Tuesday, March 13, 2018


While we are still in 
the throes of winter...
and sunshine, literally, 
may be hard to come by...
we can always find 
some brightness
 by basking in the light of
those we love and 
taking pleasure in all that 
we are blessed with.

My all time favorite photograph
 is of Jake and the Captain 
at Jake's first Easter egg hunt. 
 By this time,
 the Captain had already 
seen a few!...

 here they are:  
One just turned 80 years old 
and one will be graduating in June
 with his masters degree...
You've come a long way

My dear sister, Sid,
 by the time she reads this,
 will be through
 with her radiation treatments and 
will be free and clear
 from breast cancer. 


I finally splurged 
and bought some down-filled pillow inserts.
  Now my cheap (under $5) pillow covers 
look like a
 million bucks!

Since Kai came into our lives 
and brought so much needed sunshine, 
along with a couple of cases of sun burn,
 we have known that
 he had an issue of weakness 
in his hind quarters.

 He came out of a shelter 
and we weren't privvy to 
what he could have possibly endured 
in his early life.
Was he mistreated,
 or in an accident, 
or is it his genetic makeup,
 because of
 his short legs and longer body?

We really can't know for sure 
but the problem is increasing.

 We took him to the vet 
when his back legs became weak 
and were dragging when he walked. 
 We could tell if was painful for him.

 After x-rays, 
we learned that he has a lot of 
arthritis throughout his spine 
and seven vertebrae affected 
with some almost fused together.  

He is now on pain meds 
that seem to be doing well for him and, 
hopefully, this will last.

  He is about nine years old, 
has a heart murmur 
and any surgery 
would be very intense.

He is a happy little guy
 and still brings 
so much joy and light 
into our lives and 
we shall see where this goes for now.

Along with a
 "bobble head"
 he now has...

"wobble butt".

All these things 
keep the sun shining
 in our lives and
 will continue to make us happy 
even when 
the gray skies are gone.

In the meantime...

Butterscotch Bunny 
wishes you all,
 my dear sunshiny friends,

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


This little Magic Man 
accomplished what
 he was sent here to do, 
which was to bring some
 much needed winter wonderland 
to my world...

...but like all good things, 
this too shall pass 
and as seasons change,
 so do conversations.

While this conversation 
is slowly fading,
are taking its place,

...what better way 
than to say it 
with flowers.

I have had this 
plain faux eucalyptus wreath
 for some time. 
 In honor of the coming spring,
 it has been transformed
 with bits and pieces of
 little faux flowers.
  I did not glue 
any of them in 
as this wreath is really pretty 
on its own 
and I will still be able
 to change it for
 another occasion...

...set upon
 a pretty dresser scarf 
from the 40's...

...along with
 a cheery statement
 from Home Goods...

...a warm entry,
 coming in from 
the cold!

A perfect 
farmhouse setting...

...for a 
quiet dinner...

...with the language 
of blue and white...

...and a spongeware pitcher 
full of pickings 
from the garden 
mixed with store bought
 country flowers.

At the end of the day,
 when Old Man Winter 
tries his best 
to get his foot back in the door, 
what could be better 
than a comfortable rocking chair,
 in a warm room,
 with a bright bouquet 
and a cup of tea?

There is no better way 
to lift the spirits,
 so start a 
meaningful conversation 
and say it
 with flowers.


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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


We interrupt 
this regularly scheduled report 
to bring you 
breaking news:


As The Captain and Kai
 were leaving on their 
usual morning walk at 5:30 AM on Monday,
 it was beginning to snow.  
It stopped at exactly 8:50 AM 
and this is what 
we were left with...

It was beautiful,
 it was cold 
according to Kai...

...it was fun...

he actually had 
to put his feet in it! 
 It was a fast track
 to his business
 and back!

back to our
 regularly scheduled 

Did you watch the Olympics? 

 When the kids were young 
we would sit down as a family
 and watch them all, 
mainly summer games
 as those were the sports 
that the kids liked 
and were involved in,
 but I have always 
been in awe of the figure skaters
 so that is my most 
favorite part of the games.

 We did watch the opening ceremonies
 and they were really 
grand and beautiful. 
 In the few things 
that we did see, 
I think South Korea
 did a wonderful job.

 The USA 
didn't pick up as many gold medals
 as they have in the past
 but the curling team 
women's hockey 
were spectacular.

Our weather
 has been so erratic
 around here lately. 
One day it will be bright and sunny,
 even smelling like spring,
 and then the next day
 might be dark, dreary and raining.

 I decided 
that we should have
 our own golden moments 
so that we can take advantage of 
those spring like days 
when they go missing.

Some gold 
and other light hues 
have been added to
 the garland...

...and a big gathering 
of springtime blossoms, 
in an old transferware pitcher,
 take center stage on
 the parlor mantle...

...along with 
a chorus line of 
cute bunnies.

A wreath of eggs 
and a few nesting related items 
spell out the place where
 we all feel 
most comfortable...

The sofa and wagon 
look basically the same 
as last week with only a
couple of exceptions...

The second pillow
 on the left side 
is one that I picked up at 
Home Goods awhile back 
and was turned over 
to the back side 
last week:

Such a sweet 
little addition to 
the pretty pillow.

I picked up a 
small bunch of daffodils 
at Trader Joe's
 as I have only had one 
from my garden so far.

I thought it would be fun 
to set the game table 
for a casual brunch.

 It is a very simple setting, 
not in the least fancy...

...almost everything 
on this table comes from 
Home Goods and
 I think the little "chirp" bowls
and the S&P chick shakers 
are so sweet.

Between the light
 coming in from the windows,
 the warmth of the stove, 
and the elegance of 
the long tablecloth
 this feels like something
 a little more special 
than it is. 

The report is
 that we should expect
 more snow on 
Wednesday and then, again, on Saturday 
but the sun is shining brightly
 on the snow today 
so until then...



He's magic!!

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