Tuesday, October 16, 2018


You've met Bitty Morsel
She's been around for awhile

She is sweet in demeanor
And she has such grand style

No unkind words does she speak
No thoughts without grace

She is truly a friend
And she knows her own place

Because she steps out
With nary a care

Some say she is stuck up
With her nose in the air

But all of us know
Indeed, for a fact,

With all her good qualities

She still is a rat!

...The Cottage Witch...

Some days...
You just have to
Put on the hat
To remind them
Who they are
Dealing with.

Author Unknown

(But, it really is just me..
Little Bitty Morsel)

 I love Bitty Morsel
Truly I do
That is the reason
I love to share her with you 
and if you will allow me, please, 
stay turned for a very special bonus....

A very thoughtful 
and truly amazing

A very dear friend
Sent me a box

That was wrapped up
As pretty could be

When I opened the card
Which showed me her name

I knew she was meant
Just for me

She is graceful and tall
But, bent over from age

And her apron
 Has seen better days

But Bitty Morsel and I 
Knew right away

That we were truly amazed

She is called Gertie
And she came as a gift

And both Bitty and I
Knew from the start

The person whose hands
 Wrapped and chose
 Her with care

Did so with a 
Very big heart.

 (Thank you so much 
my dear Kris.. 
You know that we 
absolutely love her)

Gertie and Bitty: Friends of the Heart

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018


There was an old crow

Who had a big heart

But when push came to shove

She was not very smart

There was an old crow

Who wore touches of lace

But when she opened her mouth

It was just a disgrace

There was an old crow

With a tall stovepipe hat

Because she carried a flag

She thought she was all that

There was an old crow

Who was shiny and bright

And she was straight as an arrow

When she took flight

There were two old crows

That sat on a pie

One said she was sweet

The other..."Not I"

I hope you enjoyed

This small murder of crows

And when you saw 'murder'

What did you suppose

That they would finally come

To a horrible end


It just means they are

Part of a group

And are really 

Just friends.

...The Cottage Witch...

Cauldrons bubble
Broomsticks twitch
What a night
To be a witch.

Rusty Fischer

My dad and his sister circa 1916
As you can see, witchiness runs in the family!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018


When the autumn leaves fall down
And the berries on the bush turn brown

That is when the Old Cottage Witch
Comes back to town.

Please sing along with me,
 and the spirit of Bobby Darin,
 as we welcome her back 
to BeTWeen the MooNliGht and the MaJic,
 to the tune of 
Mac the Knife:

Here we go...

Oh, the rats bite

And the crows flight

And the autumn leaves 
fall down

When the night falls

And the moon shines

That means the Witch is
 back in town

With Bitty Morsel, Old Witch Hazel

Sara Jane and Baby Boo

Oh yeah, the fright forms
 on the right, dear

And all the stories will 
come true

So be careful
When the time comes

MooNlIghT and MaJIc shall abound

And there will be no 
way around it

The Cottage Witch is 
back in town.

And so,
 my pretties,
 begins our month long journey 
BeTwEen the MooNLigHt and the MajIC. 

 I hope you have 
a safe and fun trip

and will join us
 at the Cottage
 each week.

The Cottage Witch

Pumpkins fat and witches lean
Coal black cats with eyes of green
By all the magic ever seen
We wish you luck
This Halloween

Author Unknown

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