Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Around here
 it is
 all in the timing...

...come September
 it's all about 
the beginning of fall
 and the excitement
 that soon the weather will settle 
into those soft breezes 
and cooler nights...

 before you know it,
 the magic of October
 has taken hold
 and the fields are strewn with pumpkins
 and the carving tools come out...

...with November
 comes the harvest
 and the time to be thankful
 for our many

...and during December
 we take the time
 to reflect back over the year
 and plan ahead for the
 months that are to come
 and the promises of
 hopes and dreams

Time marches on
 and as it does, 
I hope we can all 
find our spot where 
the timing is perfect.

"It is astonishing
 how short a time it takes
 for very wonderful things
 to happen."

Frances Hodgson Burnett


Kai had a sleep-over
 at his cousin, Rosie's, house.
  He is all tuckered out
 and tucked in.


Happy Week to you.

If you missed how I made the clock, you can go here.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Enjoying a first cup of coffee...

...as the first rays of sunshine...

...warm up this first day of fall...



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Tuesday, September 22, 2015


"Draw your chair up...
and I'll tell you
 a story..."

F. Scott Fitzgerald

When we started the re-do 
in the sitting room 
I thought that the wicker chair,
 straight off the porch,
 would suffice
 until we found 'the' one...

...and the old rocker
 would work on
 the other side of the room...

...then we replaced
 the wicker chair
 with the little side chair 
from the kitchen 
and that worked for awhile...

...then the Captain
 found these two chairs 
in a consignment shop.

 I love the style
 and thought I would probably be able
 to change the upholstery myself
 and maybe paint the frames,
 not to mention,
 that they had an affordable
 price tag attached, 
so they took their place in line.

 here is the sit-uation! 

 Since the arrival of Kai
 and his occupation of the sofa,
 the two remaining chairs belong 
to the Captain and myself
 and these new ones,
 although how pretty they could become
 in my mind's eye,
 are not the most comfortable!

 So, here was the remedy.

We moved
 the two wing chairs 
from the parlor
 into the sitting room...

...and replaced them,
 in the parlor,
 with the new ones.

  The color is good with the carpet
 and until, and if,
 I decide to re-do them, 
they fit in pretty well 
with the other pieces for now.

All three of us
 now have a chair that,
 at the very least,
 is comfortable 
and when we finish a few other projects 
that are in the works,
 we will reward ourselves 
with two new chairs.

Kai will have to be satisfied with a nice bone 
which he will probably 'try' to eat on his sofa!

"I had three chairs in my house:
One for solitude,
Two for friendship,
Three for society."

Henry David Thoreau, "Walden"

I also have one other project in mind 
for this room
 and I am talking 
like a dutch-uncle over here
 to make it happen!

 It may take awhile.

 You might remember
 this little form of 


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Friday, September 18, 2015


Fall is almost here for real
 and while I have been trying
 to get over a bad backache,
 a few more small touches of the season
 have been set
 around the Cottage.

My back is not 100% yet
 and it still hurts to sit or stand
 for any length of time.

 I think it is something 
that I inherited from my dad
 and it happens every so often
 and just has to be waited out
 and then I will be fine.

Enough of that!

 I will just get on with a few pictures 
of what has been going on around here
 with a little bit of fun editing 
here and there. 
 Of course,
 you know that Kai 
has been helping!


"Oops, sorry mom...

 I just turned them over
 so I don't get them messy 
on the pretty side!"

I made a couple of new autumn pillows
 for the sofa,
 but as you just saw
 they don't always look like this.

Hope everything is going well
 with all of you.

 I certainly have been enjoying
 all the fall home tours
 going on now.


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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I hope
 you all had a lovely and restful
 Labor Day weekend.

We went for a ride
 up in the mountains.
  The weather was beautiful
 and the road meandered
 along some peaceful and scenic sights
 as only a country road can.

Wouldn't you love
 to get your hands on
 some of these old, worn and weathered,
 red boards,
 not to mention 
the rusted tin?

As many times 
as we take this little journey
 we never tire of it.


A while back
 I picked up this clock for free.

 I knew it wasn't 
a particularly valuable piece
 or even a collectible one, 
as it sat,
 but it wasn't bad 
and it was made out of metal.

 I had been seeing
 a lot of larger clock faces
 on Pinterest,
and thought it would be fun
 to have a go at it 
and to come up with my version.

I like chickens
 as an item of decoration and,
 if fact,
 I have a few,
 but on the face of a clock
 it was past time for it to go.

  I removed the hands,
 the  frame and scroll decoration,
 and decoupaged a black paper place mat
 that I found onto the front.

 I thought that would do it
 but realized along the way
 that I really didn't want to
 work the red into the scheme of things. 
 So out came the AS Old Ochre...


...and I painted out
 the existing roman numerals
 and sent for a stencil to replace them. 
 I then covered it all
 with Vax
from Shabby Paints.

I like the clock much better now
 and look forward 
to adding it into 
some future vignettes.


The weather
 has been warm and somewhat balmy here 
as we move ever closer
 into fall.



King of the Mountain...

...and he wanted to tell you
 that his buds,
 the Gentle Giants 
are coming again soon.


Some progress.
  Do you think I'll ever finish? 
 Only time
 will tell!


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