Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Officially fall has arrived. 

 Even though there are little signs of it so far, 

the weather is the first to tell the tale. 

 Our days are still sunny and bright but the nights have turned considerably cooler. 

 Our porch sitting in the evenings,

 while Rugby and Robin prepare for bedtime,

 is requiring another layer of warmth 

each time we take to the rocking chairs.

Things are slowly moving towards normal around here.  

Not to the tune of the old normal 

but to the excitement of things to come. 

 By excitement I mean 

when one of us drags the vacuum out of the closet. 

 Big things will be accomplished!

Healthwise, we are both doing well. 

 I still have back issues and my eyes are improving 

week by week.  

The Captain's sciatica has quieted down

 but he has to be careful

 that he doesn't do anything to aggravate his back issues. 

 All in all, we are able to keep up

 our TV viewing in fine spirits. 

"Suits", on Netflix, is our show of choice right now

 and it is a good one.

As promised:

  Bean was their ring bearer/flower girl. 

 It appears that she took her job seriously.

I promised you pictures of Jake's and Jacenda's wedding and we just got some.  

It was a beautiful ceremony 

and the memories will be so special. 

 I have ordered prints and can't wait to pick out

 some pretty frames to display them in...

...I ordered this one as a canvas print 

and it turned out so well. 

 I just happened to have this frame that it fits in. 

 This frame is just made out of plastic

 but is really pretty and doesn't look like it. 

 I use it for a number of different decor situations 

so this is temporary

 but I loved it placed on the fall mantel.

Speaking of which, I haven't done much fall decorating 

but I did get to the parlor mantel 

so wanted to share that with you now.

Hope you are all well 

and enjoying some wonderful autumn weather.  

We just got the first of our winter flu shots...

(Another bit of excitement.)

Until next time, my friends.


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