Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Last week 
I told you about 
the day 
the sun shined...

I will tell you 
about the 
day after.

A small amount of snow
 fell in the early afternoon. 
 It didn't stick and 
by the end of the day was gone. 
 Sometime during the night, however,
 it started to snow again and 
the roof tops were
 covered by morning.

There was some concern 
about the fairies.

 Would they be able to keep warm?

  But, as you can see,
 they kept the 
home fires


We took a ride down
 Highway 49
 to Columbia State Park.

 The water is seeping out 
of the hills 
as the grass is growing 
greener and...

...the wild thickets 
of plum trees 
are putting forth their 

Next to a stream of run-off water, 
two youngsters 
take advantage of the 
new green grass...

...while Mama 
keeps a close eye out 
through a stand of 


On the way back home,
 we stopped at Walmart 
to buy Kai 
a new car bed and...

...found the 
cutest little summer pillow 
for $12.

We also stopped 
at a favorite shop and
 brought home this cute little guy 
who reminds us of spring and
 all that is to come, 
even though 
we still have to keep
 the home fires burning 
a little longer.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Here in northern California
 we have had so much rain. 
 Creeks and rivers are overflowing,
 hillsides are sliding and 
dams are been pushed to their limits.

we have not experienced any 
of those problems
 but have seen our share of 
high winds and 
torrential downpours.

 has been so dry 
for such a long time, 
this will insure that
 our summer gardens
 will thrive 
once again.

Sandwiched in between storms,
 we had one day
 where the sunshine was strong and bright
 and our hopes that a soft spring 
was not too 
far ahead...

...I took my camera 
and followed the trail of
 some small pockets 
that were featured
in that spot light...

Whenever the sun comes out,
 I get sparks of energy 
that are missing
 during the winter months.

 Rather than taking 
to the outdoors 
and taking advantage
 of the beautiful weather,as most do,
I tend
 to want to 
clean inside...

...I am sure 
I'm not the only one 
that wishes, 
from time to time, 
that I had not given into 
the trend of stainless steel appliances.

  The constant wiping of fingerprints
 seems to be an all time occurrence.

  I can't even imagine 
having small children
 with busy little hands!

I have tried 
baby oil, soap and water,
 products made specifically 
for this problem 
and other than being worn out
 from trying to control all 
the streaks and smudges,
 none have been that successful.

 Until I found this...

Contains no ozone depleting substances
Made in the USA

...this works so well, 
it makes me want to use it! 

 One spray, a soft towel and magic happens! 

 No more sore muscles,
 just softly wipe and all is 
bright and shining again.

  I am not kidding here!  
You should give it a try.

 I'm not being paid to say this, 
but if I was,
 the company would sure get 
their monies worth!

 I love it that much.

All that energy I saved,
 I put into a meal that 
Sarah from Hyacinths For The Soul 
featured on her blog last week.

 It sounded so easy, healthy and good 
and it was all of those things.

  Chicken Milanese with 
baby arugula and tomato salad,
 and sweet potoato corn meal muffins.

  The whole meal was good but, 
in my mind, 
the stars of the show 
were those muffins:


2 T. vegetable oil, plus more for tins

1 large sweet potato - peeled and cut into large chunks.  (I used a yam because I like the taste better than sweet potatoes)

2 large eggs - slightly beaten

1 1/4 cup milk

3/4 cup all purpose flour

1 1/4 cup yellow cornmeal

1 T. baking powder

1 t. salt

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 t. cinnamon

1/2 t. nutmeg

Heat oven to 450

Lightly brush muffin tins with oil
Place potato in saucepan with cold water - bring to boil- reduce heat and simmer until tender

Drain potato - return to pot, mash until smooth

Measure out 1/2 cup of potato - put in large bowl - discard rest of potato (Or like I did, add butter, s&p and eat!!)

Add egg, oil and milk to mashed potato and stir to combine

Sift flour, cornmeal, baking powder, salt, sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg in separate large bowl

Add potato mixture and mix until just combined - do not over mix

Pour batter into tins and bake until puffed and golden - about 20 minutes

Let cool five minutes, turn out and cool completely.

For a change, I think, raisins and walnuts would make a tasty addition.

They were especially great
 with a cup of tea.

 Thank you, Sarah.

On such a beautiful day
 how could you not 
yearn for more?

Everything is better 
served up 
with a side of

The old rooster 
has seen his shadow.

Hopes for spring 
cannot be far behind.


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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


On Valentine's Day
I think of you
And all the special
Things you do...

The thoughts of ones
I hold so dear
On this perfect day
And throughout the year...

You are such dear, sweet
Friends of mine
All so thoughtful
Good and kind...

My wish for all
This special day
Is that you think
Of me that way.



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