Tuesday, November 19, 2019


I want to thank 
each and everyone of you 
who sent me birthday greetings - 
and I did not get one condolence,
 so I really appreciate that! 

As I mentioned to some of you,
 a philosophy that I have taken on 
is that all birthdays,
 no matter what the number, 
are to be celebrated.
There are a lot 
that weren't lucky enough 
to reach this number 
as I can attest to from 
our high school graduating class.
  So, I thank you all,
 for making me feel like
 a Spring Chicken!

I read a blog post recently 
that says these ceramic Christmas trees 
are making a come back and 
fetching pretty high prices on EBay 
for the vintage ones. 
 I just so happen 
to have one that the Captain bought
 from a lady he worked with 
back in the 70's.
Truth be told, 
I really never thought 
it was my most favorite decoration 
but I appreciated his thoughtfulness.  
After using it a couple of times,
 I put it away and kind of forgot about it.
  For some reason though, 
I hung on to it and found it again, 
back in a dark corner,
 where I had left it. 
 This particular one
 looks just like one on EBay 
for around $200. 
 He can't remember what he paid for it 
but it wasn't nearly that price.
  Mine wouldn't bring that price, however, 
as it is missing the star on top
 and two of the colored bulbs. 
 I know I've seem that star 
laying around somewhere 
so hope I can find it. 
 I will display it again this year
 whether I find 
the missing pieces or not. 
 It is just kind of fun
 to have something that is
 making a come back 
(and you find that you were 
smart enough to keep it).

I found this 
pretty little frosted wreath
 at Hobby Lobby 
and am trying to remember
 what two other small ones
 that I got last year 
looked like so I can tweak it to match. 
 They are still packed 
so I will go through my photos.

Two more santas 
that's all!

When I was downtown today, 
I picked up these sweet little deer.
 They come on a stick of three and 
look just like a cute gingerbread 
at a distance.
 They were only $6 for the stick.
  When you pull them apart 
they look just like 
they are prancing
 through the air.

I am still in the planning stages 
for Thanksgiving and 
one plan is to clean house
 so I best get to it.

 Word has it 
that our power is
 going to be shut off again 
so fingers crossed 
that the generator
 does its job.

See you next week!


A naughty and noisy 
red head 
hanging out
 by the Cottage.

Love Your Creativity at Life and Linda


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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Christmas carols
 are playing in the background...
Hallmark Christmas movies
 are showing on the TV.  

By the looks of the 
dining room table, 
covered in paints and brushes,
 you would think that
 Grandma Moses was in attendance...
the only thing missing 
are chestnuts roasting 
on an open fire.

The "lights" of my life 
are again lighting up my life 
with the gift of these 
beautiful festive bottles 
which are entwined with 
the tiniest of lights.
  What a thoughtful and pretty addition 
to the party, 
now and always.

Some pretty "extras" 
that caught my fancy 
on the annual Home Goods trip.

What is the party? you ask...

Well, it's my birthday party and 
I'll cry if I want to...
but after surviving 80 years,
 I would say that 
I have a lot to be happy about. 
 Some hard tears
 have been shed along the journey, 
that is a fact, 
but the present looks bright and 
my eyes are focused on 
the future which, for now,
 is Christmas.

I am so dang excited 
about all the beauty 
that is to come.  
Having my family here 
for Thanksgiving is
 a large part of 
that joy.

Age is only a number
I won't lie and say 
this particular number
 would be at the 
top of my list 
 even though you've heard it before,
 repeat after me...
"It's better than the alternative".

here's to my party and 
to all my friends 
that have joined in...

...I won't be crying,
 thank you,
 but - 
maybe chestnuts roasting
 on an open fire 
would be 
a bit much!

Have a great week.


 will be crying 
the next time the power goes out...
We are prepared!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2019


I can't tell you 
how good it is 
to be normal again.
  For a few days now 
we have had our power on and 
no calls from PG&E.

 Life feels right again.

It is a jarring reminder 
that there is always 
light at the end of the tunnel 
if we will only allow ourselves 
the luxury of patience.

