Tuesday, September 28, 2021



Autumn is actually here and what a treat. 

 Most of us have been anxious for this day

 and now let us just enjoy it. 

 Already the Christmas magazines

 are hitting the news stands

and while I will admit 

that I have already pulled some out of the many I have hoarded over the years 

and have begun dreaming, 

in the clear light of day 

I am paying close attention to fall.

This week the spot light 

is on the sitting room.

  I did mention to someone that I am not putting as much out this year

 and even though it appears 

that I might be telling a little white lie,

 I'm really not.  
There are still full boxes of decorations 
that I didn't even open.
  Maybe I will make good 
on the promise to myself
 of giving some up this year
 but, then again, 
that might continue to be
 a hopeless task.

The same old tried and true

 oversized flower arrangement 

is stuck into a different vessel.  

The addition of sprigs 

of little velvet pumpkins

 along with amber glassware 

make it autumn worthy.

It appears that the farm truck 

just backed up and dumped 

a few velvet pumpkins. 

 There is no rhyme or reason 

as to the styling, 

just displaying their elegance 

without taking themselves too seriously.

The shelf over the sofa is 

basically the same as last year.  

A new painted quilt square

 blends in with the paint-by-number art

 and a tiny velvet pumpkin 

managed to escape the chaos

 over on the sideboard.

My great-grandmother's pieced quilt top

 adorns the back of the sofa

 and the pillows all blend into

 the colors of the season 

while an arrangement of

 hydrangeas and ivy,

 freshly picked 

from the ending summer garden, 

sits on the wagon.

Jacenda is now working 
at the VA hospital 
and she is impressed and liking it so far. 
She will be spending time 
in different departments,
 all associated with the hospital, 
learning the job in each one 
and then moving onto the next. 
 After a certain amount of time
 she will be able to pick her preference
 and stay in that position. 
She and Jake are doing well 
and have already started
 to add to their little family...

...meet Bean,
 our new little great-grand dogger.
 She is a Boston Terrier 
and is nine weeks old. 
 They will be traveling 
to Oregon this weekend 
to pick her up. 
 We are anxious to meet her.
She looks very sweet 
and I love her already.

When we first took up residence
 in the Cottage
 over 30 years ago, 
most of the people that we met
 knew and remembered 
Miss Elizabeth Garland. 
 She was an elementary school teacher and the first lady of the Cottage. 
 She was soft spoken and practical, 
and she dwelled here for many years
 with a loving heart. 
 I have felt her presence many times 
but for the first time, the other evening,
 I was privileged to see her.

I was in the sitting room, 

looking into the parlor,

 and there her reflection appeared in a framed painting on the wall. 

 I stared at it for quite awhile, 

until I could be certain. 

 I was amazed at how clear she looked,

 her gown befitting someone dressed 

for a special occasion.

Now, someone more practical than I 

might argue it was just the reflection of a lamp from across the room, 

but I know what I saw 

and now it is clear to me 

that it is true that voices from the past

 do linger on in an old Cottage. 

 There are always secrets to be heard 

and memories to share.

I hope you will all
 enjoy the beautiful fall days 
to come.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2021



"Autumn mornings
Sunshine and crisp air,
Birds and calmness,
Year's end and
Day's beginnings."

Terri Guillemets

Tomorrow is the actual start of fall.  

Throughout the next few weeks, 

I would like to invite you all to visualize

 a grand tour through the Cottage, decked out in full autumn dress. 

 Starting with the entry and moving into the parlor, 

we will try to show you how 

we plan to enjoy the season 

and hope you feel welcomed.


All of the warmth without the heat, 

and it has never been more 

happily anticipated than this year.

While it is well known that 

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, 

in my opinion,

 Autumn is the most beautiful.  

The colors, the scents, the all around feelings 

after a long hot summer 

are what elevates autumn

 on the seasonal ladder.

2020 was a very hard year,

 that was what we all heard and knew. 

 We couldn't help but have hope 

that the following year would be better. 

 As it turns out though, 

2021 is becoming worse 

and for me

 it is as if there will be no end in sight

 unless drastic measures are taken.  

I have come to the conclusion

 that I could spend 

a good part of a very long time 

confined to my sweet Cottage... 

...and I say this,

 not as a complaint, but as a fact.

