Tuesday, August 15, 2023



It's me again! 

 Looking back I see that I haven't posted since late in May.  

I knew it had been awhile but, truthfully, I thought it had been longer than that. 

 Every week I think I am going to drop by and visit

 but then there always seems to be something come along the pike that puts it all on hold. 

 I know that some of you took your busy time to drop a comment

 and I didn't get back to you.  

My sincere apologies. 

 That was always something that I said I would never do.

Things have come and gone. 

 Things that are considered normal and things that you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy. ..

 The garden has bloomed its heart out

and now is starting to rest, 

moving towards the end of the season.

After 30+ years the Cottage deserved a new roof.  

It was something that needed to get done before another winter set in. 

 Here she is at the beginning of summer surrounded by her flower garden.  

She was looking pretty good down to her toes,

 but her head was only one breath of wind away from a giant gaping hole...

...now with the flowers almost gone, 

she is in much better shape to meet Old Man Winter. 

 She is now safe and prepared for whatever Mother Nature can throw at her 

but our pocket book is the real sufferer. 

 We had a new roof put on when we first bought the Cottage

 and it blows the mind as to how much prices have increased. 

 Our choice then was a very black shingle 

but over the course of the years it has toned down 

to almost the same color gray that we have now chosen.  

The only difference is all the missing and tattered shingles.

Jake and Jacenda got married. 

 We are hoping to get some pictures soon and I will share then.  

It was a beautiful wedding that took place 

under a canopy of trees, inside a walled garden, accompanied by a string quartet.

The day was absolutely beautiful, although bittersweet,

 as the Captain was not able to be there...

...a few weeks before the wedding, we had gone to the nursery. 

 It was just after Mother's Day and we were so happy to find 

this beautiful morning glory plant for the arbor. 

We hadn't been able to find one in years past and we were excited. 

 A worker put the pot into the car but the Captain had to remove it when we got home. 

 He felt a slight pain as he removed the can from the car.  

The pain got progressively worse as the day and night went on until his whole right side,

 from his waist down to his foot was affected.  

To make a long story short,

 he couldn't move, lay down or sit, without immense pain 

so a long car ride and a full day out was not something he could handle. 

 In his own words,

 "I had to wait 85 years for something like this to happen 

and it had to be at a special time in my only grandson's life."  

We were all devastated.

He is feeling much better now but had a MRI 

and it was the sciatic nerve that got messed up

 and he has severe stenosis between the fourth and fifth vertebra. 

 He has to completely rest and will be going to rehabilitation.  

There he will be treated as to the severity of his problem.  

Surgery is always a possibility but we are hoping that doesn't have to happen.

We hired a gardener to plant the morning glory and mow the lawn, etc.  

The Captain says

  We will have to keep him for another week, at least

 I say, 

Sorry Bud, he is here to stay!

Well, I guess that is enough sad stories for awhile. 

 I hope I don't wait so long to spend time with you again 

but I don't think it will be as often as I would like. 

 Things are very quiet around here 

and since the Captain needs to sit and rest, 

what can I do but sit and rest with him!?  

Nothing much else is happening even in the mode of decorating,

 so when something new occurs, I will let you know. 
 ( I don't think you would be too interested in all the TV shows we will get to watch.)

Stay well and happy and we are determined to do the same.


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