Tuesday, June 11, 2024


As I was going over past thoughts in order to not repeat myself too much, 

I noticed that I have been signing off sometimes with "until next time". 

 The reason being that I am not always entirely sure when I will be back. 

 Whereas, in the past, I was posting once a week, come rain or shine,

 I am finding that I don't have as much new content to share these days 

and it doesn't do for me to show the same thing 
over and over again.

The last time I posted

 the garden was really just coming into its own...

...now the valerian is almost bloomed out 

and the coreopsis is so heavy with blossoms

 that it is hard to hold up its bright petals.  

The old school phlox is getting tall and will be ready to shine once again very soon. 

 Things they are a changing.

In life, as in all things, change is to be expected. 

 We all know that, but what we don't ever think about is how quickly change and time happens. 

 At first it seems that it is a long time away but then it sneaks up on you

 and you are left to wonder where did it all go?  

We all do, and will, go through it.  If we are lucky 
we have mostly good memories to show for it 

and that is what we should hold on to.  

If not, it can really take a toll on how you look
 at this amazing life you live 

and it can all go downhill pretty quickly.

  You might forget all the good things and quickly find that the bad things are taking center stage now. 

 The Captain and I are very lucky in the fact that we still have pretty good health

 in our golden (on the way to rust!) years. 

 He has been having trouble with his knee and has seen the doctor for it. 

The doc is amazed that he is only on one medication for his age.  That is to be celebrated.  

I get a shot in my eye which has now been carried up to 13 weeks apart,

that keeps me seeing and that is a very big celebration.

  The usual aches and pains associated with age are abundant

 and keep us from doing some things that a few short years ago were just taken for granted and although sometimes frustrating, we feel very fortunate.


My point in telling you all this is that very much like our garden,

 we are just going through the stages of life 

and will continue to flourish in spite of it all.

You have all seen the "Hoarder" shows on TV, 
I'm sure.  

They focus on someone who just can't seem to help keeping all that they can get their hands on

 and not letting go of any of it. 

 One certain item that I have never seen though, is this...

...does this not look like a hoarder's dream to you?   

Every time the Captain goes to Starbucks he gets two cups of coffee 

with these green sticks, so the coffee won't splash out on the ride home. 

 He has been a coffee aficionado 
since I have known him. 

 He will, and does, drink any cup of coffee
 he can get his hands on
 and loves every one of them. 

 I, on the other hand, don't usually like plain coffee
 but I do love a good caramel latte. 
 Unbeknownst to me,
 he has been saving these sticks. 
Why, you ask? 
 I can't even imagine
 in what world
 he might need these. 

 He can't answer that question either
 but today it gave him the opportunity to count them,

 times cups of coffee bought, 

and come up with a reason why we shouldn't go to Starbucks any more...$$$. 

 I have googled how to make a caramel latte and will soon try my hand at making them. 

 It will save money in the long run and, hopefully, do away with the Captain's hoarding problem.  

I seem to do enough of that for the both of us!
 (Just ask him).

Such is life as it goes 

round and round.

Until next time.  

Stay cool and enjoy the summer that is almost here.


I have added some new paintings here,

 one which has actually turned out to be frame worthy.

  It will stay until something better might come along.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Hello Everyone! 

 Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  

We want to thank

 all the men and women who fought, 

and continue to fight so valiantly,

 so that we can still enjoy 

our rights to a free country. 

 Please don't let it be in vain.

The valerian is standing proud and bright 

and adds some beautiful patriotic color 

to the holiday garden.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful.  

Very balmy with a little breeze.

  An opportune time for some 

work in the garden and some porch sitting. 

 Here at the Cottage we feel so lucky 

to have a morning porch and a night time porch...

...the morning porch, 

otherwise known as the front porch, 

is the perfect place to sit 

and enjoy a first cup of coffee

 but as the day wears on the mosquitoes come out 

and then it can be a very unpleasant place to be...

...that is when we move to the screened porch

 and life becomes bearable again.

When the sun goes down

 the screened porch is really pretty

 with the twinkle lights

 and the ivy in the background

 in the Secret Garden.

We took a trip to the nursery last week 

and found a few things to add to the garden...

...some Batchelor Buttons...

...tiny zinnias...

...and cosmos.

The coreopsis that was planted a couple of years ago

 keeps returning and this year

 the buds are bigger than ever.

Everything is mixing in well 

with the Valerian, Old School Phlox,

 Lavender and California poppies 

so hopefully it will all be 

bright and beautiful in no time.

The Grand Illumination has returned.

Hope everyone is well 

and until next time...


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Tuesday, May 7, 2024


Yesterday we had rain. 

 Yes, we did.  

