Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Are you a fan of the craze 
that has been sweeping the country 
for awhile now? 
 I'm asking about tiny houses.

I admit that I sometimes watch
 the show on HGTV.

 I do like to see 
how the rooms are laid out and 
how they are decorated 
but to live, for any length of time, 
in one would drive me crazy. 

I'm not talking small houses. 
 I know that the time will come 
when we will be looking at those,
 but small houses and tiny houses 
are entirely two very 
different things.

 I do like little.

  You may have noticed 
that I use that word a lot
 in describing some things. 
 I associate it with the four "C's":
  cuteness, comfort, coziness and cottage.

When we celebrated 
our first Christmas in the Cottage, 
I bought a little Christmas village.
  I used it for a few years,
 having lots of fun making 
snow drifts and arranging bottle brush trees
 around the houses.
  After awhile 
some things were misplaced or broken 
and I sold the remaining pieces
 in a garage sale. 
 I knew it was time
 to make someone else 

I have always wanted 
a gingerbread house. 
 Not a big fancy one,
 embellished with candy canes and gum drops,
 but a little one
 that looked like a 
Swiss chalet...

since I have never had the desire 
to make one myself, 
I thought this cake pan 
would fill my needs...

...and, it did make 
a cute cake that tasted wonderful...
but when it came to decorating it
 with the required icing, 
it was a disaster! 
 I finally finished it
 with a dusting of powdered sugar
 and FYI: 
 to keep the sugar from disappearing 
into the cake, 
add a small amount of
to the sugar.

 this year, 
I bought this sweet little cardboard cottage,
 two different shades of brown paint 
and a white paint pen.

I put the finished project 
under glass 
and that fulfilled my wish 
for a gingerbread house 
until I remembered
 one little house that was left over 
from the original Christmas village
 and I thought, 
why not!

I forgot to take a picture before
 I started painting it,
 but you can still see 
the ugly green paint
 that was on it...

...and after a couple of coats of paint,
 some snow and some glitter, and
  even though the transformation 
didn't come in time
 for Christmas...

...the newest little gingerbread cottage 
is done in time for 
the snowmen of

When Tami and Tim spend Christmas 
with his parents 
they do a basket exchange.

  Tami bought this little music box 
to add to her basket.  
While she was getting things together,
 she realized it didn't work
 so she asked me if I wanted it. 
 What? Are you kidding? 
 I'm not proud
 and it makes the sweetest addition
 to my type of
 tiny houses.


Happy January
and stay 
cozy and warm.

I'm joining a new party today:

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Shhh..Sleeping Dog

Well, 2017 has come to a close.

 The Christmas decorations
 are sort of put away,
 tucked in with a few visions 
of what next Christmas might look like.

  Just can't help myself!

 The days are still sunny 
but not necessarily warm.
  The nights are becoming 
colder and colder 
and a few more quilts 
are added to our beds.

 A new year 
is a time for reflection 
of what came before
 but, also, 
for looking ahead 
to the hopes and dreams
 of what is to come.

  We all have our own special thoughts 
and, hopefully,
 they will be realized.

for right now,
 let us just let
 sleeping dogs lie,
 and I hope you will enjoy 
taking one last look back
 with me 
to the top ten posts of 2017
 Gold Country Cottage...

Our wish 
for you all 
is a 
Happy and Healthy
 New Year.