Tuesday, February 24, 2015


According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language,
 the definition of sprinter is 
a person running a short race at top speed.

According to My Mind's Dictionary of the Uneventful Imagination,
 the definition of sprinter is 
the time of year when the calender says it is officially winter,
 but it is trying very hard to pass for spring...
therefore, the combination of
 Spring + Winter = Sprinter!

One of the iconic signs of spring is sheep in the meadows,
 with their offspring cavorting around them.

"White sheep, white sheep
on a blue hill,/ 
when the wind stops/
 you all stand still."

Christina Rossetti

Lambs are used in all aspects of 
describing springtime
 and new beginnings...

...as a symbol of newborn sweetness
 on a nursery dish...

...in a fairy tale setting 
of stuffed animals, nursery rhymes,
 tea parties, and children's story books...

...on vintage post cards portraying Easter messages...

...and following Mary to school.

These lambs have been a part of my life
 since I made them 
over forty years ago.

As a young wife and mother,
 I wanted to have a little extra spending money of my own
 to buy the things that I enjoyed 
and used to fix up our home...
so we invested in a kiln 
and I went to work.

That was right at the peak of the French country decorating style
 that was prevalent in the late 1970's.
  All white animals
 from pigs to chickens to cows and beyond 
were the decorating trend. 
 It was a popular take-off 
on French faience pottery. 
 I sold a lot of these animals,
 among other pieces, 
and they were the reason I could realize my independence,
 buy the things I wanted 
and be able to stay home
 while the kids were growing up.

For some reason
 these lambs are the only things that have stayed on
 and have become regular members
 of our family.

They have spent
 many a year outdoors,
 mainly as front porch decorations...

...to celebrate spring...

...during Memorial Day celebrations and on through Independence Day...

...as the leaves were changing...

...and the coming of Christmas.

They have spent a very limited amount of time 
in the house
 but over the forty year span, 
they have mainly graced 
the porches and the gardens
 of two houses.

They have not always been 
treated kindly over the years. 
 They have sat out in their share of rain and snow storms
 and, needless to say,
 a few ears and tails have been knocked off
 and glued back on.

All that has changed,
in this time of "Sprinter". 
 On a trip to the market
 where all sorts of beautiful spring blooms are abundant 
and a new pom-pom maker has fashioned
a wreath
 as soft as lamb's wool...

...the well deserving sheep
 have come back into the Cottage
 to a place of warmth
 and celebration...

...while the world outside
 is still trying
 to make up it's mind...

...is it spring 
or winter
around here?...

...or will it continue 
to remain 
"Forever Sprinter"?


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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Do you recall, 
years ago, 
there was a commercial on TV...

...before we had DVR's
 that allowed you to fast forward
 through such nonsense...

...about a woman 
with flowers and grasses 
protruding out of most every body cavity...

...while a loud, booming voice,
 coming out of the atmosphere,
 was heard stating...


Do you?

 Well, if so, keep that in mind,
 turn off your DVR 
and we will return
 after these messages...

Golden patches
 of wild mustard
 dot the hills...

Wild flowering trees
 are sporting beautiful blossoms 
that appear to be dancing
 out of the darkness
 of the sheltering forest...

A young willow 
shoots out tender branches
 against a barren landscape...

The surrounding hills 
are covered
 with a quilt of green velvet...

...and a new generation
 joins the family.

All of the above pictures
 were taken this past weekend 
while we took a ride in the country...
a ride that surely resembles
 the pleasures of Spring...

...this past weekend 
being in the month of February...

 being the month 
smack dab in the middle 
of Winter!

The sky was blue 
with only a hint of clouds...
the sun was shining...
and people were walking around
 in shorts and tank tops...

...while tiny wild flowers
 were trying hard 
to push out of
 the dry, thirsty earth.

 back to our regularly 
scheduled programming.

Maybe the old girl
 should have taken a page
 from her own book 
and the statement should be:


"I wish I were a primrose,/
 a bright yellow primrose/
 blowing in the spring!"

William Allingham


I hope you all 
had a lovely Valentine's Day.

 I wanted to share with you
 what my sweet husband made for me,
 all by himself,
 without even a tiny bit of hinting:

Thank you, Honey


First spring bloom from the Cottage garden.

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