Tuesday, October 18, 2022



I have done a bit more decorating. 

 With each accomplishment, I find that normalcy is returning around me. 

 Stress is a frightening thing. 
 It can rob a person 
of all ambition and drive, 
 more easily than we
 could even think possible.   
But, in time,
 life around here is settling down
 and we are getting
 our "good vibrations" back.

I always like having the entry tell the story of what is going on at the Cottage. 

 I have so many boxes 

of fall decor packed away

 but it just seemed like too much work

 to pull it all out. 

 Luckily, when I put things away last year, 

for some reason 

I stuck a few things in places that were easy to get to 

and that is what I have used. 

 There probably is a similarity

 to last year's scheme but

 it does the job for now.

I love the "Witchy Woman" 

gifted to me by a dear friend.

I hurriedly put this arrangement

 on the parlor mantel 

at the beginning of spring. 

 Now, with the addition of 

a few colorful branches

 and some candles to warm it up,

it has taken on an 

acceptable version of autumn.


The game table in the sitting room 

looks so pretty with the sun shining in

and with the few leafy branches 

that are left over,

 I think it looks like just enough.

Maybe I'm learning...

...then again, 

maybe not!

At last posting I mentioned I had a surprise. 

 We had a credit card and I made arrangements with the bank 

to take money automatically out of our account to make the payments on it. 

 When it was paid off, 

I forgot to cancel those arrangements 

so the bank continued to do so. 

 I got a check from the bank

 for a good amount of money 

that I didn't know we had

 (I guess that is another shining moment of the golden years)

 so we treated ourselves to:

Our new couch. 

 I have always wanted a leather sofa so this is what we bought. 

 It is very comfortable and I like the color. 

 Hopefully it will hold up

 better than our last one 

but time will tell.

In the meantime,

 I am contemplating whether to paint the walls a different color or not. 

 We had the lighter color walls but were unhappy with them.  

Maybe with this different color couch 

it would look better.  

Then again, I absolutely love 

the darker, moody, jewel colors 

and wonder if maybe a dark navy

 and a different rug would be pretty.

The color we have on the walls now is pretty dark 

but my camera sees them as much lighter than they actually are. 

 If you have any ideas,

 please feel free to let me know.  

I find that decisions like this are hard 

for me to visualize.

 I love playing around with accessories

 but the basic scheme sometimes

 doesn't always compute.

I am also thinking of the walls
 as a little more creamy
 such as the same color as 
the background in the entry wallpaper 
and the carpet under the blue rug.
 What would you think of that? 
The same bright white trim 
is used in both rooms.
 I just don't want it to look bland 
as I do love color.

We have been having 

some wonderful weather. 

 Our leaves are not turning much yet,

 it has been too warm, 

but the breezes are soft

 and the sun is just warm enough. 

 I can't help it but my thoughts

 are turning strongly to Christmas

 and it drives the Captain nuts. 

 Hope all is well with everyone.


Until next time ...Sweet Dreams


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Tuesday, October 11, 2022



Tami, Tim, Jake and Jacenda

 came up this past weekend and brought with them,

 that little piece of apricot fluff 

playing with Bean.

  Robin's new little brother...

...and she is contemplating

 if this was a good decision or not!

Let me introduce you to Rugby. 

 He was a stray down in Santa Cruz and ended up at the shelter where Tami works. 

 Nothing much is known about his past life but we think he might be around nine months old. 

 He was so matted that Tami had him clipped and a lot of hair had to be cut off. 

 They put him through his paces with shots, a bath, and neutering among other things.

 He has the sweetest disposition and seems to love everybody and everything. 

 He and the Captain have already taken a few good walks

which is the reason that Tami thought he would be a good fit for him after his surgery.  

He wants to play with Robin so badly 

but true to her personality

 she doesn't want anything to do with him 

but that doesn't deter him at all.

Jake and Jacenda handed us their "save the date" invitation.  

They will be getting married next July.  

Jacenda showed Tami and me a photo of her gown. 

 It is stunning and it will be a day that we are all looking forward to.

Tim and Tami sent us this gorgeous arrangement of white roses for our anniversary. 

 Sixty-two years. 

 Where did all that time go?

How do you celebrate 62 years of marriage?  

Pack a picnic, sit by the pond at the fairgrounds and watch the ducks.

Now for an update on the Captain's and my health saga. 

 He is doing so well 

and is chomping at the bit for his next appointment in November,

 hoping the doc will release him to do normal activities again.  

I went back to the retina specialist yesterday

 and got my second eye injection.  

It has been a month since my first one

 and the doc was impressed at how much better I was after only one injection. 

 It was such good news

 and I am feeling so fortunate that the treatments are working well.

I will be back next week with a bit more fall decor

 and a surprise that I hope you will like.

Take care and thanks so much for all your support.


"I am so happy to be home".

"I guess it is OK but 

I'm not losing any sleep over it".

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