Saturday, December 23, 2023



This year is drawing to a close.  
2023 will soon morph into 2024.
Some have had a very good year 
and some have experienced
difficulties of one kind or another.  
The world, itself,
 hasn't been too fortunate. 
 There always seems to be 
something, or someone, 
who is willing and trying
 to take the upper hand 
and cause havoc wherever they can,
 and millions of humans are, or will be,
 paying a high price for it.  
It seems like an age old story 
that we have been telling
 for a long time, but never listening to. 
 We, the people,
 are all a part of the human family, 
what affects one, affects all. 
 I am trying to keep that in mind 
as we move into this new year and
have great hopes that 2024 
will be better for everyone.

As the title of this post states,
 Christmas Simply Done, is Done. 
 There are not many days left to just sit 
and take it all in, 
but take advantage of those days, I will! 
 All the batteries that were added 
at the beginning of decorating 
have become depleted, 
so after a trip to the Dollar Store...

...I am going to attempt to amaze you 
with my rendition of 
Silent Night, All is Calm All is Bright. 
 Not much talking,
 but lots of candles and twinkly lights 
performed by my new computer. 
 Everything looks so pretty to my eyes
 but as I am getting used to
 this new technology (to me), 
I hope it does to your eye too.

We will be celebrating
 our Christmas this year on January 14. 
 So it will be awhile before this family 
comes over the river and through the woods
 to this Grandmother's house
 but it will all be worth the wait.

I want to wish you all
 a Happy Holiday no matter how you celebrate it. 
 I feel so fortunate
 to have turned typing and a sweet Cottage 
into some very good lasting friendships. 
 Let's hope that the new year
 turns into the best for all of us.

See you next year.


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Thursday, December 21, 2023




We left off here last time
when the sun was shining on
a cold winter's day.  Now it is raining 
and has warmed up a bit, but the Christmas spirit is still alive here in the Gold
Country as we continue on with
our simply done Christmas.


I haven't gone to any great
lengths to decorate in the
sitting room.  To be honest, I am so disappointed that we didn't get
the room painted but, since it
is the room we spend the most
time in, I had to do a little something.

The spine doctor that the Captain saw
after his bout with sciatica suggested he
 get an exercise bike so that went into the library.  We had to find room
for the chairs and the lamp
table then so they came into the
sitting room.  It is not a bad
fit so will stay here temporarily, 
at least until we paint.  In
the meantime it is a good place
for Santa to take a rest and spend
time with his number one 

That's all folks!!


Tried and true is always a good option.
If it isn't broke, don't fix it so I didn't do
too much.  Everything is pretty
much the same from year to
year in the dining room...

...the only real difference is this old
sweet fruit or produce box that we
found in our neighbor's junk pile.  With
his permission,  I found a place to set  
some smalls that otherwise sometimes
get lost in the shuffle. 

The old prim Santa rides his sled
on top of the table...

...along with a wooden salad bowl
filled with cedar boughs, holiday fruit
and veggies and a "welcome"
pineapple.  Most of them are dried
from year's past and I'm
hoping the pineapple will
dry over time also.

The usual suspects from holidays
past are gathered again and
Bitty Morsel has taken two
newbies in hand.  They are the
Kindness Twins, a thoughtful gift
from a cherished friend, just
because.  I love them.

A plain faux cedar garland hangs
over the settle bench, gussied
up with a shiny string of
Christmas ornaments.  Little
twinkle lights are added along
with vintage quilt squares.


I didn't put a tree up in the 
kitchen this year, but placed
smaller trees around instead.
Not any of them with any
special ornaments, just the
usual wishing star, a few dried
orange slices and some sparkles.

Goatzie hauled a large snow
covered tree in his cart, to
the town square of Holly Farms...

...where all the villagers were
tucked inside their little red

I found these charming plates on Antique Farmhouse...

...sorry, Santa, I'm hoping they will
hold real cookies soon.

I also added them to the table dish stack along with a variety of other
holiday colors.

I thought a red and white checked
tablecloth would give the
kitchen that extra Christmas

I always put together the Captain''s
favorite candle of the season.

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas
Cottage this year.  I am putting
together one last post and it
should be coming your way in the
next couple of days.  In years
past I have featured the Cottage
by candlelight.  I will attempt
to do that again this year,
but it might look a little
different from a new 
perspective.  I am anxious to
see that myself.

 I was using Picasa
to edit my photos from the very
beginning of writing this blog.
When Google quit backing it, I was
still able to use it, until my computer
crashed.  I was so disappointed
to hear that I couldn't get
Picasa on my new computer.
I am now using Gimp and it is quite
different. (I heard from authority, my daughter, that she likes my photos better 
now) I don't know what Google had
in mind after not backing Picasa
because Google Photos can't compare
in my opinion.  So far Gimp is pretty
good, but after the holidays I will
check out some other sites for
comparison.  Any references
would be appreciated.  
This new
computer is taking way more time to 
figure out for me but it is
like a wonderful Christmas gift
when I can figure something
new out.  I still have to learn 
how to get my watermark back on
my photos and I would like to enlarge 
them back to how I did before.
However, I will not give up...  

...I will be making lemonade
out of lemons!

Have a wonderful time as we get 
closer to Christmas.