Tuesday, March 14, 2023



The word is that California has been experiencing some wild winter weather.  

The word is correct! 

I have never seen so much snow 

fall at one time 

in the whole time we have lived here.

This looked so pretty outside 

of the Secret Garden 

and I wanted to get a clear photo of it

 but the snow was piled so high against the screen door, 

I couldn't get it open.

It finally stopped snowing 

and has now turned to rain.  

When I was writing this (Monday evening) we were having very loud thunder.  

I don't know which I detest the most.  

I was always so proud to be the first one to yell, "we've got snow"

 and just a little disappointed to see it gone

 in a day or two. 

 May I never feel that way again.

  I don't know how 

the rest of the country survives winter. 

 We did survive in our space

 and did not lose power

 and was not subject to any flooding 

so I feel very fortunate 

and am gearing up for the nasty, gray days left until spring.  

As long as I can keep

 my house clean, the candles hold out and

 the grocery store stocks fresh flowers,

 I know it will get better 

but better, right now, 

seems a long way ahead!

There is one member of the family, however, that is in his element. 

 Rugby love loves the snow 

and will use every trick in the book 

to be able to go outside and play...

...Robin, on the other hand, 

only stays out until 

"the necessaries" are over with.  

In fact, when the steps weren't clear 

she would only use them, 

thank you very much.

It seems like a thousand years ago 

that we did have 

some sunshine between snowstorms,

 and as much as I tried to push my way

 into the spotlight, 

there was only room for two.

We got Rugby's DNA test back

 and found out he is:

43.7% small poodle

15.1% Maltese

9,5% Lhasa Apso

6.5% Pekingese

4.0% Cocker Spaniel

21.2% Super Mutt

100% sweet boy.

Stay warm and safe until next time.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2023



"Where is he? We have been waiting forever."

The stockings were hung 

by the chimney with care 

in hopes that St Nicholas

 soon would be there...

but, alas, that didn't happen until last Sunday...

...but then the day came 

and we had a wonderful time.  

Good food, great gifts and it was so nice to finally be together. 

 Tami and Tim gave us

 a set of security cameras 

and the boys installed them 

while they were here.  

They also gave us an instrument to block those pesky robo calls

 that we get so many of.  

We had one yesterday 

and I pushed the "block" button 

and it immediately shut it down.  

What a blessing! 

 Jake and Jacenda gave us a doggie DNA kit to send in for Rugby.  

We just sent it off so am anxious 

to find out what he is made of.  

Speaking of Rugby, 

he was very sick this past week. 

 He had no energy and he finally stopped eating so we took him to the vet 

and after x-rays and blood tests and an assortment of meds

 found out that he had eaten 

a bunch of tinsel 

from off the Christmas tree. 

 Our pretty new Christmas tree turned out to be very expensive

 and we coined a new descriptive term: tinsellitious...

...but as you can see 

he is back to his fun little self 

and enjoying playtime

 with granddoggie, Bean. 

 Robin was performing her referee duties from just far enough. 

 She will not join in the playtime

 but she sure has a lot to say about it!

The cubbies are now lined up in each room 

waiting for the final decorations 

to be put away. 

 Now on to some long awaited projects

 and a clean house,

 hopefully, sooner than later.  

I apologize for poor picture quality

 but just wanted to get off a short message to let you know 

that I am still alive and kicking and trying to get back on track.

Hope all is well with everyone.


 "Whew, now we can finally sleep!"

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023



In the past, 

I have been known to look back

 over the last year 

to see what I wrote about then

 as compared to now.  

It sounds like a perfect plan and can be very informative at times.  

However, it usually is just a ploy

 to cover up the fact that 

I can't think of anything to write about. 

 So, this past week, 

I have looked back in time and found a post that was written

 right around this time last year 

and if history can be said to repeat itself,

 this is what that looks like.

The post dealt with a promise made (here) 

and if you can believe it,

 it is a promise that was made and fulfilled 

but now is broken again...

...another year, same situation.

It is after Christmas for most of you,

 but for us it hasn't happened yet. 

 I thought I would leave all the decorations up until our time came 

but it has been so long now that I finally started putting most things away. 

 I plan on leaving the tree up and decorated in the parlor 

but almost everything else 

will be packed up 

except those that just happen to fit

 the winter scheme.  

We have come up

 with the date of February 19 

so I am hopeful 

that will be when it happens.  

Poor Santa's head must be spinning, 

wondering when this was

 all going to take place.


