Tuesday, October 31, 2017


A Proclamation...

The time is drawing near
That one and all must fear

Like hands moving on a clock

Soon the door will open
And the Cottage Witch you'll see

With her little vampire sidekick

And when the night is over
Before you go to bed

Forget the ghosts and goblins
That are filling up your head.

This does not mean it's over
So do not shed a tear

The spirits and the spectors
Will return again next year.


I hope you all enjoyed the journey 

BeTWeeN the MoONliGht and the MaJiC 

and will look forward to 
what is to come.

My special thanks 
go to all the players
 behind the scenes...

...who helped make
 October possible.

 You are all
 and your inspirations are 

...I thank you all 
from the bottom of 
my witches heart.

The Cottage Witch 
Week Five
Halloween Night
October, 2017

 I certify that no 
witches, ghouls, ghosts
 or any other spectors 
were hurt in the writing
 of these 
October posts.

I will say,
that the Cottage Witch 
has pushed her creative endurance
 to a level 
that she may not 
come back from.

The test will be 
if she can grab 
enough tail wind and
 make it to Home Goods!

Hear that dear Captain,

"Grab my pointy hat and 
crank up the broom!!!"

In the meantime, 
it will be business as usual
 again next week 
and thank you all 
for making 
the journey
 with me.


It's almost harvest time.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


While one day out meandering
I stopped into a shop

It was not 
a little shop of horrors
Just needful things and what-nots.

The shop was dark and dreary
It was very hard to see

That one special little treasure
That was waiting
Just for me.

She had a special purpose
She obviously dressed the part

She was made in a witch's image
Which played right into my heart.

So that is how perfection
Stands here, always and alone

Her name is Bitty Morsel
And she has found a home.

The Cottage Witch
October, 2017

Sweet Bitty Morsel

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


I'd like to thank all of you
 for your concerns 
about our well-being and 
the wild fires here 
in Northern California. 
there were about seven fires 
burning in 
different locations,
 all at the same time, 
we, in Nevada County,
 were much more fortunate 
than those in 
Santa Rosa and
 the surrounding areas.

  We are so 
 for that.

The fire 
that was the closest to our home 
(about two miles) 
started with a transformer blowing up
 due to very high winds. 
 It blackened a large portion 
of the field below 
and then demolished 
one house next to the field 
(pictured above).  
The winds then shifted and 
 saved the house next door 
which belonged to our 
next door neighbor's son.  
It then shifted back and
 burned another home close by...

...see the siding 
on the little green house
 where it came so close?

The transformer was 
right across the road 
from our fairgrounds, 
which was one of the 
main evacuation points. 
One loose spark and 
that could have all been taken away.
  The fairgrounds are nestled 
into groves of cedar and pine trees and,
with the heavy winds, 
could have easily been destroyed.

  Many thanks to the 
first responders 
for their hard and conscientious work.

  Now let us slip back in
BeTWeen the MooNlIght and the MaJic.



In the very dark of night
Something large and black takes flight

While I lounge upon my bed
I hear a voice within my head

"What is that creature coming near,
Could it be something I should fear?"

I went to the window
Not much I could see

The dark of night was 
As thick as could be

But, yet, I heard this gentle rustling
The thought of wings beside me puzzling.

Into the darkness
I continued to stare

What was I hearing
Was there something there?

Was it only the wind
That has found me here?

 Or just a dream
So loud and so clear?

I opened the door
Moved as if in a trance

There sat the Raven
High up on a branch

He looked down on me
And uttered these words,

"I am not a Raven
I am but a crow"

And quoth the Raven:

 "My sincere apologies to Mr. Edgar Allen Poe."

The Cottage Witch
October, 2017

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Tis the month of October
The beginning of fall

Breast Cancer Awareness month
(Show the girls some love, my pretties)



With a little MOonLiGht and MaJic in between...


The Right Plan

The first thing she does
 When a witch wakes up

Is go for the coffee
And fill up her cup.

It's not until then
She is ready to fly

And a second cup makes her
Go higher than high.

And once she is up there
Way up in the sky

She will map out her plan
And then ask herself why?

Why spend her time
Riding a broom

When she just as easily
Could be hanging the moon.

The Cottage Witch
Week Two
October, 2017

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