Monday, October 28, 2019


Today is 
October 28, Monday, at 8:39 PM.

We just got back on power
 as of 2:30 this afternoon 
since Saturday night. 
 We just received another call 
from PG&E
 stating that we would probably
 lose power sometime during the night
 and could be off 
another 48 hours. 
If you don't hear from me 
within the next few days, 
just know that I will be back
 when I can! 
have a wonderful week and a
 Happy Halloween..


 we did get to Auburn and Target and 
I found the cutest pumpkin plates and
 my make up was askew.
 It is hard to see 
with the lights off! 
(As you read down 
you will see the meaning of this).

This is our street.

This is our street in 
full autumn dress.

This is our street's corner 
where the Cottage sits.

All of this
 is what we see 
in the full light of a beautiful fall day.
  But, at 3:28 PM sharp,
 on last Wednesday 
all of that changed - again. 

 Our power was shut off.

 we heard it would be off sometime Tuesday,
 then sometime Wednesday. 
 All you get on the message 
that they tell you on the telephone is 
that you need to go online
 to find out more..
then all you hear online is: 
 "We have, or we may, 
shut off your power". 

 Very informative!

I have certainly found out
 a little something about myself though.
  It seems that when 
all the amenities are restored and
 in working order, 
I am happy to just sit and 
let it happen, 
but when all those distractions 
are taken away, 
the only thing I want to do is
 to be up and doing, 
so that's what we did.

 We moved furniture around 
in the dining room.

We switched places
 with the settle bench and
 the large cupboard.

We had to take everything
 out of the cupboard 
as it is really heavy.
  That made for a good opportunity 
to dust, clean and rearrange.

I put all of the white dishes
 on one shelf and
 all of the blue and white 
on another.

 It seems that I have 
a dish fetish. 
 I have so many "theme" dishes 
that I never have a chance to use 
so now I have freed up a shelf
 for displaying more of those. 
 This is as far as I've gotten 
in putting this room back together 
but - hey - 
there will always be 
another day and time - 
that we are sure of now!

The next morning 
we got in the car and 
drove to Hobby Lobby and 
then to Jack's for a turkey sandwich. 
 (The Captain deserves something 
out of all this). 
 I picked up a few Christmas items 
but no dishes this time.

 This therapy works out really well. 
 It is better to spend 
a little money 
then to sit and fume
 over something that can't be changed.
  At least this time 
there was some windy weather.
Our power was back on 
when we returned home. 
 Only 23 hours this time.

I didn't paint
 any new Santas this week
 but in order to keep you from withdrawals,
 I did change that blue one
 that I painted before 
to red. 
 I just couldn't leave it alone.

As I write this today, 
we are expecting another shut down 
sometime this early evening 
so if you happen to see 
a candle in a window somewhere and 
a crazed lady, 
with make-up askew, 
standing in front of the dish isle
at Home Goods 
don't be alarmed.

 It's only an experiment in therapy.


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Monday, October 21, 2019


Hi Everybody: 
Just was notified 
that we may lose power again tomorrow 
so am putting out my post now, 
while I can.


I know I said 
the Cottage Witch
 would not be joining us
 this October month 
but in light (no pun intended) 
of the stranger that was 
found in our midst,
 her expertise could not be avoided.

 I will let her 
tell you the story 
in her own words...


Once upon a time
On a cold October eve
A stranger came
Asking at the door

The hour was late
No one yet knew their fate
Still the stranger kept
Asking for more

The lights had turned dark
Everything looked the same
Only a sliver of path
Could be seen

It was down this small path
That the stranger advanced
Like a moth being
Led to a flame

As he knocked on the glass
It was obviously clear
What he wanted
Was something to eat

He kept touching his mouth
And the ones from inside
Were left wondering if 
They were his treat

The stranger moved on
No one knew where he went
Or why our Cottage 
Was picked

In years to come
When the question is asked
The answer might be
You were tricked!

The Cottage Witch

Has this stranger 
ever come to your town?

 I had never seen
his likes around here before.

  Is he a praying mantis, 
do you think?
The Cottage Witch is smart, 
but she doesn't know everything. 
(but you never heard that from me)

On a lighter note, 
I did paint yet another Santa. 
What's with the flag you ask,
 you will find out 
at Christmas.


The Cottage Witch is smart after all.

 She just googled our stranger and 
it is, indeed, a praying mantis.

 It is sometimes called 
a spiritual insect and 
holds a meaning of peace.

 The Chinese say
 that if one is found in your home
 the angels are watching over you. 
That sounds good to me, 
just so they watch
 from afar.

Yes, Virginia,
it is safe to
 open the door now.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Tami and Tim 
always give such great gifts and
 what they picked out
 for our anniversary last week 
was no exception.

 On Tuesday afternoon,
 just after I had put out my blog post,
 a box appeared,
 as if by magic,
 on our front porch.  
(You've got to love Amazon too!) 
There were six of these 
beautiful solar lacy globes inside. 
 We took them out
 to the screened porch and
 put them together, and 
as we were walking back through 
the darkened bedroom 
we saw this...

Such beautiful 
shapes and lights 
being thrown around the room. 
 We were excited 
to place them out
 to absorb more sunlight and 
could hardly wait 
until it got dark.

When night came, 
they looked so pretty 
lined up along the front walkway.  
When it was time for bed
 we debated whether to leave them 
outside all night 
as we have had other pretties stolen 
from the yard in the past. 
 We decided
 to turn them off and 
put them up 
on the porch.

At a little after 3:00 AM 
I was awakened by the smoke detectors
 that always let off a beep 
when the power goes off.
Sure enough,
 we were a part of the 
"Great PG&E Shut-off" 
in case of bad weather. 
 Our power was off 
for approximately sixty-two hours - 
and not a sign of bad weather 
anywhere around us.  
Most businesses were out and 
are up in arms 
because of the money they lost 
for no apparent reason.

I'm just guessing
 a better plan will be made
 for the next time, and 
we are told,
 there will be
 a next time.

in came the pretty lanterns and,
 at least, 
we had some illumination until bedtime.
  A beautiful and thoughtful gift
 that came at a time 
when it was most needed.

Thank you, Tami and Tim, 
they are so pretty 
and much appreciated.

Once the power came back on,
 I was in the mood for 
some light decorating and 
put together a small table setting 
of thanks and gratefulness.

I did get one more Santa done. 
 I think he is quite
 the pretty fellow.

"My kingdom 
for a spot of sun"

No matter how uncomfortable!

I need to catch up on 
the news of the days, 
my favorite TV shows and 
all of you.

 Whoever said 
that you never miss things 
until you don't have them, 
knew what they 
were talking about.

You have been 
looking at some of the 
simple beauty that is fall
 around our garden.

May there be light and 
an abundance of 
greatfulness for everyone.


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