 It isn't always 
an easy thing to do and 
there are so many
 different degrees of circumstances 
but, in the end,
 we can only hope 
that it will make us stronger and wiser - 
and better prepare us 
for the next round of life.

This is a tree 
that came down 
across from a neighbor's house, 
almost hitting it. 
I was just letting Robin out 
and I heard the crack and 
then the loud thud.

 A very scary sound.

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween. 
 We had lots of
 polite, sweet and cute children
 knocking at our door. 
 It seems a good time 
was had by all and
 a few pieces of good candy 
left over for snacking!

When the lights came back on,
 I had the cutest Santa 
in my possession.

 How did that happen? 
 No matter,
 he was at Rite Aid for half price and 
he just makes me smile. 
 Don't you just love the "sales"
 that happen before 
the event even gets here?

We took a ride 
around our town and neighboring Nevada City 
and saw some pretty fall colors and 
I just wanted to share them with you.

Have a great week.

Just heard 
the kids are coming 
to the Cottage for Thanksgiving.
 I can't wait and 
just playing around
 with table settings.


I'm pretty sure 
these ARE the last of the zinnias.
 There still are a few more buds and
 I haven't cut them back yet. 
We have had two frosts so far and 
yet they still survive.

A life lesson 
to be learned here

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Monday, October 28, 2019


Today is 
October 28, Monday, at 8:39 PM.

We just got back on power
 as of 2:30 this afternoon 
since Saturday night. 
 We just received another call 
from PG&E
 stating that we would probably
 lose power sometime during the night
 and could be off 
another 48 hours. 
If you don't hear from me 
within the next few days, 
just know that I will be back
 when I can! 
have a wonderful week and a
 Happy Halloween..


 we did get to Auburn and Target and 
I found the cutest pumpkin plates and
 my make up was askew.
 It is hard to see 
with the lights off! 
(As you read down 
you will see the meaning of this).

This is our street.

This is our street in 
full autumn dress.

This is our street's corner 
where the Cottage sits.

All of this
 is what we see 
in the full light of a beautiful fall day.
  But, at 3:28 PM sharp,
 on last Wednesday 
all of that changed - again. 

 Our power was shut off.

 we heard it would be off sometime Tuesday,
 then sometime Wednesday. 
 All you get on the message 
that they tell you on the telephone is 
that you need to go online
 to find out more..
then all you hear online is: 
 "We have, or we may, 
shut off your power". 

 Very informative!

I have certainly found out
 a little something about myself though.
  It seems that when 
all the amenities are restored and
 in working order, 
I am happy to just sit and 
let it happen, 
but when all those distractions 
are taken away, 
the only thing I want to do is
 to be up and doing, 
so that's what we did.

 We moved furniture around 
in the dining room.

We switched places
 with the settle bench and
 the large cupboard.

We had to take everything
 out of the cupboard 
as it is really heavy.
  That made for a good opportunity 
to dust, clean and rearrange.

I put all of the white dishes
 on one shelf and
 all of the blue and white 
on another.

 It seems that I have 
a dish fetish. 
 I have so many "theme" dishes 
that I never have a chance to use 
so now I have freed up a shelf
 for displaying more of those. 
 This is as far as I've gotten 
in putting this room back together 
but - hey - 
there will always be 
another day and time - 
that we are sure of now!

The next morning 
we got in the car and 
drove to Hobby Lobby and 
then to Jack's for a turkey sandwich. 
 (The Captain deserves something 
out of all this). 
 I picked up a few Christmas items 
but no dishes this time.

 This therapy works out really well. 
 It is better to spend 
a little money 
then to sit and fume
 over something that can't be changed.
  At least this time 
there was some windy weather.
Our power was back on 
when we returned home. 
 Only 23 hours this time.

I didn't paint
 any new Santas this week
 but in order to keep you from withdrawals,
 I did change that blue one
 that I painted before 
to red. 
 I just couldn't leave it alone.

As I write this today, 
we are expecting another shut down 
sometime this early evening 
so if you happen to see 
a candle in a window somewhere and 
a crazed lady, 
with make-up askew, 
standing in front of the dish isle
at Home Goods 
don't be alarmed.

 It's only an experiment in therapy.


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