Tuesday, October 30, 2018


That very old woman
That was just here last week
Has now come and gone
And her story is bittersweet

We were happy to have her
As long as we did
But the time might have come
For her to give up her gig

It's not that her mind
Can't keep up with the rhymes
It's only so much she can do
In such a short time

But, some would say,
Since most was thought up in a day
That she is selling herself short..
That be as it may

From this year to next
Is a very long time
And this little old woman
She could change her mind

Dear Friends,

I want to thank 
each and every one
 for your kind comments and for
 maybe a few laughs.

 This has been fun 
but I
 (and by that I mean the Cottage Witch)
 might be running out of ideas 
and if so, 
I would hate to have those comments
 not seem as special 
as they once were.

 I know Halloween
 is not a special thing 
for a lot of you 
and I hope I haven't offended anyone.

 I have tried to make it fun, 
minus the scary, 
and hope that I have succeeded.
It is fun for me 
to try to make the photos 
correspond with each poem 
and I will admit 
that I do have more fun with it 
than almost anyone else.

 We shall see, what we shall see. 

 As far as next year goes, 
I think the Cottage Witch 
will be put up on the shelf, 
not out in the open 
like Bitty Morsel and Gertie.
(Those two have become so close 
that you almost can't tell WHICH IS WITCH)  

 But as the story goes,
 this little old woman
 could change her mind,
 and, no matter what,
 I don't believe that
 BeTweEn the MiDnIghT and the MAjIc
 will ever stop 
and with all that being said 
I want to wish
 each and everyone a
 Happy Halloween.

...The Cottage Witch...

Do not judge my path
You haven't walked in my shoes...
Or ridden my broom.

A.M. Galdorcraeft

"Oh, twitch, I forgot to change my hat!"

Oh, Wait...

Just when you think it's over
Look around and you will find
Here she is again
In all her glory...

...and she has got 
Christmas on her mind.

But first, we will take a peek at a Home for the Harvest
starting next week.  

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Many centuries ago, 
when women were thought to have
 only one purpose in the world,
 a young lady 
walked the earth 
until her boots were covered in dust
 and mostly worn through,
 to peddle a dream 
that she had held 
all of her life...

She walked over mountains 
and along snaking streams, 
knocking on doors 
to peddle her dreams. 
 As she became older,
 and older she got,
 she was about to give up
 until that one 
infamous knock...

And many centuries later - now -
You know the rest of the story:

A very old woman 
Walked up to the door
What did she want
What was she here for

The talk in the neighborhood
That was going around
Was of ghosts and goblins
But not a one could be found

The streets were all empty
The windows gone black
The doors were all closed
And the curtains hung slack

No one wanted to know
Why the old woman was there
She had once come so often
Now, no one listened or cared

Until at one certain cottage
The door opened a creak
And a small, tiny figure
Spoke out with a shriek

I'm so happy to meet you
I've been waiting awhile
Come in, have some tea
And I'll make your
 Journey worthwhile

I want to be like you
And fill your old shoes
I think we can do it
If we so choose

I know you have tried
This idea in the past
But it's time for a new one
One that might last

There could be candy and games
Some tricks and some treats
Everyone could wear costumes
As they walk down the streets

The Old Woman
Even though she was weary
Took the girl by the hand
And looked through eyes that were teary

She told her of dreams
 she had dreamed in the past
But was so afraid
 that the dreams would not last

Until she happened along
 this very dark night
To a small little cottage
 that held so much light

And that
My dear friends
Is how on one very dark night
The Halloween Story
Came to take flight

Now on one night a year
If you look up to the sky
You will see specters on broomsticks
As they go flying by

And thanks to a little girl
From so long ago
An Old Woman's dream
Was heard and made so

...The Cottage Witch...

Shadows of a thousand years
Rise again unseen,
Voices whisper in the trees
'Tis nye on Halloween.

Dexter Kozen

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


You've met Bitty Morsel
She's been around for awhile

She is sweet in demeanor
And she has such grand style

No unkind words does she speak
No thoughts without grace

She is truly a friend
And she knows her own place

Because she steps out
With nary a care

Some say she is stuck up
With her nose in the air

But all of us know
Indeed, for a fact,

With all her good qualities

She still is a rat!

...The Cottage Witch...

Some days...
You just have to
Put on the hat
To remind them
Who they are
Dealing with.

Author Unknown

(But, it really is just me..
Little Bitty Morsel)

 I love Bitty Morsel
Truly I do
That is the reason
I love to share her with you 
and if you will allow me, please, 
stay turned for a very special bonus....

A very thoughtful 
and truly amazing

A very dear friend
Sent me a box

That was wrapped up
As pretty could be

When I opened the card
Which showed me her name

I knew she was meant
Just for me

She is graceful and tall
But, bent over from age

And her apron
 Has seen better days

But Bitty Morsel and I 
Knew right away

That we were truly amazed

She is called Gertie
And she came as a gift

And both Bitty and I
Knew from the start

The person whose hands
 Wrapped and chose
 Her with care

Did so with a 
Very big heart.

 (Thank you so much 
my dear Kris.. 
You know that we 
absolutely love her)

Gertie and Bitty: Friends of the Heart

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