Tuesday, October 29, 2013


G H O S T S  and  G O B L I N S
Spooks Galore...

S C A R Y   W I T C H E S
At your door...

J A C K - O -  L A N T E R N S
Shining bright

Wishing You A Haunting Night.

Author Unknown

Here's hoping for a Happy Halloween...



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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


They have been around the cauldron...

They have been around for tea...


Now they have decided

that the perfect place to be...

Is sitting on the mantle

In a Cottage

In Gold Country.

They have promised good behavior...

and that is what they mean...

When the witches come together...

One more time...

this Halloween.


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Thursday, October 17, 2013


They have started on a journey
That will welcome in the night
As they gather round the cauldron
It's a strange and eerie sight..

They ride in on their broomsticks
With a daring plan in place
Don't let the setting fool you
Even though it's dripping lace..

They stir and measure
Add this and that
And then they stir some more..
They whisper softly and when they're done
Their voices reach a roar!

The gathering is over
They have finished their strange brew
Now all that's left is solitude
And a cup for me and you.

Me, The Resident Cottage Witch 2013


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"The Gathering"

Monday, October 14, 2013


Sandi is holding a tea to celebrate the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I hope you will all visit to see what beautiful parties are going on over at Rose Chintz Cottage

Did you know that every three minutes someone will be diagnosed with breast cancer?

The little Angel of Hope reminds us to all work together to try and put an end to this terrible disease.  Early detection is the best prevention at this time.

I am adding these beautiful flowers that the Captain and I received for our 53rd wedding anniversary last week from Tim, Tami and Jake.

They are so lovely and our kids are so thoughtful.

Tea Pot:  Garage sale find
Franciscan Ware
Made in California USA

Cream Pitcher: Belonged to my grandmother
Bauer USA

Tea Cup and Saucer: Garage sale find
Grandmother's Rose
Bone China
Made in England by Hammersley 

Thank you, Sandi, for letting all of us pay our respects to honor those who have lost their lives to cancer, survived cancer, and anyone who is going through cancer at this time.

Also, I would like to offer Happy Thanksgiving wishes to our neighbors and friends in Canada.


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Friday, October 11, 2013



                 Here is the next part of last year's 
           Halloween posts. Enjoy!!


The witches and the goblins,

The ghosts all dressed in white,

They all will be converging,
On the Cottage, come tonight.

They arrive upon their broomsticks,

They arrive by other means,

Some arrive so very quiet,
Some arrive amidst the screams.

A single fairy pumpkin witch,
Will try to set the tone,
But when it comes to game rules,
Everyone is on their own.

Once they are assembled,

That's when the fun will start,

You wouldn't want to join them,

If you were one bit faint of heart.

You are all invited,
Join the party..have some fun,

Nobody is excluded,
It's fair game for everyone.

It's strange how it all happens,
Just ask one whose mostly sweet,
Once you're a member of the party,
No one would pass you on the street.

If you are brave enough to enter,
Then you must be quite prepared,
For the ones who are the strongest,
Will survive those who are scared.

When we sit at the table,
And say, "Good potatoes, won't you pass",
They are eating eye of newt,
And tiny spiders under glass.

The pumpkins and the candles,
Are alight for all to see,

This is quite a different story,

The moon is shining brightly,
Look closer...see the bats?
They are coming to the party,
You'll want your necks kept under wraps.

Mrs.vonRichWitch was invited,
She thought the party would be fun,
She didn't know that when she left,
Her two hands would be one.

Now the dawn is breaking,
The air is still and cold,
All the guests have left the party,
And the story has been told.

Myself, the Resident Cottage Witch

TRICK OR TREAT....Judy, The Cottage Witch

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