Tuesday, September 10, 2019


We were on the quest 
for a spray can of white chalk paint.
  We went to every paint store in town 
and no one carried chalk paint 
in a spray can. 
 We finally found an Ace Hardware 
that did 
but they were all sold out of white. 
 No thank you, 
cream will not do.

We have been wanting 
a smaller island in the kitchen. 
 As you well know by now,
 we have had a few 
and none have worked. 
 The working part of the kitchen (above)
 is pretty small
 in comparison to the whole kitchen 
and nothing has seemed to work out.
  I've been trying to get
 the Captain to take a trip to Ikea 
for the longest time...

...as I love
 the Ikea sideboard we have 
but he firmly believed that 
we wouldn't find anything
 we liked there.

So, by chance, 
we stopped into our local consignment shop 
and he picked out this 
cute little number and 
guess what, folks? 
 It is an original Ikea product! 
and that is why 
we want the spray can of chalk paint.

  So this is the simple story 
of the Saturday surprise. 
 I got to go to Michael's 
(who was also out of white chalk spray paint)
 but who can leave Michael's 
empty handed? Right...

...and I came away with 
these two little sweet things
 and we went on to Home Depot
 where we did find the paint, 
and then to In-N-Out Burger
 where we had dinner, 
and you know 
how happy that
 makes me.

I can't wait 
to get the little island painted 
and put in place 
which means there will be a few changes,
 yet again,
 in the kitchen.

Besides dreaming about the kitchen, 
I have put a couple of touches of fall
 in the parlor.
  The velvet pumpkins, 
along with some faux ones, 
sit on the marble table
 in front of the settee. 
 It looks pretty at night 
with the lamp lit 
in the background.

The mantle 
gets the honor this autumn
 of showing off the garland 
which has been adorned with 
sunflowers and zinnias 
that have been dried 
throughout the summer.

I pulled this old Christmas wreath 
out of the closet 
and after removing the red bow 
and adding a few of the dried flowers, 
it is a close match 
for the garland.

I love
 the earthy look and feel
of it all.

(I am fully aware that red candles are not what is called for here, but they were all I had, and I am not known for my patience when something needs to get done NOW!!)

 is dressing herself in 
showy dahlias and splendid marigolds and
 starry zinnias."

Hugh MacMillan

Here is Santa #4. 
 I tried a little 
different approach on him and 
changed up the color 
of his coat...

...I'm not sure if I am liking it.
  In my mind, 
Santa is always wearing red. 
 That is just the way it is 
and has always been.

 we will just call him 
Father Christmas.

Have a great week.


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Tuesday, September 3, 2019


 I've gone and done it!  
I've taken the plunge! 
 I've gotten a head start on
 fall decorating.

Last week, I misspoke,
 when I said I was 
taking the liberty of 
bringing a little bit of fall
 to the Cottage.  
I am now taking the liberty 
of taking more than a little bit
 but not as much as there will be 
in the future.

I always have such good intentions...
to savor each season and 
don't get ahead of myself 
in the decorating department.

  But, then 
the summer is too hot and too short,
 the winter is too cold and too long...

...spring and autumn 
just seem to show up 
at the right times and 
it is very hard 
to ignore them.

I have let myself 
go with the flow and 
here we are!

 Outside of Christmas, 
I think autumn is my 
most favorite time of the year.
  I have always
 enjoyed the fall colors and 
tend to decorate with
 the old tried and true.

is not a word I enjoy.
I tend to think of it as 
an elegant rustiness,
 a color that fits in beautifully 
with all the
 rich jewel tones
 of autumn.

The sitting room 
is as far as I have gotten this week. 
 Last week 
I did a little in the entry (here)

 I have tried to make it
 comfortable and homey 
without covering 
every available surface.
Some times 
that is a hard effort for me but,
 I do think
 I am getting better!

The quest 
for the perfect Santa Claus 
continues and 
here is #3 in the collection...

...a little 
tattered and torn...

...very cartoonish
 but sweet.

Happy September




We do send our thoughts and prayers 
to all who have been impacted 
by Hurricane Dorian and 
the victims and families
 of that horrible boat fire in
 southern California.


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Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Summer is definitely still here 
but, at times,
 there is a feeling of fall
 in the air.

 Leaves are steadily covering
 the floor of 
the Secret Garden...

...and the zinnia blooms 
are showing signs of slowing down, 
along with the old-school phlox
 going to seed...

...and one last picking,
 among the store bought blooms,
 keep us satisfied until
 next summer.

I really don't approve 
of shutting one season down
 before it is time. 
some coming attractions 
just can't wait 
so I have taken the liberty of
 bringing a little bit of fall
 to the Cottage.

 These little owls 
were a purchase from Antique Farmhouse. 
 I just couldn't
 resist their cuteness.

The Chinese Lanterns
 are now a mass of brightness 
peeking through a jumble of 
greenery, phlox and spirea in the garden.
  A sure sign
 that fall is almost here and 
they make a very autumnal statement
 in the scheme of things.

I "borrowed" the lamp
 from the Captain's library. 
 I like the feel of it
 for fall
 along with the wreath 
I made a few years ago 
out of coffee filters.

 This is the Limelight hydrangea bush 
when we first planted it two years ago. 
 It had a few blooms
 which I picked and dried...

...here are those
 same blooms

Last year 
it didn't grow much bigger and 
there were only a few blooms and 
they dried like this.

All summer long, 
sitting on the front porch,
 we kept smelling this 
soft, wonderful scent and 
didn't know where it was coming from. 
 One of the Limelights stem 
was bent so when I picked it,
 I found out what that scent was. 
This is the third year 
the bush has been in place and
 I never noticed it smelled so beautifully.
  I think there will be 
another bumper crop of dried Limelights
 again this year.

Did you notice 
the reflection of one of the paintings 
I attempted last week? 
 Well, I tried another similar one and 
it did not turn out well. 
 I also tried another, 
with different subjects and 
it was no good either. 
 I have decided 
that painting Santa's
 is my niche 
as I did this one and
 am pretty pleased, again,
 of how it 
turned out.


He is a little different in style. 
 A round, quirky little fella 
who seems to take his job 
of carrying Old Glory 
quite seriously.

I want to thank you all 
for your kind compliments. 
 They mean a lot to me and 
I am now on the lookout 
for more Santas.
 Be prepared 
to be 



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