Tuesday, March 28, 2023



We have been on a wild ride

 these last few months.  

Old Man Winter has thrown every trick

 in the book at us.

  There is still white stuff on the ground.  Now it isn't snow, it's hail.  

Last evening

 there were loud bursts of thunder

 and lightening that lit up the whole sky.  

The sun peeks through periodically 

and spring is here. 

 We are hopeful.

The floor looks like this each morning.  

It is Rugby's arsenal 

and even though 

all the squeakers are long gone, 

they still are his pride and joy.  

There is only one that still squeaks...

...the owl.

  By squeaking him at the door 

is the only way to get Rugby

 to come in from outside. 

 He loves it that much!

  Being outside and the owl, 

and so far the owl is winning!

The kids sent us this pretty the other day.  

It arrived when it was dark and dreary

 and between 

the flowers and the butterflies 

it brightened up our moods considerably.

We have managed to get ourselves

 up off of the couch

 and from out in front of 

the TV for awhile

 to accomplish this...

I'm sure you remember 

when the library looked like this?


it looks like this...

...and this. 

 It will continue to stay like this. 

 Where have you heard that before?

Hope spring has arrived in your neighborhood 

and that we all 

will get to reap her benefits soon. 


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Tuesday, March 14, 2023



The word is that California has been experiencing some wild winter weather.  

The word is correct! 

I have never seen so much snow 

fall at one time 

in the whole time we have lived here.

This looked so pretty outside 

of the Secret Garden 

and I wanted to get a clear photo of it

 but the snow was piled so high against the screen door, 

I couldn't get it open.

It finally stopped snowing 

and has now turned to rain.  

When I was writing this (Monday evening) we were having very loud thunder.  

I don't know which I detest the most.  

I was always so proud to be the first one to yell, "we've got snow"

 and just a little disappointed to see it gone

 in a day or two. 

 May I never feel that way again.

  I don't know how 

the rest of the country survives winter. 

 We did survive in our space

 and did not lose power

 and was not subject to any flooding 

so I feel very fortunate 

and am gearing up for the nasty, gray days left until spring.  

As long as I can keep

 my house clean, the candles hold out and

 the grocery store stocks fresh flowers,

 I know it will get better 

but better, right now, 

seems a long way ahead!

There is one member of the family, however, that is in his element. 

 Rugby love loves the snow 

and will use every trick in the book 

to be able to go outside and play...

...Robin, on the other hand, 

only stays out until 

"the necessaries" are over with.  

In fact, when the steps weren't clear 

she would only use them, 

thank you very much.

It seems like a thousand years ago 

that we did have 

some sunshine between snowstorms,

 and as much as I tried to push my way

 into the spotlight, 

there was only room for two.

We got Rugby's DNA test back

 and found out he is:

43.7% small poodle

15.1% Maltese

9,5% Lhasa Apso

6.5% Pekingese

4.0% Cocker Spaniel

21.2% Super Mutt

100% sweet boy.

Stay warm and safe until next time.


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Love Your Creativity at Life and Linda