Wednesday, February 24, 2016


My sister, Sid,
 was here for a couple of days. 
 It was great spending time together,
 which we don't do
 as often as
 we should.   

We don't live
 that far apart
 but life has a way
 - of getting in the way - 
of the important things.


A while back 
we took a ride
 on some country roads 
and I haven't shared
the pictures
 with you...

It's always nice
 to get away for awhile, 
even though 
it might not be far.

the grass is greener 
on the other side.


Every afternoon,
 around 2:00,
 this is the scene at the Cottage..

It is dinnertime for Kai,
 or at least he thinks it is, 
but the actual time is
 more around 
3:30 or 4:00.

He starts out on the floor, 
intently staring 
at the Captain...

..then he is up on the chair,
 intently staring at the Captain.

Before long 
I guess his head starts
 feeling too heavy 
to keep the act up

He resorts to
 the arm of the chair
 to keep his head up
 so he can continue 
to stare.

When all else fails
 he gives up graciously 
and entertains himself with a toy, 
and this seems to work
 for awhile 

...not for long,
 and this time
 he's serious!


You probably can tell
 that I am grasping at straws
 for something interesting
 to write about today...
but that's OK...
you just have to give your mind
 a rest 
and let slow and steady 
be your guide.


I can tell you 
for sure
 that I have discovered 
a new (for me) author.

  Her name is Santa Montefiore. 
 She has written a few books 
and I have just finished
 "The French Gardener".

 It is the type of story 
that I enjoy, 
England, France, cottages, gardens,
 families and love.

 I have just started 
"Secrets of the Lighthouse" 
and it seems 
that I will love this one 
just as much.

Hope you all are having 
a wonderful week 
and thank you so much 
for stopping by 
for a visit 
when you have the time.


Slow and steady
 and a full tummy!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Did you notice 
the new picture and poem 
on my header?

I'm tipping my hat
 to what 
this time of year 
should look like. 

 In reality though, 
this is what today 
looks like
 outside my office car window...

I'm not complaining at all...
who would complain 
about an abundance of blue skies 
and strings of cotton clouds 
and the soft feel of spring in the air?...
it is just that
 we in California 
were promised that this winter 
would be different; 
that El Nino 
would swoop in and quench our thirst,
 and for awhile that was true,
 but now it seems 
that our "Sprinter"
 has returned.

Sprinter:  A mix of spring and winter

For those of you 
not familiar with my terminology, 
you can read about it

I snapped this picture
 a few weeks ago 
when El Nino was
 putting his best foot forward.

  A small gaggle of geese 
foraging along side the road.

 They put me in mind 
of this wonderful decoy 
that I have had for 
many years... out he came 
to grace the dining room table 
along with a pair of candlesticks 
my dad made for us 
sometime ago.

Speaking of the dining room...
at Thanksgiving
 when I took the above picture, 
my eye went immediately 
from the black and white checks 
on the chairs
 to what would it look like
 if they were carried
 up to the window...

 is what it looks like
 in the morning light...

...and now 
at night time. 

 Small changes can really make a difference.

The Captain surprised me
 with this little cupboard 
the other day 
and I painted it with
 Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint
 in French Enamel.

 It is the first time 
I have used her paint line 
and it may become a favorite of mine.

 I am anxious to do
 a bigger piece of furniture.

In my mind,
 I need a little more practice 
in the fine art of "distressing",
 using this paint,
 but that will come 
in time.

Many years ago, 
I grew a sweet potato vine. 
 It was really beautiful 
and I was quite proud of it.

 I seem to have better luck 
with real plants
 when they grow in plain water.

  A while ago, 
I was cleaning out 
the basket of veggies
 and found this yam 
just starting to sprout. 
 I was ready
 to toss it 
but stuck it in a jar of water instead 
to see what would happen. 
 A little later,
 the original sprout just fell off 
and the leaves were tiny and dry looking. 
 I kind of forgot about it 
after that but
 when I noticed again, 
it was starting to look healthier.

 Will keep you posted
 on its progress.

 I'm trying my hand at 
another paint-by-number picture 
from Country Living magazine.

 A beautiful spring subject
 that I'm hoping to finish
before the lilacs bloom.

 Will keep you up-to-date 
as to the progress of this
 as well.

I just received 
this darling linen
 primitive spring double pocket 
from the etsy shop of 1871Farmhouse.

 I have a special place
 in mind for it 
but couldn't resist 
sharing it right now.
 Christine has some beautiful pieces 
and I really love it.

My sister
 is coming to visit 
for a few days 
so have added 
a small nose-gay 
beside the bed 
to welcome her.

I found this pretty dish 
in a thrift store 
and thought it was a good reminder
 of President's Day.

Even though, 
weather wise,
 things aren't going 
quite as planned...

...I cannot
 tell a lie...

This is some 
beautiful weather 
we are having 


I'm sending special thanks 
to Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage 
for featuring my mantle post at
 No Place Like Home last week.

 I appreciate if so much, Sandi. 

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