"It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart." ~~~~ Rainer Marie Rilke

Friday, April 18, 2014


Good Morning, Sunshine...

"My name is Margalo," said the bird...
"I come from fields once tall with wheat,
from pastures deep in fern and thistle;
I come from vales of meadowsweet,
and I love to whistle."

E. B. White, "Stuart Little"

I'm really not trying to be mean...I know that some of you are still in what seems like the throes of winter...but, here for now anyway, we are throwing open the windows and letting in sunshine and bird song.  Can't you hear the screen door slamming?

The lilacs are blooming and soothing our senses with their sweet scent...

...and Lady Banks is spilling her soft beauty over the garden gate...

...and Cecil Brunner is preparing for a grand opening...


"White silver bells upon a slender stalk,
Lilies of the Valley deck my garden walk."

- from an old song

The wisteria is once again putting on a show up in the 'sky garden'.

To celebrate all nature's beauty, and to send along the warmest of wishes at this Easter time, I have set the table with a nod to the sights and the sounds of Springtime.

Chirp bowls:  Magenta Exclusive - Home Goods
Yellow salad plates:  Cramisia - Italy - Home Goods
Nest and Chirp small platters - Rae Dunn, Artisan Collection - Home Goods
Yellow napkins - yard sale
Eyelet edge napkins - Pier 1
Chicken napkin rings - I made years ago

We, at Gold Country Cottage, wish you all a beautiful and happy Easter...

...and after a small brunch of cheerios, soft boiled eggs and freshly squeezed orange juice, we are off on a ray of sunshine to spend a few days with the kids.

I'd like to tell everyone how much we appreciate all the kindness that you shared with us over the loss of our sweet boy, Buddy.

We can never tell you enough how much all of your support and compassion means.

Thank you.


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Sadly, we said goodbye to our beautiful boy, Buddy, on Friday.

His journey here on earth has ended and he is now safe and happy on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Buddy wore many hats during his stay with us...

He was our good and loyal friend...

Our teacher...

Our peace maker...

Our protector...


...he made us smile most of the time.

When he came to us he had so many behavior issues.  He was six months old and didn't know how to walk on a leash.  He and Jerry formed a strong bond from the very first and, I am afraid, that if anyone else had been that lucky to find him, it would have been a short lived relationship. 

It was a long, and sometime seemingly impossible, task to teach him some good manners but it was so well worth the effort.

He was a large boy with a large personality and an even larger heart.

As he grew older he had some health issues.  He had breathing problems and nerve damage in his rear legs, but he never complained.

He was always willing to go for a walk or a ride and was so happy just to be with us.

Over the last month he started having problems with his left front leg and after x-rays, he was diagnosed with bone cancer.  It is one of a list of ailments that affect Golden Retrievers, and amputation of the leg would have fixed it, that is if the cancer hadn't spread to other areas.

Because of his age and because he learned how important his two front legs were to being able to lift himself to a standing position due to the nerve damage in his back legs, we opted not to pursue this route.

His leg became weaker and it was becoming harder and more painful for him to get to his feet.

It was so amazing that it snowed the week before.  Buddy shined when it snowed.  He loved the cold weather the best and he could really make some serious snow angels!

I tried to get a good picture but he was so happy to go outside he wouldn't hold still long enough.

How could these actions be those of a sick dog?  It was so hard to comprehend.

We are so grateful and blessed that we had these fast and short thirteen years with him.

We know he is running free now but can't help feeling selfish enough to still want him here with us.

Only in our hearts will he remain forever, along with the great lessons of love that he taught us.

"We give them the love we can spare
The time we can spare

In return dogs have given us
Their absolute all

It is without a doubt 
The best deal
Man has ever made"

A quote that hangs in our vet's office by: Roger Caras


Good job, Pooh


Tuesday, April 1, 2014


A few days ago Spring peeked her head around the corner to say hello...

...but today she is nowhere to be seen.

And, just like the postal service, the Captain won't let sleet nor snow stop him from doing his duty.

These beautiful, deserving creatures need a little TLC even on days like this.

Disclaimer:  No photographer was hurt during the filming of this post.  She somehow managed to stay warm and cozy!


Meanwhile, back at the homestead, I'm still able to share with you a little bit of Spring prettiness.

These dishes are put out by TarHong.  They range in price from $1.99 to $3.00

I came across these dishes for the first time last Christmas at Raley's Supermarket (here).  When I picked one up I was surprised to find that they are melamine.

