Tuesday, September 18, 2018


The beginning of autumn
 is just around the corner.

 A new beginning 
when the crops are coming into maturity
 and the tones of nature 
take on the vibrant hues of Fall.

  The nights are turning colder
 and the days, although still warm, 
have a mellowness about them 
that has us wishing 
it was like this 
all year long.

The crepe myrtle as it was at the end of summer last year

Leaves have been lightly falling 
but soon the countryside will be awash 
with the soft carpet of bright colors 
and the skies will be
 all the bluer 
in contrast to the 
empty branches.

More time 
will be spent indoors now
 as the evenings get shorter...

...and pots of
 heavenly stews and soups 
will fill the air with
 the last aromas of
 the Farmer's Market...

...an old pitcher,
 bearing the signs of the harvest,
 will hold some late 
summer offerings...

...and all creatures, 
animal and human alike,
 will be scurrying to get settled 
before the cold winter winds 
start to blow.

New beginnings are happening for 
Jake and Jacenda.
Jake is almost through 
with his probationary period at Kaiser 
and when that is over
 he will be working from 
home three days a week 
and traveling the other two days.

  Jacenda has a bit more schooling 
and is doing volunteer work, 
getting closer to her
 nursing degree.

They just moved into 
their first home together 
and we went down to help.  
I took a picture of the boys 
taking the camper shell off of Tim's truck 
and then...
I totally forgot
 to take any more pictures!

 Their place is so nice.  
It only has had one other tenant 
since it was built
 and looks brand new.  
It is a small, one bedroom 
but just the right size for the two of them. 
 The next time we go down, 
I will take photos to share.

Here is some late summer sunshine 
coming through the windows, 
bringing with it new beginnings 
for one of the most beautiful times 
of the year.

 We look forward to 
those moments.


The last rose of summer

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018


As you may have noticed, 
this garland with all the dried pieces,
 was displayed 
on the dining room table last week (here).

  What I didn't know at the time
 was that the kids were coming up 
for the Labor Day weekend, 
so I had to remove it 
to set the table for dinner.

 Our table came out of 
an old miner's boardinghouse
 and was made specifically 
for that setting. 
 It is long and narrow and,
 though a large decoration 
down the middle is attractive,
 with the addition of china and food,
 it is not very practical...

...so I just picked it up 
and simply draped it 
over the parlor mantle 
with the thought of just 
getting it out of the way 
and as so often happens, 
this turned out to be 
the perfect spot for it.

With the addition of 
a few old, tarnished brass candlesticks, 
the sunflowers are continuing 
to shine 
throughout the Cottage.

The entry is dressed up 
with a few pieces 
that have come out of the
backs of the cupboards.
  A pitcher, a wreath, 
and some dried grasses,
 all adorned 
with a sprinkling of

Here is a repeat performance,
 brought back by popular demand,
 by the sunflowers, of course! 
 The kitchen table, 
as it was, last year.  
The addition of blue and white 
makes the 
gold of the sunflowers 
stand out.

Speaking of blue,
remember the Captain's
 morning glory 
we planted at 
the beginning of summer?...

...this is how much 
it has grown.
  It has done well...

...and adds a bit of color 
(although the sun is very bright today
 and tends to wash it out) 
to the waning summer 
front garden, 
with nary a sunflower in sight!


At this time 
I would like to acknowledge 
the men and women who lost their lives
 on September 11, 2001.

It doesn't seem possible 
that seventeen years have passed.

Blessings to those 
who are doing their jobs 
to keep us safe
 and hope
 that it never happens again.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018


All that glitters
 is not always gold,
 but as long as the sun is shining,
 we hold a special place 
in our hearts 
for the summertime
 that is here and now 
and for the memories 
that we will cherish 
long after it is gone.

 As we continue on with 
the Sunflower Summer,
 a few that have graced
 the vases of Gold Country Cottage,
 now lay on the kitchen sill (above),
 waiting to dry, 
to be added into 
a wreath or a garland 
that will continue on 
and add cheer
 to a wall or a door 
of the Cottage.

On the kitchen table, Goatzie
 is pulling a bounty of sunflowers 
that will also be a part of
 the fall and harvest crafting
 that will be taking place 
along with the 
goldenrod drying 
in the spongeware pitcher.

Another flower 
that will join the sunflowers
 will be the hydrangeas.
  They dry easily 
and add just 
the right color and texture 
of another kind.

Down the center
 of the dining room table,
 lays the garland mentioned above.
  As the sunflowers dry,
 they and other bits of dried material
 will be added, 
making it a centerpiece 
of the autumn experience 
at the Cottage.

As the garland lays on the table, 
the bits and pieces of summer
 are placed just so
 to form an autumn image. 
 When the eye is satisfied 
with the results,
 a bit of hot glue will be used 
to add them permanently in place
 where they can shine....

...and just like sunflowers 
standing tall beside a garden gate, 
they will conform to the season 
and continue shining 
until the harvest is in
 and the sun sets.


I hope everyone enjoyed 
a fun filled Labor Day weekend.

 Tim, Tami and Rosie 
came up and 
while Rosie and Kai sat on the couch,
 ignoring each other,
 Tim set the old folks up with
 WiFi and Netflix.

 What would we do without them. 
They continually watch over us and,
 slowly but surely,
 are bringing us into this century.

 We are so appreciative.

 Thank you, Tim and Tami,
 for all you do for us.

 As per your instructions,
 we are planning out the days
 and getting up off the couch 
 every two hours.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Some of us wake up happy 
and some of us wake up in the doldrums. 
 Some can shake it off 
and some have to let the world know 
just how bad they feel. 
 Few of us
 have to make it a headline, however,
 but then some of us
 are more sensitive 
than others!

A little smile 
to start your morning off right.

 While having coffee 
and reading the morning paper,
 I noticed that Kai 
had fallen asleep on one of the pages. 
 It was too good 
 a photo-op 
to pass up.

I shared this shelf last week
 but have since added 
two little white vases 
I picked up at a thrift store.
  They remind me of some 
of the cute touches that Joanna Gaines
 shows in her collection, 
but for the great price
 of $1 each.

Here is my breakdown
 of the changing seasons
 and how they evolve around here.

Each season can usually be seen 
through the eyes of the sofa.

Summer decorating 
starts right around Memorial Day 
and follows into July 4th...

...then in almost August
 the summer turns into
 beach weather...

...at the end of 
August and throughout September, 
at the very beginning 
when it starts feeling
 like fall to me,
 before the pumpkins 
and the sheaves of wheat 
or the witches and goblins,
Come the

A large pot of faux 
just adds
 another spot of sunshine 
and picks up the colors 
from the little pillow 
across the way.

This is the "cheap" pillow
 that started it all.  
You are my Sunshine,
 a description that fits 
so many wonderful facets 
of my life...

...and here is another 
of the "2 for 1" pillows 
that are turning (no pun intended) out to be 
so handy for me 
when wanting needing 
to use so many pillows.

This sweet little guy
 is not one of the "cheap" ones.
  It comes from Pier One
 but I did get it on sale. 
 It works nicely with
 the blue side chairs
 and is a little spot of fanciness
 added to the scene.

I guess 
there is ALWAYS room
 for one more!

The Sun is Shining
Oh, Happy Days

Look what my sweet Captain 
just brought for me -
 just because!

More summer sunflower days to come.


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