Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Last week 
I wrote about the joys of May
 of which there
 are many...

...beautiful spring weather,
 flowers blossoming and 
bright sunshine...

...and the celebration of Mother's Day.

 I had a very nice Mother's Day. 
 We went shopping for the garden and 
the Captain, Kai and Robin 
accompanied me on a trip to 
Home Depot
 where we tip-toed 
through the tulips, so to speak.
  It was a fun day and 
in a couple of weeks, 
we will go down to the kids 
for an extended celebration
 with Tami for her birthday, 
another joy of May.

We've spruced up 
the summer porch, 
getting ready for another 
season of 
hummingbird watching.

I was preparing
 to trim up the Secret Garden 
and then...
that's when peril #1
 set in.

In all of the years
 we lived in Santa Cruz, 
I never experienced 
any type of allergies. 
 About two years ago,
 I noticed I was really bothered 
by the scent of the lilacs.
  Much to my dismay, 
I had to stop bringing them 
into the Cottage and 
that took care of it..
but this year is a
 different story.

I think these 
might be the main culprits 
as they are both blooming 
in the garden now.

The bees love these two plants and 
as they are busying about,
 they knock the pollen and the blooms off 
and it looks like snow
 on the ground. 

 I have had to lock myself inside 
with a cold, wet rag over my face,
 in order to get any relief.

Remember how prolific 
the wisteria was
 last year?

This is what 
it looked like this year. 
 I kid you not. 
 Another brutality
 of the perils of May.

 But, just when I thought 
the perils might be 
overtaking the joys, 
this happened...

...I heard the most 
brilliant and sweet little song and
 there he was.

  Romeo and Juliet 
may be planning to return
 to the little Pink Cottage.

 I've seen one or the other 
enter and then fly out, 
to return in a couple of days. 
 This was kind of their schedule
 last year, 
so I am hoping that
 they will take up residence once again 
and raise another 
little family.

 now that the hummers are returning,
 and the culprits of peril 
are diminishing somewhat, 
I'm hoping the joys of May
 will carry on 
into June.


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Tuesday, May 7, 2019


"Let all thy joys be
as the month of May."
Francis Quarles
17th Century poet

May Day
 has come and gone,
but the circle of
freshly picked Dollar Store blooms
remain as
 a welcome...

...and now
that the joy of May
is upon us,
the door opens and
lets the sun light and
soft breezes
come through.

Lilac Tide
was the name that
 Victorian poets gave
to this season of
beautiful blooms.

"The lilac stood close to Elizabeth's window,/ All purple with bloom../ But a wind is stirring the lilac blossoms,/ And a wonderful sweetness came floating in."

Mary E. Wilkins
"The Message of the Flowers"

An enchanting flower,
 the lilac. 
So pretty
 beside a bed
fluffed and
 awaiting company.

"Sweetest of the flowers a-blooming
In the fragrant vernal days
Is the Lilly of the Valley
With its soft, retiring ways.."

Paul Laurence Dunbar

My folks on their way to a dance in costumes my mom made
Early 1960's

The Captain's Mother, Grace

One of the many joys of May
 is the celebration of
Mother's Day. 
 One deep regret
that I have in life
is that my mom
never got to see our Cottage
or sit beside the lilac bush
 that was grown from a start
of one of hers,
 but she is here
 in spirit
 all the same.

"The shadow of my mother 
danced around the room
 to a tune that
 my shadow sang."
Jamaica Kincaid
"My Mother"

"There are few of us 
who cannot remember 
a front yard garden
 which seemed to us 
a very paradise 
in childhood."

Sarah Orne Jewett

The race
for the best sun spot
is still ongoing and
this one was won
by a nose.

"Some people like
 to make a little garden 
out of life."

Jean Anouilh


Hope you are all
 the joys of May.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


New beginnings! 

 Although spring 
has been here for awhile, 
Mother Nature has finally decided 
to align herself with the calendar.

 We are having 
some beautiful weather and 
when beautiful weather happens,
 my mind turns to 
cleaning house!

I have been dusting and doing
 and taking on one room at a time 
to get ready for what,
 I hope, is a
 peaceful and delightful summer.

 Before anything else, 
I would like to give Katie at
 Let's Add Sprinkles 
a tremendous thank you
 for featuring my 
Kitchen Shopping 
post last week. 

 I am always so appreciative 
when someone takes 
their time and efforts
 to give me such an honor 
and, Katie, 
I thank you very much.

As I told you in my last post,
 I am turning the Cottage into
 a blue and white summer place. 
 This is not a new concept.
  These iconic colors are timeless and
I have been reading 
that a lot of you
 are doing the same thing.

I have kept almost all
 of the Victoria magazines 
over the years and
 when an idea comes to mind,
 I look to them to help me 
in my search for 
just the right things. 
 I've seen so many 
wonderful ideas and,
 of course, 
almost all of them use items 
that I could only dream about.
  But, as I am dusting and doing,
 I have been looking 
through my stash of blue and white and
 find that I have more 
than I thought I did.

Because these colors 
are a recurring theme 
throughout the Cottage,
 I think I sometimes 
take them for granted and
 don't really look at them as
 the strong influence 
that fuels the way 
I like to decorate.

I have gathered a small selection
 of blue and white 
that I have on hand and
 while choosing ones to use in my project, 
I will take you along 
as I look at them..
up close and personal.

Some of these 
will be used throughout the project,
 some will be put back 
on the shelf for another time and
 as we proceed through the summer,
 other colors will be added 
to celebrate certain occasions.
All of us 
favor certain colors and styles and 
if we look closely 
at what inspires us, 
it might make it easier 
to put a 
special look together.

When you see, 
up close and personal
 all that inspires you,  
you might be certain that
 you are on the right track or,
 it may surprise you, and 
send your imagination soaring
 into a whole 
different direction.


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