Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Snow Storm #1

For someone who is always complaining 
that not enough snow falls in the winter, 
believe it or not,
 we have actually had 
three snow storms so far...

Snow storm #2

...in our garden, 
we don't measure snow fall 
in inches or feet,
 we measure by how burdened 
the butterfly bush is.

Snow storm #3

The third snow fall
 was the heaviest 
and covered more of 
the landscape.

We get to see 
all the beauty and, 
because we live in California, 
the sun always comes out
 and melts the snow
 pretty quickly.

When it all 
plays out like that,
 we consider ourselves lucky.

Believe it or not, 
I can name two 
definite signs of spring, 
coming to life,
 in our garden...

...along with
 the tender leaves 
of a rose bush...

...and the soft moss
 at the base of the 
old redwood tree.

Even though those are 
good signs of the coming spring,
 I do need a little more color 
in my world at this time, 
so I've changed up a few pillows 
and added in 
some spring greens.

"Like seeds dreaming
Beneath the snow,
Your heart dreams of spring."

Kahlil Gibran

So, with the chill of the wind 
and the return of 
gray skies...

...and once I get motivated 
to take the Christmas tree 
down in the kitchen 
and erase the Captain's 
attempt at humor...

...believe it or not, 
I will be so 
ready for spring.


Here is an update 
that I just found out. 
For those of you who follow 
Diane of Lavender Dreams,
she has a new address: 

Google/Blogger just shut her down
 for no apparent reason 
and she is trying to find out why.
 I wasn't aware 
that could be done, 
without, at least, 
 notifying you first,
 but I guess it can. 
The word is 
that we should be backing up our blogs.

(Go to Blogger, settings, other,
 back up content and save to computer).

 It's as simple as that and after the initial time, you need to do it probably once a month from then on.

(Thanks to NanaDiana for her help in all things Blogger and life!)

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Sunday morning 
when I let Robin out 
it was like we were living in 
a fairyland 
where all my dreams could come true
 and the world was covered with
 a white quilt
 that kept all the warmth inside 
and all the noise of life out. 
 It was like a poem 
that I heard only with
 my eyes.

I'm only speaking for myself, 
as I am aware that 
this situation 
is a way of winter life for many 
and not always a happy one at that...
but, for me, 
that stillness that falls from the sky,
 that keeps the cars 
from driving by at race track speed 
and makes everything just plain clean, 
is a sight to hold close
 to my heart.

The branches of the butterfly bush 
are bending down but,
 at this point,
 Mother Nature is being kind
 and they will return 
to their graceful ways 
when she is through 
with them.

The crepe myrtle 
is made of stronger stock 
so it can hold the weight 
of all this beauty
 as it plays over
 her branches.

My new camera
 has a larger lens
 so I can take clear photos 
from a distance 
such as the one, above, 
through the
 kitchen window.

This is what my world was like
 at 7:30 Sunday morning. 

 By 11:30, 
the sun had come out 
and most of the snow was melting. 
 It stayed very cold, however, 
and throughout the day
 we had a difference of opinion 
between the 
snow, hail, rain, and sun.  
No one seemed 
to come out as
 the winner.

Throughout the night
 it remained cold and icy 
and now the frost
 is on the pumpkin...

...and even though
 this event was of great enjoyment,
 we still have high hopes 
that the harbingers of spring 
are not far behind...

...and for some,
 until then, 
a quiet spot before the fire 
will do just fine, 
thank you very much!


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Tuesday, February 12, 2019


the photo above usually sets the scene
 when the title question
 of this post is asked, 
but today 
it means something 
very different.

What it means today is: 
 Isn't it 
Valentines Day

For such a short month, 
February is turning out 
to seem like a very long time! 

I will admit, however, 
that I did start our
 Valentines celebration
 a little early...

...the first posting 
reminded us of the garland 
and how it had looked before...

...the second posting 
showed the planning 
that goes into 
a labor of love...

...and in the third posting 
you could find beauty 
through gray skies
 if you looked hard enough.

we are at the fourth posting
 and it still isn't Valentines Day.

 Not until
 two days from now 
will we reach that 
auspicious occasion.

since I won't be here then,
 I will show you, today, 
what I am fixing for
 the love of my life
 for his special 
Valentines Day dinner.

The candles are lit,
 the wine has been poured 
and the mood has been set...

...and now the food 
has been served.

 A porterhouse steak (for two), 
baked potatoes, 
fresh green beans and...

...fresh fruit 
to be enjoyed 
as a salad 
or as a sweet ending 
to the meal.

But, the puzzle remains:

 Since there is still 
two days remaining 
until Valentines Day, 
was the meal cooked ahead 
for a photo opp only, 
and then consumed 
at a later date, 
or was the day 
celebrated ahead of time?
If you answered 
"a little of both",
 you might be right.

 In actuality, 
the Captain had 
two teeth pulled on Friday
 and we didn't know
 how long before 
he would be able to eat 
anything of substance.


"If apples were pears
And peaches were plums
And the rose had a different name
If tigers were bears
And fingers were thumbs
I'd love you just the same."



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