I normally don't go for plastic in tableware.  I don't even carry them in the motor home, but these were so pretty that I couldn't resist picking up a few.

Fast forward to Spring...TarHong, and Raley's, have once again put out a delightful pattern.

They are perfect for late morning brunch or a luncheon.

They are so reasonably priced that I just stick a couple in my grocery cart each time I go to the market.


Remember when I put up that disclaimer at the beginning of this post?...

...well you can forget that!...

I left the heater and wipers on without running the engine and ran the battery down so the car wouldn't start. 

You can imagine what a blow that was to the person who just spent 2 hours out in this:

I can still say that the photographer didn't get hurt, but she sure got a lot of dirty looks and would have been better off to stay at the shelter as she was really in the dog house!!


Update:  I saw the cardiologist yesterday.  He did another EKG and after looking over all the tests I had in the hospital, he proclaimed that I have a very healthy heart.

I do have a fast heart rate though, so he prescribed meds to help with that and will have me back in one month to check.

Thank you for all your concerns.  I am feeling great and very relieved.


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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


The White Rabbit seeks refuge under the Daffodil Tree and gets lost in a tumble of tulips...

It's Springtime...

...anything is possible!

This is the time of year when energy is at its highest and everyone is itching to roll up their sleeves and remove those cobwebs that have settled in the corners of their minds as well as on their walls.

There is a possibility around the Cottage that some spring cleaning might be accomplished.

I have decided to start with the china cupboards in the dining room.  

The original owners, the Garlands, had five people in their family, but since Mr. Garland was a mine superintendent, I can only assume that they entertained frequently, as the dining room is one of the largest rooms in the Cottage.

I have room for three china cupboards and that's a good thing, as I have three china cupboards worth of dishes (and then some).

This is a corner cupboard we picked up at a yard sale.  It was all in pieces and we paid $10 for it.  The Captain put it back together and I painted it and it fit perfectly in this corner of the room.

Here, I have arranged some of my white dishes.  They are a combination of Limoge, Home Goods, milk glass, and thrift store pieces.

I have included a couple of vintage bunnies pushing their wagons and some dried roses from the garden.


This cupboard was painted gray when we picked it up.  That color, as the trend is now, would have been a perfect piece to keep in that condition, but back in the 70's the natural wood was all the rage so we had it stripped down to the original pine.

I have filled it with my pink set of china which I first saw in the Spiegle catalog, and where I ordered the large cream pitcher.  I later found this pattern in an old ice cream store.  I have also added some crystal wine and water glasses.

These are some cut glass sherbet dishes that I bought many years ago at an antique shop along with a few colored glass dessert bowls I found on Ebay.

Here, also, I have added a little bunny in a nest.  The nest was picked up a few years ago, while we were vacationing in Anacourtes, Washington, at Bunnies By the Bay and the little rabbit was a gift to me on my first birthday (so you know that's vintage!)

"Bunnies are our best friends indeed.
They do delight and give
glad dreams."

Bunnies By The Bay logo

A pretty little girl bunny completes the arrangement along with some pressed glass antiques.


The final cupboard holds mostly dishes that my Mom collected over the years.

There is Blue Willow along with pieces of metal and miscellaneous blue and white pieces.

The cupboard itself was built into an old house that a friend of the Captains' was tearing down.  He said we could have it if we took it out of the house.  It was painted white and used as a kitchen cupboard.  This one I am most disappointed that we stripped it.  It was a chippy, glorious piece as it was.

Here it is shown with a reproduction of a popular Easter toy and a pewter cup that I picked up at Good Will for $1.

A tiny basket of peeps to celebrate the season next to an old cannister and spice set we picked up at a street sale many years ago. It is marked Germany and is decorated in the Delft blue pattern. The set consists of 12 pieces.

The little boy bunny, the brother of the little girl in the pink cupboard, is from Home Goods, and a stuffed carrot complete the arrangement.


So far, this is the extent of the "done" spring cleaning.  We are working on a few more projects that might qualify in this area, but there are still a few cobwebs to straighten out.

"Spring is like a perhaps hand...
arranging and changing,
placing carefully."

E. E. Cummings

This was our yesterday...

...this is our today.

It is not only raining cats and dogs it is also raining: boots, alligators and frogs. (Am I the only one that can see them?) Might be a possible dinosaur thrown in there too!

Here are a few pretty little birds (Google states they are Cedar Waxwings) quenching their thirst from the fountain.  They were all around the top and bottom levels but some flew away when I opened the door to get the picture.  See how their little tails look as though they have been dipped in gold paint.


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