Tuesday, April 18, 2023


"Wait till the sun shines, Nellie

And the clouds go drifting by...

Lyrics by Andrew B. Sterling, 1905

A few perfect sun shiney smiles 
from the garden.

We are all much happier

 when the sun shines, don't you think?  

I know I am

 and here at our cozy little Cottage

 spring has truly arrived and the sun is shining brightly.

This has been a long, hard winter

 and who knows if it is really over, 

but we are living in the moment 

and loving the heck out of it!

The Cottage parlor is smiling again after many years of being out of the sunlight.  

At the time we moved into the Cottage, 

the Captain had refinished 

the original fir flooring in the parlor.  

Then, for some odd reason

 that we don't even remember now, 

we decided to cover up 

all that lovely patina with carpeting.

I had forgotten how beautiful 

the floor looked 

and now it can really shine again...

Tami and Tim gifted me
 this sweet little line of birds
 and if appears that 
they were made to sing brightly 
from this very spot.

We moved the two blue arm chairs from the sitting room into the parlor.

  I like the space they take up

 and, of course,

 the color is just right.

This old house that

 came into existence so long ago 

has its very own personality 

and the more we try to update it,

 the more we are finding 

that our first instincts

 were the best instincts.

 The Captain and Rugby are out in the garden weed hunting

 but Robin stayed inside, 

forever Mama's little helper.

Today there is a pot of spaghetti 

cooking on the stove 

and pavlova for dessert.

"Wait till the sun shines, Nellie,

We'll be so happy, Nellie

You and I".

Happy days full of sunshine

 to all of you,

 my friends.


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