Tuesday, September 26, 2017


has finally arrived.

 The fires are lit and 
we are settling in
 for some comfortable time.

 The leaves are not quite turning yet,
 but there is a nip in the air
 even though the sun is
 still shining.

The Secret Garden 
is the first to
 come to the party.
These leaves have been falling
 well before the calendar
 said it was time.

 The squirrels will soon be 
scurrying along the limbs 
of the walnut tree, 
with visions of a 
long, cold winter in view.

 We will sit a little longer 
on the screened porch and 
watch their antics, 
but not before
 being wrapped up
 in woolie blankets.

Here are a few more 
nooks and crannies 
that have taken on 
the colors of autumn 
in the Cottage...

...and a front porch welcome
 to all who come 
through the gate...

The guest room 
is decorated 
with a nod to contradiction.

  Last week
 I said that the 
earthy, warm colors of autumn 
were my favorites.
  While that is the truth,
 our guest room, 
decorated in shades of 
green, pink and soft lavender, 
simply needs 
the softer side.

 Nothing much is changed 
from the ordinary, 
except the addition of 
one of the affordable pillows 
that I keep adding
 to my collection...

  This one made of a 
silky material 
with colors that celebrate the season 
but don't compete 
with the basic style 
of the room
 and came with a price tag of 
between two and three dollars...

...and instead of 
fresh flowers 
that I normally place on the nightstand,
 I fashioned a tree of green leaves.

  I pinned leaves 
from the garden 
to a tall cone.

 They become a little drier each day 
and add a feeling of the harvest 
that is soon to come.

 Along with a small white pumpkin 
this is my contribution to 
the softer side 
of autumn.

The newest little chicken 
has gotten into the act.

 Posing with a new kitchen towel
 that nods toward 
what is coming 
to the Cottage
 next week

...along with another cute pillow 
that tells the tale 
of what you can expect
 BetWEen the MoONliGhT 
and the MaJiC...


Here is your standing invitation 
for the month of October 
when the Cottage Witch 
will welcome you with open arms.

 Come into her embrace.......if you dare!


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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I love this time of year. 
 It always is a delight to the senses.
  The changes in nature 
are spectacular 
and after a long hot summer, 
the air is cooler 
and we are more relaxed 
in our own skin.

There is something about
 the colors of autumn 
that, to me, are 
exciting and relaxing at the same time. 

 There are times throughout the year
 that I yearn for the 
earthy and warmer tones.

 Since blogging, 
I have come to admire
 the cooler side of autumn 
that so many of our friends 
beautifully display 
but, still, my heart 
goes back to the pure, jewel tones 
that have always been 
so comforting
 to me.

More than any room 
at the Cottage, 
the dining room is testament to that.

 I love the warmth of
 the barn red walls,
 set off by the 
lighter original millwork and wainscotting.

  The primitive feel of the room
 is comforting
 and when lit by candles, 
I am taken back
 to the early years of 
Victoria magazine 
and their beautiful photography
 that is unmatched 
by any others, 
in my opinion.

The table has been set for two 
where a large feast 
or an impromptu snack
 can be taken. 

 The china, stemware, napkins, chargers, etc.
 have all been accumulated 
over time
 from various sources
 garage sales, Pier One, Home Goods, Target
 and numerous thrift stores. 
 Neither expensive or fine,
 all just well loved.

The centerpiece
 which runs the length of 
the old miner's table 
consists of 
Heavenly Bamboo leaves from the garden,
 grapevine pumpkins, 
candles and a sprinkling of
 pinecones and tiny resin pumpkins. 
 Nothing too thought out.

Other small touches 
around the Cottage 

...and these 
favored colors of autumn 
are what make me
 feel at home.

Have a wonderful week.


Only two more weeks until.....

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


You saw this 
proud and puffed character
 last week 
where he graces the 
entry of
 Gold Country Cottage...

...soon after he appeared 
a flock of his cousins flew in,
 landing on the parlor mantle.

 Funny how that happens!

They sat up home
 on twigs from the garden's
crepe myrtle tree.

  Some eerie lighting,
 along with a little of this and that, 
and the parlor is set 
to welcome 
the Cottage Witch 
when she steps out 
BeTwEEn the MoONligHt and the MaJiC.

Speaking of a flock of cousins, 
a few congregated in Monterey 
this past weekend 
to celebrate a reunion 
from my mother's side of our family. 
 Some hadn't seen each other 
for a very 
long time.

First Cousins Club

We had such a great time. 

 The weather was beautiful, 
we looked at old pictures,
 ate good food and 
thoroughly enjoyed the company.

  An event that should not be
 put off
 for such a long time 
ever again.


Your tea awaits,
 dear friend!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Bunch of Ramblings...

"If all the cars
 in the United States 
were placed end to end,
 it would probably be
 Labor Day weekend".

Doug Larson

That might be the case most years, 
but probably not this past Labor Day.

 With the devastation in
 Texas and Louisiana, 
and the huge fire burning around 
Los Angeles,
 there would surely be 
other things on most folk's minds 
than a get-away.

  Now with Hurricane Irma 
bearing down on Florida 
how much more 
can these poor people stand?
The support given 
by all the first responders 
and the volunteering of private citizens 
from all over, 
is truly an effort of angels.

 Years will pass 
before everything can be
 put to rights and 
some of their life's blood 
can never be replaced. 

 We must do what we can 
for all of our neighbors,
 in good times and in bad.

 We are all family,
 after all.

We did not 
leave the house this Labor Day.

  Well, maybe, I did once.
  To capture this crow 
in a cloche...

...and to rescue this beauty 
from Michael's.

 He is so creepy,
 yet at the same time beautiful, 
that it was all I could do
 to carry him to the check stand.

 since I truly cannot abide 
anything with wings, 
except angels,
 do I continually have 
this fixation with birds?

 I only know
 that I am preparing for 
the return of the Cottage Witch 
in a few weeks 
and these obnoxious creatures
 are much a part of that.

 In the vein of normalcy, 
I will call your attention to
 the pear I made
 from a light bulb 
and some bits of twine.

If that can be 
called normal!

I have set a few 
other baubels 
pertaining to Halloween 
in the entry hall

... an early autumn bouquet, 
in a cute little jug from Home Goods,
 on the wagon. 
No pun intended!

I picked a few
 of the Chinese Lanterns 
that were getting too tall
 to stand upright in the garden 
and Goatzie accessorized them 
with a haul of oranges 
in his cart.
As the title of this post implies, 
this is just a bunch of ramblings 
that seem to happen 
when I can't think of 
anything else to write about.

  The fire near us 
is about 90% contained
 so hope there are no more, 
but the chances of that
 are much greater 
with this horrid heat
 we are still having.

  Whatever you are going through,
 stay safe,
 and healthy.

Fall is on the way!


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