Tuesday, November 24, 2020



Thanksgiving is
 just a couple of days away.  
There is no need to say 
that we will be enjoying 
our Thanksgiving dinner
 separated from the ones we love. 
 We are all in this same boat.
 We will miss everyone 
but we will still be thankful 
for what we have and 
talk to each other over
 the phone, Skype, Zoom, or whatever 
is our technology 
of choice.

As we sit down at our table, 
we will enjoy our dinner and 
try to ignore the chaos around us.
 Is it just me 
or do we all have such a mess 
preparing for Christmas
 until the final box is emptied?
 Every year I have the same wish, 
but for some reason,
 it is never granted! 
 I swear 
those boxes, when in storage,
 just keep reproducing! 
Just keeping it real.

I am making a pot of
 butternut squash soup, a dessert,
 and the rest of our dinner
 will be courtesy of Raley's.

  We did this last year
 when the kids were here and 
we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
with just the Captain and I,
 we will have enough left overs
 to last at least a week or two.

  Can't wait for all 
those turkey sandwiches!

I am starting 
to put up some Christmas decorations.
  Last year, 
Thanksgiving was later than usual 
so we didn't have much time afterwards
 to get Christmas going. 

 I love it so much and 
would like to keep it going
 for as long as I can. 

 Especially this year 
when we all need something
 a little extra.

It is hard not to be thankful 
when I can look out
my kitchen window and 
savor the beauty of a fall day and 
think back to only one year ago
 when I looked out this same window
 and saw this same tree.
None of this has changed 
and yet...

Only one year ago
 things were normal.  
Only one year ago
 life was what you made it. 
 Only one year ago 
we could live happily ever after. 
 One year ago 
seems like a 
lifetime away.

In the short span 
of one year 
so much has changed.  
We don't have the freedoms 
that we had then. 
 Times have changed to the extent
 that what seemed like promised time then
 is now time to be watchful of,
 to keep our eyes open and 
to think before we act
 about so many things 
that have usually been 
taken for granted.

It won't always be this way, 
it almost never is. 

 Things happen in our lives 
that affect us to the very core, 
but we are resilient and 
we can come back
 to a safe space.

Sometimes we learn great lessons
 during times like these and
 sometimes we don't, 
but we must always know 
that we can.
 This year, during the holidays,
 it might be harder than usual
 for some of us 
 to keep up
 our spirits.

We all have
 personal pictures 
of the way things ought to be, 
but that can't always
 be the reality. 

 Whatever your personal pictures are 
this holiday season, 
love your families,
 be thankful for all times spent together
 and know that our worlds
 are made to turn
 right side up again and 
so they will.

I would like to wish 
each and every one of 
my family and friends 
a joyful and thankful Thanksgiving. 

 Lots of good food to eat and 
lots of very sweet memories
 of those who can't be 
sitting at 
the table.

 Stay Smart
Stay Well
Wear the Mask.

Happy Thanksgiving
 to you all...


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Tuesday, November 17, 2020



When I was a little girl,
 I loved playing house and
 I was good at it! 
 No matter what the situation, 
I was always the mother.  
The one who cooked and cleaned 
and did the shopping. 
 Certain weeds and flowers
 that grew in my mother's garden
 were stand-ins for groceries 
and my bike was the car 
I drove to the market.

My dad had built
 my siblings and me
 a two room play house
 and this was where 
I spent my days.
 Long ago memories 
that have settled down 
into places almost forgotten
 but still very much a part
 of who I am today.

Blogging is like 
giving myself a do-over. 
 Playing house was always fun
 and now, 
because of content and sharing,
 I am giving myself a present
 from the past. 
 Now, making house work fun 
 is about the ideas,
 the implementing of those ideas 
and the photography and the story.  
To me,
 seeing the final details
 is as fulfilling as 
I would imagine 
an author feels 
when finishing 
the writing 
of a book.

Because of the pandemic,
 this year
 the holidays will be quite different. 
 Families will not be 
spending time together around 
the Thanksgiving table 
or the Christmas tree. 
 Our hearts will be sad, 
and our hands won't be held,
 but our spirits will be strong still.
 We can hope and pray
 beyond reason 
that this will not be so,
 but most likely 
it will be the way it is. 

 There are great hopes 
starting to come forth 
but, unfortunately, 
not in time for
 this year's celebrations.

