Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Spring has peeked out but, 
like a shy small child,
 has ducked back behind
 Mother Nature's skirts
 once again.

We did have
 "rain drops on roses" but, 
if we were looking forward to
 a few of our favorite things, 
we will be looking 
awhile longer.

To bring some small smiles
 into our world, 
the garland has,
 once again, 
come to 
the rescue...

...and a trip to 
the Dollar Store 
has produced a spot of sunshine and,
 even though it is all faux (and cheap),
 it makes life bearable
 while waiting for 
the real thing.

A little spot of color 
in life is always 
good for the soul and 
allows us to kick up our heels 
once in awhile...

...and a few added 
bunnies and chicks
 does make us smile and
 know that our patience 
will soon
 be rewarded.


"Adopt the pace of Nature:
Her secret is patience".

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


As the clock ticks
 closer and closer to spring,
 small changes are noticeable. 
 The first camellia
is in full bloom
and blessing the Cottage
with its pretty presence.

 A certain member of the household
is experiencing a small change. 
little feet could only stand
a few minutes on the cold ground,
a spot in the sunshine
feels like the place
 to be.

We had a festive
St. Patrick's Day

the time is right
for a spring bouquet.

Last weekend was magnificent. 
 Getting out of bed
and being confronted with sunshine
is a beautiful thing...

...almost as good
as a trip to

It was a perfect day
for a drive in the country.

  At a lower elevation,
the flowering fruit trees
 are in full bloom
 and look bright and beautiful
against their surroundings of
 blue skies, water and stone...

...and cows
 grazing in green pastures,
under the newly budding oaks,
are a sight to behold.

At the beginning of our journey,
 the skies were bright and shining
and the clouds were
fluffy and white...

...as the sky got darker,
it just makes you aware of
 how quickly
 change can happen.

By the time
we were closer to home,
 the rain was back
 in full force.

 is not always a bad thing. 
 It can also be a sign of
 wondrous things
to come...

...such as California
 is finally out
of the drought
for the first time in
 more than seven years.

The best change of all
is that we truly
welcome Spring tomorrow
and it seems as if 
we have been waiting forever.
 So enjoy the time.

 It is a glorious,
but fleeting season.

"Let it rain on some days,
let yourself shiver
 on some cold nights,
so when it's Spring
you'll know why
it was
all worth going through."

Sanhita Baruah


I know all this because
 a little birdie
 just told me so. 


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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


My husband,
 family, friends, dogs, good health,
 my beliefs, etc. 
 These are all of
 the most important big things
 in my life
that are good for my soul
 but, aside from the obvious,
there are some little things
 that feed my soul
 as well.

I came across
 a quote the other day
from Rebecca Stead that stated,
"Pajamas are good for the soul." 

 I immediately knew
that this connected with me. 

 It is hard to explain
 what the feeling is. 
 There is a calmness and happiness,
 a satisfaction and softness,
 that I feel
right down to my toes. 
 Like when there is nothing
 that I have to do,
 no obligations to fulfill,
and I can stay in my pajamas all day,
for no other reason except
that it just feels right
and it feels
 good for my soul.

Another piece of my life
that is good for my soul
is having a clean and pretty home. 

 This is not something
that just occurred in my adult self.
  I can remember taking great pleasure
 in fixing up my childhood rooms. 

 I am certainly not
 a trained decorator
but I do take pride in
 trying to show my home
to its best advantage.

I do love to watch television
and as I sit
 at my usual spot on the couch
 and my eyes veer from the TV
this is what I see...

...the game table
in front of the arched French doors
that separate the parlor
 from the sitting room.

 This is my most favorite view.

 I have mentioned before
 how it is the reason
 we bought our Cottage.

 For some reason,
 the other night
 as my eyes strayed from Netflix,
I got that good soul feeling
while looking at the game table
and the way it was arranged.

  Then it struck me,
 this spot that I love so much,
is always my first go-to
when it comes time
for a décor change.

This is the spot
 in the Cottage 
that is good for my soul.
 This is the spot
 that always gives my eyes comfort,
 that gives that "pajama" feeling
whenever I look at it.

I have shown photos
 of how this spot looks now
 and how it has looked in the past.

  I feel that it is important
to have at least
one small thing in life,
aside from the obvious,
 that is special to each of us
so that our minds can
calm and relax
 and take pleasure in a 
  "pajama" moment.

One simple moment
that is good for
 all our souls.

And it doesn't hurt 
when my sweet husband
comes home with
a beautiful bouquet of
my favorite flowers...

...and brings sunshine along!

Is it any wonder
that he is at
the top of my list?


Do you have
a special something
that is
good for your soul?


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Tuesday, March 5, 2019



We have no more snow (so far)
but plenty of rain.  
And, along with rain,
 always, always
 the gray skies

...these are what bother me 
the most about winter.
If I was in control, 
I would go to bed, 
pull the covers over my head, 
and not peek out
 until spring...

...something like this!

Even the birds 
won't leave home without 
the proper attire...
I'm just saying!

Oh well, 
none of that is going to happen
 so I will just keep
 marching along.

St. Patrick's Day 
is the closest thing to spring 
that we have now, 
so I thought I would 
set up a table for two 
in the sitting room.
Something close to the fire 
that will put some cheer 
into a winter's day.
 Of course, 
green would be the obvious color choice 
and give the table a 
touch of the blarney!

 My grandmother's 
maiden name was Kelly, 
so I take a bit of pride
 in the wearing 
of the green.

On my last trip to Home Goods,
 I picked up the cutest
 black and white ticking napkins,
 so I rummaged around on the shelves 
in the junk room 
and came up with some
 black and white dishes that matched
 to use as a grounding color
 to all of the green. 
 I was going to use
 a white tablecloth
 but the colors didn't show off
 on the white. 
 They were turning out to be 
more rustic in feel
 so I removed the cloth
 and used some 
woven twig place mats.

Royal Stafford, England, from Home Goods

The Olde Curiousity Shop, picked up on a trip to San Diego at Goodwill

Dessert plate from Ikea

Queen's china from T. J. Maxx

I didn't have any 
pretty fresh flowers 
so I just used some faux greenery,
 green water tumblers 
and a couple of pieces 
of green china.

This little table setting 
could very well transition 
to Easter 
with the addition of 
some bunny objects.

For the time being, 
it will be just fine 
awaiting the arrival of
 the corned beef and cabbage 
and the continuation of
 the march along
 to spring.


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