Last night we were supposed to have snow. 

 No, we didn't. 

 Today we have sunshine again. 

 So far we still are.

  The weather score card is hard to keep up with

 and is not something you can count on.

As of last week, 

we had a wonderful view through lace curtains 

and thought the upcoming weekend could include 

a fun trip to the nursery 

for a head start on some summer color 

but, instead,

 the lilac bush which was full of beautiful blooms, 

was barely holding up under rain and wind

 and the Cecil Brunner was wishing,

 I'm sure,

 it had stayed under cover a while longer.

In honor of spring 

our little town has decorated the main street 

and it really looks pretty. 

 During the height of Covid,

 restaurants added tables on the sidewalk

 so that they wouldn't have to close their doors. 

 It was well received

 so it was decided to close off the whole street, permanently,

 by adding cobblestones, planters 

and places to walk, shop and dine without cars. 

 The only problem is

 that parking is limited around the area 

so don't know how it will hold up over the long run. 

 My friends and I don't go to lunch

 in the downtown area for that reason.

Corn Flowers 

but I grew up calling them Bachelor Buttons

Nothing too exciting going on around here

 so I have been practicing painting...

I have tried tulips many times 

and only have this one to show for it.

I think I am getting the hang of the sunflower

 but know this can be much better.

 California poppies

 in case you were wondering.


my favorite so far.

I think I enjoy painting Bachelor Buttons the best.

At least I am drawing them all freehand now. 

 If that means I'm improving, I'll take it. 

 It seems to be three steps forward 

and one step back 

but it still is a fun way to spend my time.

Have a wonderful week.


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Tuesday, April 23, 2024


"Standing on the corner 

watching all the girls cars go by"

The Captain said these words this morning,

 "Rugby and I are going to go stand on the corner 

and watch all the cars go by" 

which made me think of this old Dean Martin song. 

 Of course, one word in the title of the song is changed from the original

 but in my mind it made sense for the title of this post.

We, as a neighborhood,

 have been trying for the last few years

 to get the city to do something on our street 

to slow the traffic down. 

 I guess it was named Race Street for a reason. 

 We pleaded, to no avail, for speed bumps. 

 They did stencil 25 mph on the street, 

which was washed off when the first rains came, 

and installed a few signs saying slow down, 

but when you are pushing a large vehicle 

at a high rate of speed 

who has time to read some silly little sign?

  In the last month 

they started digging up the asphalt 

and we were all excited to see what was happening 

and when we found out

 they were putting in a speed bump AND a crosswalk,

 we were overjoyed. 

 With all the on and off again rains

 it was a longer process

 but yesterday it finally was finished.

The speed bump IS the crosswalk. 

 The city workers put big bright orange signs 

up and down the street saying "BUMP"

 so for now, cars are slowing down, 

just dipping their toes in the water

 to see how it feels to go over a speed bump, 

but by the looks of things 

I give them a few days to get used to it

 and then move back to their old ways...! 

 As you can see,

 after the speed bump, in both directions, 

there is a long stretch of street 

where you can make up any time

 that you might have lost

 slowing down for the bump 

and drivers have already figured that one out! 

 I don't think it will make a very strong statement when it comes to solving the problem.

  Hopefully, I'm wrong, but we shall see.

In other news, 

the front garden is greening up nicely.  

We are having some nice weather now 

so with the amount of rain that we had

 plus the sun shining brightly in between, 

the weeds are coming out in full force also.

"Weeds are flowers too, 

once you get to know them."

Winnie The Pooh, A.A. Milne

In spite of the weeds,

 the Valerian is bursting out in blooms...

...the Old School Phlox 

is a mass of green before

 the white clouds of flowers come on...

...the dainty Lily of the Valley 

is beginning to peek out of the green leaves...

...the Lady Banks is starting to shine...

...Cecil Brunner is soaking up the sunshine...

...and above them all

is the gorgeous lilac

 starting to show off.

Before all of the above happened

 the buds of the Lady Banks

 were peeking into the parlor window. 

I thought this shot was interesting 

as it shows the flaws in the original Cottage windows. 

 Most of the Cottage's windows are still original 

and even though it is not exactly energy efficient,

 they are just too wonderful to change. 

 Some "old" features need to be changed, 

but, in my opinion,

 this is not one of them.

The blooms on the inside of the Cottage

 are coming forth

 and I have chosen a new pillow cover

 with the prettiest and cheerful 

embroidered daisies on it...

...another happy purchase from Temu

 with a $6 price tag.

I started putting this post together a few days ago

 and, guess what, 

the weather is still beautiful and sunny. 

 We might have made it after all.

Have a wonderful week.


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