Tuesday, October 24, 2023



 I haven't done much fall 

decorating this year. 

 I did happen to find myself in the $ Store for the first time in a couple of years 

and saw these really cute little plates.  

I had the larger dinner plates for some years that happened to be also

 from the $ Store.  

I put them together with 

napkins and place mats

 that I have had for a long while

 and with bits and pieces of 

autumnal fruit and fauna...


...it is a charming spot for
 dinner for two.

A couple of other spots

 where fall peeks out 

but that is about the extent of 

autumn in the kitchen.

We had to get a new refrigerator.  

Ours went out a couple of months ago 

and we called a repairman. 

 We had to pay him up front 

for the service call 

and before we could even 

get the appointment, 

the old girl started working again. 

 He said that there was nothing wrong 

but, if there was,

 between the cost of another service call, the part that was defective 

and his wages, 

it would probably be cheaper 

to buy a new one.  

She lasted about another month 

and the same thing happened 

so we took his advice 

and bought a new one. 

 I got rid of the stainless steel 

and just got a plain Jane white one. 

 It is a little smaller than the old one

 but big enough for us 

and I love how it looks 

very old fashioned 

and fits in with the look of the kitchen. 

 The biggest appeal is that

 I don't have to 

clean fingerprints any more.  

I had to share the beautiful orchid

 that the kids sent up for our anniversary.

  It is absolutely gorgeous

 and so far it is doing well.

 Of course, it has only been

 a couple of weeks so fingers crossed. 

 A few new buds have already opened up.

The scale of it is quite large.

I hope you all are enjoying 

this beautiful season so far. 

 Our weather has been wonderful 

but it is steadily getting colder.

What a great transition. 

 The Captain gets mad at me,

 but I can't help feeling 

Christmas in the air.

In between our lovely autumn days 

we had a little rain storm. 

 Just enough to make the garden happy

and to justify a home-made and hot,

 creamy bowl of cauliflower soup

 topped with crushed Ritz crackers 

and cheddar cheese. 

 So good!

Until next time..


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