 It will be just

 that much sweeter when it does.

Sunday morning it started to snow.  

It does look pretty

 but probably won't last too long.  

That is the way it is around here.  

It is beautiful looking out the window

 but it is very cold so 

lighting the fires. the candles and lamps, 

seem to make it a more enjoyable situation.

I went back to the eye doctor yesterday

 after seven weeks

 from my last appointment. 

 My tests show

 such improvement each time 

that I now don't

 have to go back for ten weeks.  

He is hoping that

 I can have a laser treatment then 

and might not have to have 

any more injections.  

That would be a good thing!

I am down to only two more rooms of Christmas decorations to be put away

 so I think I am right on schedule.  

Hope you all are staying warm and cozy 

and while you are celebrating 

Valentine's Day, 

I will be thinking of you! 

 I might even add a few hearts to the Christmas tree!


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Tuesday, January 10, 2023



Believe it or not, 

we still haven't had our Christmas celebration with the kids.

  Our first go-round was scheduled a week before actual Christmas 

but due to illness we postponed it until two weeks after Christmas. 

 As you have probably heard, 

Northern California had some

 pretty nasty storms 

and the kids were actually put under a voluntary evacuation in their areas.

  We had some snow

 and lots of rain and high winds, 

although we didn't lose our power.

  All and all there were some

 pretty bad spots 

between where they were 

and where we are, 

so we decided 
better safe than sorry.
 We are now expecting 
more bad weather 
during the coming week.

We will plan again for a date that is right for the kids and their work schedules. 

 We can't help but think

 that this is the first time in over 60 years 

that we haven't spent time 

together at Christmas.

In the meantime, 

I won't take all of the Christmas decorations down for now. 

 I know that at the time up until Christmas, 

I have always been so happy to bring out all the decorations 

and always comment that I wish it could be Christmas all year long. 

 But as the new year enfolds,

 I do get antsy to put away the stuff and give everything a fresh start. 

 I will take my time packing up

 and for sure

 I will leave the trees with

 their pretty twinkle lights 

in place for as long as needed.

At this point, 

I have cleaned up the parlor mantel

 although I have left the garland, 

minus all the Christmas,

 now set up for a long winter 

with white winter berries and snowballs.

 It certainly looks like winter 

outside the Cottage 

so might as well add a little to the inside.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas

 and are in the process of

 enjoying the new year so far.

  I expect we will all have

 some unsettled weather 

throughout the rest of winter,

 but here is to being

 safe, healthy and warm inside.


"Winter, a lingering season,
is a time to gather golden moments,
embark upon a sentimental journey,
and enjoy idle hours."

John Boswell

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Tuesday, December 20, 2022



We did have a small amount of

 snow covering our rooftops 

and we also had the miracle of lots of rain. 

 The perfect setting for 

a light filled Christmas tour.

  Everything is calm, everything is bright, 

 all the lamps are lit 

and the stoves are alight. 

 It is warm and cozy 

just the way Christmas should be.

 The fragrance of the holidays

 is carried throughout, 

and the Cottage sparkles 

with the promise of Christmas magic. 

 I can't believe

 that the big day is almost here 

but, for now,

 there is a small space left 

for peace and quiet

 and taking time to take a breath 

and celebrate this

 beautiful winter holiday season.

We will start the candlelight tour 

in the place we last left,



We were planning on having

 Christmas dinner with the kids on Sunday,

 but Tami came down with a bad cold,

 she tested negative for Covid,

 but still felt miserable 

and didn't want to take the chance

 of passing it on to the rest of us

 so we put our plans off

 until they can all get 

their working schedules in a good place.  

To us, it doesn't matter, 
as long as we are all well and together. 
 So while everyone else  will have
  finished their celebrations, 
we will still be looking ahead 
with joyful anticipation. 
 That just means 
I can keep the decorations up
 a little longer.  

I think we will bundle up 

and take a ride to see 

the Christmas lights in town...

...the stars will still be shining...

...just like the sign says.




Now we are back where we started 

all those weeks ago. 

 Time does have a way of moving on 

and what was a beautiful beginning 

is now close to ending, 

although still beautiful.

  The memories are what is now important 

and we will cherish and hold them dear 

for the rest of forever.

I will leave you now 

with blessed wishes for a new good year 

and will return

 before the winter is over.  

Thank you all for your continuing friendships and kind words. 

 You all, and the writing of this blog, 

are wonderful joys in my life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...


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