Tuesday, September 29, 2020



 I haven't taken a fall 
in the dining room...at least, not yet.

 Because we are staying 
at home more these days, 
I feel we should make our homes
 as comfortable as we can. 
 When the weather changes and 
we become more inclined to tuck in,
  that is when the comfort comes out.

 Whether you decorate in all white,
 the softer tones of fall,
 or the brighter and more
 earthy colors of the season, 
let comfort be your guide and 
then sit back and enjoy 
all that you have accomplished. 

 It so happens 
that the dining room is
 the only room left in the Cottage 
that still has plans 
for some autumn decorations so,
 I guess,
 you are stuck with 
seeing the preparations 
this week.

As you walk into the Cottage, 
you are surrounded by cooler colors 
with the use of blue. 
 Because there is no central hall,
 you must walk through each room 
to get to another. 
The dining room seems to be 
at the heart of the home,
 as it is right in the middle.
 I don't know if that is the reason,
 but it is here 
that the fall colors, of my choice, seem 
to come together. 
This was not a proper plan,
 it is just how it turned out.   

I didn't actually forget 
to take some Christmas decor 
down from last year.  
I just decided that 
since the dining room always seems 
to have her 
patriotic spirit showing 
during the holidays 
that she should carry on 
throughout the year. 
 I also think 
the Santas are pretty darn cute and
 deserve to be seen 
for awhile longer...

...right along with
 Bitty Morsel and Gertie 
who are still, today and everyday,
 filling their wagon
 with their wares 
for the good of all.

As long as we are discussing 
Bitty and Gertie, 
I have been racking my brain 
to think if the Cottage Witch 
will make the journey
 here to the Cottage this year.
  I don't think she will 
as when you are over 200 years old
 you shouldn't be exposing yourself 
to what is going on now. 
 That would be what is called
 a pre-existing condition!
I know for a fact
 that there will be no 
trick or treating here 
this year either.

Even though,
 during the day, 
there is still sunlight reflecting 
through the lace curtains...

  ...the Cottage will remain dark.
 I feel so badly for the little kids 
but if my kids were of that age,
 I wouldn't want them 
going to strange houses at this time. 
 In my opinion 
there are times when 
the adults have to take charge and
 this should be one of those times.

The old settle bench 
sits proudly displaying 
a collection of dried gatherings and
 bright pillows 
highlighted by the reflection 
of candle light...

...and as the limelight hydrangeas 
are ripe for picking they, 
and some dried pieces,
 fill a spongeware pitcher
in front of
 the window.

A collection of hutches, 
big and small, 
show off their 
autumn finery.

The table is done 
in a more simple style.

  As there will be 
no family gathering here this year, 
the fall garland
 can take up as much space as it wants...

 ...along with some dried flowers 
from last year and
a sprinkling of tiny candles.  

The yarn and twig wreath
 just doesn't seem the same 
without the addition of autumn leaves, 
so same idea,
 different leaves
 this time.

Enjoy nicer weather,
 if you are lucky enough to have it and 
I will leave you with 
these thoughts...

peaceful puppies 

Keep in mind that now,
 more than ever,
 you need to protect yourself
 against Covid-19.

 If you are unfortunate enough
 to get sick,
 than you could more than likely
  be considered 
as having a pre-existing condition and 
this is not being said
 as a scare tactic,
 it is a very 
real possibility.


  Be Smart. 
 Stay Well. 
 Wear a mask 



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Tuesday, September 22, 2020


The First Day of Fall...

It's funny how life goes. 
 You can be moving along 
just as smoothly as can be and...
it can all change in an instant. 
 Because that seems to be
 how things are going around here. 
 I find myself looking back
 to when all was good. 
 For me 
that seems to be one year ago. 
 Speak about one year and 
that seems like
 a far away place but,
 think back to what you were doing 
one year ago and
 it seems like you 
were just doing 
it yesterday.

I received a catalog 
in the mail yesterday. 
 Seeing Christmas items
 makes me yearn for
 my annual birthday trip to Home Goods,
 where I started collecting
 some new Christmas goodies.  
I know I can
 do that all on line but
 it just isn't 
the same.



One year ago,
 I was decorating
 the kitchen for autumn. 
 This year, 
I am doing the same and
 with all of the same stuff.
  I'm trying to mix it up a bit
 so it will seem 
that all is new again but, 
I know it will be hard
 to fool discerning eyes.



I know I stated last year 
that I was trying to use 
less and make it seem like enough, 
but I don't think
 I really accomplished that. 
 I am saying here and now 
that I will try it again and 
I think I just might make it.
  When trying to use 
the same decorations over again, 
it can get to be 
a bit much
 even for me.

Things look pretty much the same
 in the kitchen area
 as the rest of the year. 
 The little touch of elegance
 with velvet pumpkins on a tiny wreath 
in the window and
 the offering of the olive branch 
seems to be enough
 to celebrate the season
 on one side of 
the sink...

...and an old cutting board
 lined up on the other side
 with a pair of chickens 
making the farmhouse sign look legit.

 You saw Ikea Little Sister last week, 
but now she is sporting 
an old scarecrow 
holding the seasonal offerings.

Believe it or not 
it is a little cool 
in the mornings and
 that makes your first cup of coffee
 special when
 sitting by the fire.

 Another artistic endeavor 
on the black board 
in the spirit of
 the season.



Just add 
another dried up wreath and 
the Ikea Big Sister
 is looking good 
for another year.



using much of the same stuff 
just turns out 
looking quite a
 bit different.  

I normally like to keep
 a candle on the stovetop
 this time of year, 
especially one that smells 
like apple pie baking in the oven. 
 This fall,
 I don't have one,
 another downfall of the Coronavirus,
 but I do have 
one called Inner Peace.
  A very soft and calming scent and
 something that we need 
to be reminded of 
so much now
 in these times.



So there you have 
another year under our belts.  
A very different year today,
 but still seems 
just like 


Did you notice that 
I have a new header style? 
 I didn't do it,
 I don't know how it got there. 
 One day I was loving 
my big red tomato and
 the next it was gone. 
 I'm guessing Blogger did it. 
It's not that I dislike it, 
except for the pictures 
not being big enough,
 but how can they do it
 without my permission? 
 I can see changing 
the style of the format 
that we are used to using,
 but not taking our 
actual photos and changing them. 
 If anyone knows the answer 
would you please explain it to me? 
I notice that this is all we have now, 
the old has been taken away. 
There are things 
that I like about it, and 
there are things
 that just seem ridiculous and 
have no apparent reason 
Is it just me?

Stay smart, stay well and remember:

In order to protect me and 
all my friends, 
please wear a mask.

If you are someone 
who reads this blog (and I thank you for that)
 and who, along with your friends, 
does not believe in wearing masks, 
do you understand 
that if the ones around you 
do not wear masks,
 then you are not protected?
 It is only a 
precaution against Covid and 
nothing about 
taking away your civil liberties!

It is a 
soft and beautiful first day of fall
 here in my neighborhood and 
as I sit on my porch 
enjoying the benefits of it, 
I have to remember 
the 200,000 lives that have been lost.

 Just because 
I didn't know any of those people
 does not make their lives
 any less important
 than my own or yours.

 There is not going to be 
a vaccine anytime soon,
 so if we all 
want to get back to whatever 
we think of as normal, 
wear a mask!

  Thank you!


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