Tuesday, October 12, 2021



If you were to go through my cupboards rooms, 

you would find a story as old as time itself. 

Too much stuff and no place to put it!  

I am not a hoarder, 

at least not as defined

 in the well known TV series, 

but I do like to collect stuff

 and to that end, I do a great job!

 The getting rid of stuff is where the problem comes in,

and it certainly doesn't help matters 

when a good size storage place 

goes out of business, 

so to speak...

...now it wasn't your typical storage place, 

it was our motorhome.  

We got rid of it and, believe it or not, 

all that clunking and tinkling as we 

drove down the road 

wasn't loose fittings - 

it was cabinets filled with

 glassware, china, 

and a lot of pretties...

...you see, 

I don't like using paper products 

as far as eating and drinking goes,

 except maybe on an occasional picnic, 

and that goes double

 when we were on "vacation".

All the cupboards in the motorhome 

were filled with 

pretty glassware and dishes,

 none expensive because 

when I am on "vacation" 

my joy is spending time at

 Home Goods, Ross's or thrift stores

 along the route 

where I always managed to 

find a few things!

Nothing was more fulfilling to me 

than relaxing, sleeping and dining 

in a pretty space.

But, what happens when that space 

no longer belongs to you

 and you might be a bit of a "gatherer",

 and you have to unload

 all that stuff?...

...we looked at each other and 

He said: 

"Remember that old

 pantry/pie safe cupboard 

that we have had forever

 out in the garage"?

  She said: 

 "But, that is so ugly 

and where would it fit in the Cottage"?

So, as collectors often do, 

we dragged that old derelict cupboard

into the kitchen 

and, by golly, 

we made it work.

There aren't too many walls in the Cottage 

equipped to take on

 an old derelict cupboard 

and who needs an eight foot window

 in the kitchen anyway? 

So it took up residence.  

With a little bit of paint 

and a wire to hold it straight, 

and a bunch of pretties 

to camouflage the rest, 

I now have a place to put 

my seasonal dishes, 

and that freed up room in other places 

to put all the extra stuff. 

 Where there is a will,

 there is always a way!

I have been a long time follower of

 the Susan Branch Blog. 

 I love her style, her spirit and

 her kind and generous soul. 

 I also love how she

 punctuates her words 

with her illustrations. 

 It is all pure magic. 

 In her latest post 

I learned something that I wasn't aware of. 

 Evidently there is a fast moving

 new trend in decorating going around. 

 Her description of it, and I quote:


"It's a world like your grandma's house 

where life is more whimsical and magical

 in an imagined past full of good things". 


She gives it the name of

 Granny Chic or Cottagecore. 

 While I have been decorating like this

 for a long while,

 I am so glad that it has caught on...

It is speaking my language!

So now the kitchen is dressed for fall 

and the project I told you about 

has been accomplished. 

 Remember, I said it wasn't a big deal, 

only something a bit old and sweet

 so I hope you aren't disappointed.  

Come along on the tour at your leisure. 

 You have seen it enough times by now

 that no words are needed:

We have had this cupboard 
for about 40 years. 
 It looks to us that it was
 a homemade piece. 
 It is made of redwood and the stain 
put on it made it very dark. 
 We always thought we would do
 something with it 
but all those years ago 
it was not a good thing to paint old wood 
so it got lost in the shuffle.

The original cupboard

 had screen in the doors. 

 It was shredded 

so we replaced it with

 two faux tin panels.

Another little inexpensive thing 

we have added, 

gives a bit of ambiance

 to the kitchen at night.

  I know most people use these little under the counter lights for task lighting,

 but I am only here for the pretty

 and that's what they do for me...

...they are so cute

 and I ordered them out of a catalog

 for just $13 for six.

You have heard me say before 
that I am not a fan of LED lighting, 
but I added some lamp light into the mix 
and they don't look as harsh and cold.

Who knows how long they will last, 

but they will have done for me

 just exactly what I expected them to do.

Now I have managed to fill

 a few rooms with autumn 

and I hope that you enjoyed seeing them. 

 There is still time to 

sit back and enjoy them 

before everything changes again.  

I might not like to admit it

 but you know that is going to happen 

and I am already fantasizing 

about seeing a gingerbread house 

under those little lights.

Hope you are having

 wonderful fun filled 

autumn days.


Tea for two
 in an autumn kitchen.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021



Whose coming to dine?


Autumn has come to Gold Country Cottage 

and the dining room is the one room which begs for it. 

 The red walls are the perfect foil 

for the oranges, bronzes and golds 

of fall.

Nothing fits the scheme better 

than a mismatch of faux stems covered in colorful leaves and berries

 along with the soft light of a country lamp

 shining down on an old crow..

