so the rain and snow 
wouldn't bend them over. 
 We have had 
a little more
 of both.

The kids 
came up to shop for us again 
in their pretty new car. 
 I am so grateful to them
 for doing this. 
 I had to go 
to CVS to pick up meds the other day and,
 I don't mind saying, 
I was freaked out
 to leave the house and 
of being in the store.

 I will leave you with
 some much needed beauty 
of a San Diego sunset,
 a memory from
 better days...

Stay home and stay well.


 Have you noticed 
that my photos are larger than usual? 
I don't know what happened. 
I didn't do anything different
 than I normally do 
but I had to move 
the right column over 
to fit everything in.
 I, personally, 
don't mind it, 
as old eyes kind of enjoy bigger things,
 but if they annoy you
 let me know.
seems to be out of our control
 these days!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Happy Spring to all of you. 
 I can't believe
 that for someone 
who was so looking forward to it, 
I totally forgot to acknowledge the fact.

  These are some unsettling times and 
it is no wonder 
I can't keep my facts straight
 along with most 
everyone else.

 here in California, 
are literally shut-ins and 
I am glad to do so.

 I am so thankful 
for all the doctors and nurses,
 other first responders, 
grocery clerks, 
restaurants and
 the armed forces,
that are working so tirelessly 
to keep us as safe as we can be.

I am also very thankful 
to Governor Newsom, 
along with other governors
 throughout the United States,
 who had the foresight 
to take charge and 
handle this pandemic 
in a way that was 
timely and appropriate.

The numbers are staggering and
  we are in for 
a long haul and 
I wish everyone in the world 
 peace and 
a safe place
 to be.

As I mentioned last week,
 Tami and Tim 
were coming up to do our grocery shopping. 
 At that time,
 Santa Cruz county was to shelter in place.
  We asked them not to come 
but you have to know our daughter. 
 She is a very loving, kind person 
with a strong sense of responsibility.
  One of the points of 
sheltering in place
 was to take care and look after 
loved ones and
 that is the point she fixated on.
  No amount of talking 
would change her mind. 
 Must get that all from her father!!
  I made a big pot of spaghetti
 as they were planning, after shopping, 
to have dinner with us, 
spend the night and 
leave Sunday morning. 
 Jake and Jacenda 
were coming from San Francisco 
to stay with their animals
 while they were
 here with us.

Just before
 they left home Saturday morning, 
Jake called and 
said he didn't feel well. 
 I think it is only a cold 
but he didn't want to be
 close to them until 
he knew for sure.  
That meant they wouldn't spend the night, 
but would visit for awhile 
before heading back home to
 Bo, Rosy and the cats. 
 As they were on the road, 
Tami's supervisor texted her
 saying someone she worked with 
had contacted the virus.
  When she found out who it was, 
she knew she hadn't been around the lady,
 but didn't want to take 
any unnecessary chances with us. 
 So long story short,
 we put our grocery list 
in our mailbox, 
the kids picked it up, 
did the shopping and 
then left the groceries on the back porch.
  We gave virtual hugs and kisses 
through the window in the door, and 
they drove back home.

 We can't say enough 
how proud we are of our kids and 
the two of us will be 
eating spaghetti
 for a month!

As if that wasn't enough, 
Tami left this sweet bunny 
next to the groceries. 
 He is just adorable and 
I love him.

I have been watching 
a watercolor artist on YouTube. 
 Remember how I mentioned 
that the sound of Martha Stewart's voice 
relaxed me, well,
 I must have a thing for voices,
 as this talented artist
 is so soft spoken and 
she fascinates me.  
She also is really great 
about explaining what she is doing.  
She is Australian and
 her name is Louise De Masi.  
I think if I can learn 
how to do watercolors, 
I can learn from her. 
 I will keep trying and 
we shall see.

 Above is the original photo...

...and this is my rendition.

I'm not there yet!
 Not even close, but
I am proud 
that this is the first time
 that I have done the whole drawing
 without tracing.
 For me,
that is progress!

I am not
 going stir crazy yet. 
 I am a real homebody anyway,
 so this shouldn't be
 too hard 
for me...

...but, evidently,
 one member of the household 
is feeling it and 
sneaked out
 when our backs were turned.
  The spring sunshine 
was just to hard 
to resist.

Stay healthy and safe.


I want to thank everyone 
who tried to remember the woman 
from the Cooking Channel. 
 My special thanks to Thelma 
who recognized her as Laura Caulder and
 the show was called French Food at Home.
  She is no longer on that channel 
but thanks, also, to Adrienne,
 we can find her on YouTube. 
 I haven't had a chance 
to watch her again yet, 
but it will be great 
on the list of 
the shut-in's 

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