Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Times have been hard 
for the fairies 
these past few years. 

 What with the drought, 
they were not able to find 
many of their usual haunts
 in pristine condition.

 The mossy banks
 had dried up and 
the flowers that were their life blood
 did not thrive in 
such dry conditions.

the rains came 
but flooding was a big concern
 and the fairies are not known
 for their swimming abilities.
When winter was over
 and summer began, 
hopes were high.
the hot, scorching sun,
 made it almost impossible to
 realize a time 
when fairies, or humans,
 would be able to 
get back to the lives 
they loved.

  Until now...

With the spirit 
of Mary Lennox in mind,
 the humans in this story,
 along with their
 ever faithful apprentice, 
sucked it up
 and started the renovation of 
the Secret Garden.

  Always mindful of
 bad backs and aching joints, 
they persevered and 
were able to put it to rights
in short order. 

 (Well, that depends on whom you talk to)...

...not only did 
the Secret Garden
get an overhaul...

...so did 
the screened porch.

A new carpet 
of pea gravel
 was laid down,
 pretty little flowers
 were added to the pots and 
the fountain 
found a new calling 
as a planter...

...and Dickon 
would be happy to see 
that the animals 
have come once again
 to grace the garden and 
to drive away any predators 
that might be lurking around
 that could be harmful 
to the fairies.

The screened porch, 
or Summer Place,
 as it is called, 
got a good dusting and sweeping...

...the "starry sky" 
at night, 
looks bright and twinkly...

...fresh flowers, 
a pretty tea set and
 a new pillow...

...make the little bistro set
 look charming and ready 
for a shady spot of rest
 in the afternoon...

...or a dessert destination 
in the evening.

As a fairy peeks out 
from behind the door,
 a soft breeze 
moves the chimes and 
in the dappled shade 
of the old Twisted Tree, 
she begins 
to dance...

...moments later,
 the other fairies 
come out
 to join her...

...and if a human is lurking
 around the corner, 
you might hear a faint
 "Kaizie, the fairies are dancing" 
and seemingly out of nowhere, 
and every single time,
 a little black dog 
comes running to watch.

This little black dog 
has many quirks 
but one of the most endearing 
is the way his back legs 
start by his side
 in a seated position 
and, bit by bit,
 start to slide out
 to each side.

  This reminds one 
of a little frog and 
has earned him the nickname of 
the Little Frog Prince.

It is a celebration
 in the Secret Garden 
that has been 
a few years in the making
 and hopefully,
 the fairies,
 along with the Little Frog Prince
 and the humans,
 will enjoy it for 
many years 
to come.

"If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden."

Frances Hodgson Burnett
"The Secret Garden"


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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


all for your supportive 
thoughts and comments
 this past week. 

 In case you missed the post.

is on the road to recovery and 
Jake is nursing
 some sore muscles
 that he didn't 
even know 
he had...

...after 2 days 
and 39.3 miles 
of hilly 
San Francisco 

...he crossed 
the finish line and 
still had a 
on his 

for doing this 
for your mom.

 We are
 so proud 
of you.


 had some dental surgery 
this past week.

 He had a few teeth pulled and 
some gum work done.

 It was pretty painful for awhile
 but he had pain meds and
 they seemed to help the problem.

 He also had a lump removed
 from his inner leg
 which proved to be 
just fatty tissue 
but he did have a few stitches 
and was sent home with 
the cone of shame.

So far 
he has been a good boy and 
has left his stitches alone so,
 for the time being, 
his friend, Teddy, 
is using it
 for a hat.


There have been
 whisperings and small sightings
 of the fairies
 that live at the bottom of 
the Twisted Tree.

 That may mean 
that the Magic is
 about to happen in 
the Secret Garden.

Next week, 
do you think?

THANK YOU everyone again.


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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I hate to start this post off
 with a note of sadness,
 but this is kind of how
 the past few weeks have been.

 Tim, Tami and Jake 
lost their golden, Cruzer, 
to stomach cancer. 

 He was a 
big, goofy, beautiful and good boy, 
and he will be 
missed so much.

As if that wasn't enough, 
a few days after his passing, 
Tami experienced 
some heart problems.

She and Tim 
were working around the house
 when her heart 
started beating so fast
 they were unable
 to get a reading on
 their home BP monitor.

When sitting in a chair,
 she said it felt like the chair 
was coming through her back and 
she could see the beating 
of her heart 
through her shirt.

Tim took her to the ER 
where they were finally able 
to get a reading of 258 beats per minute.

 It finally settled back
 into normal range
 and they called in a cardiologist.

 She performed an ultrasound 
and discovered some fluid
 around the heart 
which may have been the result of
 the heart's beating 
so hard and fast and
 caused it to rupture 
a small amount.

She was diagnosed with
 arterial flutter.

An appointment was set up for her 
at a hospital in Redwood City
 to perform an ablasion, 
which she had last Wednesday.

 If you are not familiar with that word, 
in simple layman terms,
it is a procedure 
where they poke a wire through 
a small hole in a vein
 in the groin area and 
run it up 
into the heart.

When they find
 where the flutter is 
they fix it
 and you are as good as new.

 It is quite a common condition 
that millions of people have.

 As I have stated, 
this procedure,
 with the spelling and content, 
is purely in my words.
 I don't have the expertise
 to state it logically but
 I hope you can get the idea.

 They are watching the fluid, 
making sure it doesn't get any bigger 
and expect it to clear up,
on its own, 
over time.

As many of you know, 
Tami is a fourteen year survivor
 of breast cancer.

 Every year, 
for the past fourteen, 
she has raised money to walk 
in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk
 in San Francisco.

Over the past thirteen years
 she has raised a total of $23,400 
and this year she added $2,200 
to that amount.

 It is her way of honoring 
all men and women
 that have been hit by 
this horrible disease and 
to give "C"
 a hard kick 
in the ass!...

...except this year 
she won't be able to 
as the walk is this coming weekend
 and it is too soon for her 
to be attacking 
the hills of San Francisco
 as she usually does,
 and you have to know Tami, 
she never does 

Needless to say,
 she is more than disappointed
 that she won't be able to walk.
 She is concerned that 
she would be letting down 
all the ones who donated 
to the cause.
 Even though 
most would never know 
that she couldn't walk,
 she would know.

 But here is where
 a bit of brightness
 comes into the whole picture.

 is going 
to walk 
for her.

You all know that
 I brag about Jake 
as often as I can.
I am not apologizing for that at all. 
 It is just a fact
 of who he is.

I have never been as proud 
as I am in this instance.

 Pure and simple,
 his mother is devastated and
 he is stepping in 
to make it right 
for her.

life is a journey and 
we are so proud of your family and 
glad that this part of your journey
 is coming to an end and
 looking forward 
to the best 
that is yet 
to be.

...Mom and Dad...

Hope you all 
are having the best
 Fourth of July 

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