...and two pumpkins, 

one made from an old sweater

 and the other from plaid flannel 

covering a roll of TP,

 sitting on a bed of

 autumn leaves.

The main decoration that draws your eye 

is the large painted sign, a gift from our kids, 

underlined with an old shelf full of tiny platters and pitchers 

and an edging of more autumn leaves.

On top of the table

 is a country carrier filled to the brim 

with pumpkins, grasses,

 dried hydrangeas and sunflowers 

and rusty candlesticks holding burnt orange candles 

encased in large clear glass hurricanes.

A view 

from the dining room

 into the sitting room...

...and the view

 from the kitchen 

into the dining room.

 Next week will be the kitchen's turn at autumn dressing 

and you will see the project we have been working on. 

 As I said before,

 don't expect a big deal, 

but just something fun, old and sweet.

Here is the latest update on Kai.

  He had another day of testing and is doing well with it. 

 I don't know the medical terminology for any of it,

 but he is at around 400 and the vet wants him down to 200. 

 She says he is responding very well so far 

and has upped his insulin dosage to 4 units 

and she will increase it very slowly until he is where he should be. 

 So far, so good. 

 He is a little trooper and takes his shots very well.

 He gives the needle the evil eye but with no complaints.  

The only complaining is done by "mom"

 as she has to get up at 6:00 AM every morning!

My back is still giving me fits 

so I am moving quite slowly these days. 

 Looking forward to getting our booster Covid shots. 

 We both took the Moderna so have to wait until one is approved.

Oh, My, Goodness! 

 Look who it is! 

 Bitty Morsel and  Sweet Gertie

 have stopped by to wish you all well 

and hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather.

Have a wonderful week!


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Tuesday, September 28, 2021



Autumn is actually here and what a treat. 

 Most of us have been anxious for this day

 and now let us just enjoy it. 

 Already the Christmas magazines

 are hitting the news stands

and while I will admit 

that I have already pulled some out of the many I have hoarded over the years 

and have begun dreaming, 

in the clear light of day 

I am paying close attention to fall.

This week the spot light 

is on the sitting room.

  I did mention to someone that I am not putting as much out this year

 and even though it appears 

that I might be telling a little white lie,

 I'm really not.  
There are still full boxes of decorations 
that I didn't even open.
  Maybe I will make good 
on the promise to myself
 of giving some up this year
 but, then again, 
that might continue to be
 a hopeless task.

The same old tried and true

 oversized flower arrangement 

is stuck into a different vessel.  

The addition of sprigs 

of little velvet pumpkins

 along with amber glassware 

make it autumn worthy.

It appears that the farm truck 

just backed up and dumped 

a few velvet pumpkins. 

 There is no rhyme or reason 

as to the styling, 

just displaying their elegance 

without taking themselves too seriously.

The shelf over the sofa is 

basically the same as last year.  

A new painted quilt square

 blends in with the paint-by-number art

 and a tiny velvet pumpkin 

managed to escape the chaos

 over on the sideboard.

My great-grandmother's pieced quilt top

 adorns the back of the sofa

 and the pillows all blend into

 the colors of the season 

while an arrangement of

 hydrangeas and ivy,

 freshly picked 

from the ending summer garden, 

sits on the wagon.

Jacenda is now working 
at the VA hospital 
and she is impressed and liking it so far. 
She will be spending time 
in different departments,
 all associated with the hospital, 
learning the job in each one 
and then moving onto the next. 
 After a certain amount of time
 she will be able to pick her preference
 and stay in that position. 
She and Jake are doing well 
and have already started
 to add to their little family...

...meet Bean,
 our new little great-grand dogger.
 She is a Boston Terrier 
and is nine weeks old. 
 They will be traveling 
to Oregon this weekend 
to pick her up. 
 We are anxious to meet her.
She looks very sweet 
and I love her already.

When we first took up residence
 in the Cottage
 over 30 years ago, 
most of the people that we met
 knew and remembered 
Miss Elizabeth Garland. 
 She was an elementary school teacher and the first lady of the Cottage. 
 She was soft spoken and practical, 
and she dwelled here for many years
 with a loving heart. 
 I have felt her presence many times 
but for the first time, the other evening,
 I was privileged to see her.

I was in the sitting room, 

looking into the parlor,

 and there her reflection appeared in a framed painting on the wall. 

 I stared at it for quite awhile, 

until I could be certain. 

 I was amazed at how clear she looked,

 her gown befitting someone dressed 

for a special occasion.

Now, someone more practical than I 

might argue it was just the reflection of a lamp from across the room, 

but I know what I saw 

and now it is clear to me 

that it is true that voices from the past

 do linger on in an old Cottage. 

 There are always secrets to be heard 

and memories to share.

I hope you will all
 enjoy the beautiful fall days 
to come.


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