 I am very fortunate to have 

a home that I love 

and, like squirrels foraging for the winter, 

I am digging in to find that space 

of contentment, comfort and warmth 

that will sustain me 

for as long as is needed.

In the entry 

autumn colors come front and center. 

 A faux garland of leaves twines around the mirror, 

while a branch of the real thing takes center stage on the Eastlake dresser.  

I found this branch

 growing in the front garden 

almost totally hidden by the camellia bush. 

 Maybe that little squirrel you saw earlier

 planted the tiny acorn

 that he was carrying.  

Sometime in the years to come, 

I would not be surprised to see

 the Cottage situated in the midst of 

giant oaks or walnut trees! 

Also included in the vignette, 

wooden apples made
 by my mom many years ago, 
 a pear which I fashioned out of a lightbulb, 
 an old pumpkin
 that has seen many seasons 
with the glued parts to prove it,  
 and a lacy edged plate, 
painted with seasonal fruit, 
that belonged to my grandmother.

Many years ago, 
while vacationing here in the Gold Country, 
with no thoughts 
that we would someday live here,
 we bought this pretty lamp 
in an antique shop in the little town of
 Rough and Ready.  
We had a modern house at home
 that we were trying to bring 
a bit of Victorian style to. 

 This lamp was on display there 
for quite some time 
but when we eventually did move and found our real Victorian Cottage, 
it was shoved into the back of a cupboard because the color wasn't just right. 
 Today, I have brought it back to its roots 
and it becomes a 
very pretty piece of fall decor. 
 At this time of year
 the color is the best thing about it 
and how it lends to the overall feel 
of what Autumn really is.

The parlor mantel still holds 
the set of books 
whose color and texture feel just right 
for this time of year. 
 Along beside the books,
 I have added some shine and glamour
 in the form of two glass pumpkins
 and a large shiny vase
 filled with the colors 
of the season.

"Autumn dresses up in gold,
The richest season of the soul."

Angie Weiland-Crosby


An update on Kai:

Kai started out on an insulin dose of 2
 and after two weeks time
 he is still off but vet says
 he is doing really well. 
She upped his dosage to 3
 and will check him again
 in another two weeks. 
I can tell he is feeling much better.


I hope you enjoyed the start of 

the Autumn Cottage 

and that you are enjoying 

beautiful fall weather 

wherever you are.

 May you be tucked in comfortably 

and feel in awe of the season.

Have a wonderful week.


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Tuesday, September 7, 2021



We are about getting to the end of sunflower season. 

 A pretty bouquet for the dining room table

 and then we are going to tackle a project in the kitchen.  

Don't commit to thinking about something quick and fast 

because we don't work that way.  

It may be tomorrow or it may be months from now!  

It isn't a big project, 

but I think I will like it 

and I hope you do too.

The Captain brought home some very long stemmed sunflowers.

  Usually, I tend to trim any flower to a shorter length 

as that is how I usually like to arrange them,

 but I left these alone and added 

some of the lime light hydrangeas from the garden.

When the lime lights started blooming

 they didn't seem as full and lacy as usual, 

but as they matured

 I think they look pretty good.

I don't know yet if I will let these dry

 as I have pitchers full already

 but each year, I say 

I am going to throw out the old and bring new ones in...

...but the old ones have retained

 their great shape and soft colors

 and I hate to get rid of them.

I think I will take next week off 

and maybe get that project in the kitchen,

 at least, started.

Kai has been experiencing

 some health problems 

and he has been in for tests.  

Come to find out he is diabetic.  

We have started him on insulin

 and will know in two weeks if they can adjust the dosage appropriately.  

He seems to be handling it

 really well so far, 

and we are finding it is not hard 

giving him the two shots required daily. 

 We have changed his diet and he likes the new food, so that is a plus. 

 We have to watch him like a hawk as he can't control his bladder. 

That is a down side so far,

 but when they get him adjusted, hopefully, that will stop.  

We are just beginning on this journey 

and will learn as we go.

We are having beautiful fall like weather these past few days 

so we are enjoying it. 

 An unexpected piece of art

 is exposed

 in a late evening snack. 

 Can you see the autumn leaf?...

and oh, so, good 

dipped in peanut butter.

Hope you all 

are enjoying 

the waning days of summer.


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