Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I have been as busy as
 the frantic squirrels, 
hiding their bounty,
 in hopes that they will be ready 
for the days ahead
 -- in their case, winter 
-- in my case, Christmas. 
 There is so much to do 
and so little time 
to do it in...

As someone who loves to decorate
 and who keeps Christmas 
as the very best time to do just that,
 I still want to keep in mind 
that Christmas is a time for
 peace and joy 
and all the incidentals
 that come along with it,
 should not take away from
 the main focus.

One good way for me 
to keep a clear head is crafting.
  Even though I don't do
 as much as I used to, 
I still find it comforting
 to be able to see a plan and
 then take it through to the end. 

 At this point in my life, 
I find that being original in my designs, 
is not as easy to come by 
as it once was 
or as important, for that matter.
If I see something
 that has been done 
and I like it,
 it is not above me to be
 a copy cat.

 Cases in point:

 posted about the paper lanterns 
she designed for her tree.

 Since I already use the lanterns 
throughout the summer months
 as the Grand Illumination,
 it seemed like a natural follow up 
to try a few for our tree.

  These are tiny,
 to be used as fill-ins.

 I am still working on larger ones.

I'm sure you have seen 
the pretty throws with pom pom trim.
This throw came from Target ($14)
 and with the help of my
 handy little pom pom maker,
 this will be a warm addition 
to the front porch rockers.  
Also a new mat from Lowe's 
to welcome the season and guests 
to this old
 Christmas Cottage.

For the 4th of July,
 I turned an old fence board 
into Old Glory.
 Now, for this time of year,
 I just used the other side 
to state
 the obvious...

...now the board 
will stay out of storage 
just a while longer!

If you really don't have
 any ability to draw,
 a good stencil 
will always be your friend.

  These are a few of
 some other signs 
I've been able to get done... 

...and here is one example 
that illustrates my point exactly!

With all that being said, 
when I have reached my comfort level
 of hand crafting...
there is always shopping...
 how I really seem
 to shine
 at that!

Thanks to some craft fairs
 and a few good stores, 
I have found 
these treasures...

Such a
 precious and delicate 
little beauty...

I love quirky little things
 and this is a great example 
to my eyes.  
It needs a little moss
 to finish it off, 
I think.

Antique Farm House 
is always a great place
 to find 
something unique...

...and Target
 has some great items,
 like this large bowl and
 festive wreath,
 for great prices.

a real evergreen tree 
is the ultimate 
Christmas enjoyment, 
those dead needles
 covering everything,
 took their toll
 after a couple of years and
 we have decided to go 
once again...

...this one from Lowe's 
can go from colored to clear lights,
 blinking or calm,
 with the tap of a toe.

  We can change it up 
whenever we feel like it.

 Right now 
I'm feeling clear and calm,
 but you just 
never know.


Have a 
wonderful and grateful

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


This is my view outside the kitchen window each morning

I think of the time
 between Halloween and Thanksgiving
 as harvest time.

 It seems the autumn colors are 
the brightest then, 
and the weather has turned 
to the point that 
the air is filled with the 
scent of wood smoke and 
lamps and candles shine brightly 
as the sun goes down.

It might seem as though 
this metal crow 
has flown down from 
that beautiful autumn tree,
 but in actuality, 
he came from AntiqueFarmHouse.

Along with a small basket and
 a garland of fall gatherings,
 he lends an aire of authenticity 
to my DIY 
chipboard HOME letters.

We planted a new hydrangea this summer.
  I think it is called Limelight.

 The white blossoms dried on the bush 
to a gorgeous unbleached muslin effect.

 In an old brown crock,
 along with some little fuzzy fauxs,
 they make a 
beautiful fall arrangement.

Last week 
I asked you to vote
 on my mantle choices.

  I knew all great minds 
think alike
 as the one I chose 
was the same as 
the majority of you picked 
as your favorite:

I also had some questions
 about the garland shown...

...I have had it for 
a couple of years and 
I took some hydrangeas from the garden
 and hot glued them 
to the existing garland. 

 My hydrangeas didn't do too well
 this summer. 
 They were very small 
but they worked out better that way
 for the size of the garland.

I picked this garland up 
at Michael's a while back.

 It is basically the same 
as the other one,
 but has more green and mossy bits,
 so I thought it would lend itself more 
to Christmas.  
I've been thinking of 
something different 
to add to it. 
I had to use a flash
 as it is stuck in
 the dark recesses of
 my hoarder junk room
 so it is not 
a good picture, or at least 
not the way I like 
to take pictures.

I added Tom Turkey
 to the dining room table display,
 along with some fall color. 
 Nothing very fancy 
this year.

I found some pretty dishes at Raley's 
and set the kitchen table
 with the addition of 
the everyday blue and white china. 
 Cute burlap chargers 
were found at
 Hobby Lobby.

We went to the Goat Hill Fair Antique show 
at the Santa Cruz County fairgrounds 
last weekend. 
 It really is a nice show. 
 We weren't looking for
 anything special...

...but I did pick up 
this cute little frog 
to set one of my old 
post cards in...

...and another tin wash tub. 
 I thought it was smaller 
than the last one I got, 
but it turned out to be the same size. 
 No worries, 
I will always find a use
 for it anyway!

The Harvest Family 
stands along 
with a basket of old, dusty hydrangeas 
on the entry hall cupboard. 
 The wreath 
I made with coffee filters
 hangs above.

That's about it here
 at the Harvest Home.

 It's really getting hard 
to not think about Christmas
 quite yet.

 (Well, maybe I have - just a little!).
 Come on now, 
don't roll your eyes, 
I know a lot of 
you have too!

Hope you all
warm and wonderfully 
sweet week.


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