Just because extended families
 can't be together, 
that doesn't mean that
those who can 
won't have a
 beautiful and memorable time. 
 I feel so fortunate and blessed 
to be with my friend and partner
 of over 60 years
 and to know that my kids 
are all safe and well.

 I have put myself 
in my playing house mode
and set up a pretty table 
that the two of us will sit at.
  It starts with a lantern,
 that was gifted to me
 from our sweet daughter, 
 along with fall gathering 
of autumn colors 
that look perfect 
by candle light...

...and place settings that include
 china and cutlery
 thrifted long ago, 
chargers from The Dollar Tree,
 place mats, napkins and napkin rings 
from Pier One, 
salad plates and stemware
 from Home Goods...

...our after dinner tea 
is courtesy of 
Home Goods.

We will sit down to dinner 
with thoughts of loved ones
 and even though 
it won't be a
 traditional time...

...it will be my version 
of playing house for real 
and even though 
it could be better,
 it still is a time 
that we are 
thankful for.

Stay smart
Stay Well

Folks are dying out there
 and that is the 
very real fact 
of our lives now. 
 There is no hope
 that we will have the help 
we need as a country 
until next year,
 vaccine or otherwise, 
so it is up to us 
to take charge 
and do something
 for all our
 fellow human beings.


 As you sit around 
your dining table 
this Thanksgiving, 
 please include, in your prayers, 
the ones
 that aren't so lucky 
this year 
and their families 
who are missing them,  
and remember to  
Wear your Masks!

We are on the verge 
of another total shut down.
Those who won't or don't
 wear the mask and self distance,
  are part of the problem - not the solution!

Here is another 
little sneak peek 
of Christmas.
 I haven't gotten
 my new knickers in a twist 
and become a minimalist, 
there will be
 more added - you can be sure.


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Tuesday, November 10, 2020



 we have some
 autumn color in the garden. 
 It may look a little wind blown 
or a little watered down, 
but it remains
 true autumn colors.

We had a little rain and
as I am writing this (Friday, November 6,
 one day before my birthday) 
the light coming into the Cottage is dark,
 but somewhat comforting. 
 So lamps are lit and
 candles glow, 
making what usually would be 
a spot of winter depression, 
a bright and cheerful place to be. 
 Believe me, 
this feeling won't last
 throughout the whole of winter, 
but in the beginning
 it is pure perfection.

Now today,
while fall is still hanging on, 
perfection has happened 
in another aspect of my life.  
The American people
 have done the right thing and 
elected a new president. 
 It felt like touch and go for awhile,
 but our better angels have prevailed and
 I bet there are not too many of us
that can say that 
on the day of our birthday,
we got a new pair of boots,
 new knickers and
 a new President. 
I am a very lucky lady.

You must all know by now 
that I find Donald Trump to be 
a despicable and repulsive individual.
 I had a
 whole other descriptive
 post planned 
for this occasion, 
but have decided 
that we have all been
 so divided over the last four years and 
now that the voices of
 the American people have been heard, 
and we have 
the leadership that has been lacking,
 I will not be the one
 beating a dead horse. 
 It is time for 
uniting our country.

 we can make America ours again...

 I am looking forward
 to a new future, 
leaving all bad behind and 
seeing the good that is on the way. 
 Let's face it, 
even though none of us is perfect, 
and the next four years 
may not always be perfect either,
  I can guarantee you,
 come January 2021,
 we will have compassion and decency
 back in the White House.

 I heard a comment from 
the mayor of Paris, France: 
Welcome back, America! 
with the sound of
 church bells ringing
 in the background.
That says it all and 
now, hopefully, I can breathe easier
 for the continued prosperity 
for my kids and grandson.
 That was mainly
 what scared 
the hell out of me.
The American people
 did elect Joe Biden, 
but Donald Trump, himself,
made it possible.

There is a lot of
 hard work to still be done
 but now 
there is hope.


November 3, 2020 to January 20, 2021,

 let us all heed 

the words of

 Bob Dylan:

"Come senators, congressmen,
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
The times they are a-changin'".

Bob Dylan and The Boys In The Band
Verse Three
Times They Are A-Changin"

I am building a frame work 
just in time for Christmas.

  My happy place. 

 Some things around here 
aren't changing though,
 so I will still remind you to...

Stay Smart
Stay Well
Wear the mask

Now is the time
 to get this virus under control
 so we can all continue on
 to our
 happy places.


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