Tuesday, May 28, 2019


Still raining here.

 A little more than 
just spring showers.

  I feel rather foolish
 complaining about it 
when so many are going through 
such hard times in their areas 
but living in California
 tends to spoil a person's outlook 
on the way things ought to be. 
 It is so often a matter of "sameness" 
that goes on during the year here 
and when anything is out of the norm
 we tend to freak out! 
 I am not a person 
who is in favor of winter anyway,
 and when it tends to hang on 
for longer than normal, 
it seems to become a big problem.
OK, now,
 enough of my woes!

Here he is, showing his new "do", and his "whatever" pose

went to the beauty shop last week.
  Since the groomer happens to be 
in his vet's office, 
we had her check out Kai's teeth.

 He was softly whining a lot
 over the week before and 
wouldn't eat one of his harder treats 
that he truly loves. 
 Before we left the office,
 he was scheduled for 
a day of dentistry!

They kept him all day 
and we picked him up 
just before closing time.  
He still wasn't fully awake 
so we had to carry him 
to the couch...

He had all of his front teeth, 
top and bottom, removed, 
only leaving a few in the very back.

 Because of the lack of front teeth 
it is hard for him to lap water and 
to keep his tongue in his mouth.

 He is slowly getting the hang of 
the water thing,
 but I guess there is no help for
 keeping the tongue where it belongs.

 He still is hopeful, though, 
that he will be able to eat
 his hard treats! 
But, his woe is: maybe not! 

It is amazing
 how a dog's determination 
is so strong.

He is feeling much better now 
and the stand off 
for the sun spots 

...and speaking of 
a dog's determination: 
the winner is! 

The little Birdie 
seems to have no woes.

Last week I showed the 
beautiful Cecil Brunner rose bush...

Here it is today,
 a symbol of
 all our woes.

In honor of the men and women 
who have fought for us. 
 We owe them so much and 
are so appreciative of 
their continued service to our country.

  Thank you all.


 I started writing this post 
a few days ago,
 and in the meantime,
 we have had a couple of
 beautiful, sunny days...

...so wanted to give you
 a sneak preview of next week...
Oh, life is good!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Summer plans 
are taking a back seat here.

 We have had nothing but
 rain this past week and 
while that is just the pits 
when you are chomping at the bit
 for all things summer, 
don't take it lightly,
 as it might just be 
what was needed.

  Although gardening 
was put on hold, 
the rains might just have taken care 
of the pollen 
that is seen everywhere and
 washed it down the drain,

My allergies 
seem to be lessening 
so am hoping that this will be 
an end to them. 
 Rain is forecast through the weekend,
 at least,
 so that gives me a
 few more days to get
 put back to rights.

In the meantime,
 we have been spending 
a lot of time on the couch.

 We have had this couch 
for about four years and,
 in my humble opinion,
 that is just a short amount of time
 for something 
that was over $1000 
to turn into such an eyesore and 
an uncomfortable piece of 
you know what!

In the pictures above,
 you see the couch 
as it set 
just after it was delivered to us.

  Very pretty and 
looking bright and comfortable.

 We bought it from R.C. Willey and
 since I have never purchased anything
 from them before, 
or do not know anyone who has,
 I have nothing to 
compare it to.

  It is so uncomfortable. 
 The cushions have sloped towards 
the back
 and have become very saggy. 
 It seems that 
it didn't take that long
 to become this way.  
It is hard to get up from
 a sitting position and
 our backs are so sore 
because of 
the lack of support.

I had seen this gadget 
in a funky little catalog years ago.
  In looking up the name, 
that I barely remembered 
on the web, 
I found it again.
It is from harrietcarter.com 
and it is called love seat or sofa savers.
  The cost was $27.47,
 with taxes and delivery, 
for the sofa size and 
it was delivered in a
 matter of a few days. 
 After laying it under the cushions,
 I could not believe 
what a difference it made.

After sitting on the sofa,
 without the insert,
 it would look like this 
when we got up 
just after a few minutes...

...and with the insert in place,
 we don't sit back as far and 
it is much easier 
to get up off the sofa and
 our backs are not as sore
 as they were after sitting for awhile.

  The cushions don't sag as much and 
it is definitely more comfortable.  
It's not perfect, 
but it is better.

 I am certainly 
not getting compensated for this, 
just wanted to let you know,
 that it is available and
 a short-term solution 
if you are having a
 similar problem..

As soon as the rains stop,
 we are having the carpets cleaned
 and the sofa as well. 
 now it will last a little while longer.

 By today's standards 
maybe $1000 is not a lot of money
 to pay for a piece of large furniture,
 I don't know, 
but I sure remember
 not paying anywhere near that much 
for a couch and 
having it last 
until you were tired of it,
 then you could afford to
 have it recovered because
 it was made so well.

Times have changed!

I hope the weather is
 clearing up where you are and
 everyone is able to
 get out in the garden.

 There is so much yet to do ,
 with one or two small surprises in store.
  It would be so nice 
to get it all done 
before it turns too hot to enjoy it or,
 at least, 
enjoy the doing of it.


This is our newest visitor to 
the Secret Garden. 
He is quite large 
in comparison to the other hummers, so 
that has earned him the title of
 "Big Gulp". 
 He returns again and again 
so will keep trying to 
get a better photo. 
 Have you ever seen 
such a 
red head?

I would like to thank Linda
 for featuring my post
 from last week at
 Dishing It & Digging It.
 Thank you so much, Linda,
 it is always such a surprise 
when this happens and
 I am so honored.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Last week 
I wrote about the joys of May
 of which there
 are many...

...beautiful spring weather,
 flowers blossoming and 
bright sunshine...

...and the celebration of Mother's Day.

 I had a very nice Mother's Day. 
 We went shopping for the garden and 
the Captain, Kai and Robin 
accompanied me on a trip to 
Home Depot
 where we tip-toed 
through the tulips, so to speak.
  It was a fun day and 
in a couple of weeks, 
we will go down to the kids 
for an extended celebration
 with Tami for her birthday, 
another joy of May.

We've spruced up 
the summer porch, 
getting ready for another 
season of 
hummingbird watching.

I was preparing
 to trim up the Secret Garden 
and then...
that's when peril #1
 set in.

In all of the years
 we lived in Santa Cruz, 
I never experienced 
any type of allergies. 
 About two years ago,
 I noticed I was really bothered 
by the scent of the lilacs.
  Much to my dismay, 
I had to stop bringing them 
into the Cottage and 
that took care of it..
but this year is a
 different story.

I think these 
might be the main culprits 
as they are both blooming 
in the garden now.

The bees love these two plants and 
as they are busying about,
 they knock the pollen and the blooms off 
and it looks like snow
 on the ground. 

 I have had to lock myself inside 
with a cold, wet rag over my face,
 in order to get any relief.

Remember how prolific 
the wisteria was
 last year?

This is what 
it looked like this year. 
 I kid you not. 
 Another brutality
 of the perils of May.

 But, just when I thought 
the perils might be 
overtaking the joys, 
this happened...

...I heard the most 
brilliant and sweet little song and
 there he was.

  Romeo and Juliet 
may be planning to return
 to the little Pink Cottage.

 I've seen one or the other 
enter and then fly out, 
to return in a couple of days. 
 This was kind of their schedule
 last year, 
so I am hoping that
 they will take up residence once again 
and raise another 
little family.

 now that the hummers are returning,
 and the culprits of peril 
are diminishing somewhat, 
I'm hoping the joys of May
 will carry on 
into June.


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