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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


See this shelf? 

 Decorated for the upcoming holidays 
and looking so smug...

is it possible 
that something so unpretentious 
could be responsible 
for a smidgen of pain and suffering 
and a whole lot of 

Over the past two or three weeks
 you have sent so many caring inquiries 
about the problems 
concerning my foot
 and I can't tell you
 how much I appreciate
 each one of them.

As I told you last week,
 the swelling had gone down
 and the pains had stopped 
and a visit to my primary doctor 
showed nothing wrong. 
 The foot was fine
for a day or so after that visit
 then the swelling
 came back.

I tried to think 
what I had done differently 
that might cause the problem to return 
- then it hit me - 
I had just re-arranged the shelf.

As you can see,
 the sofa sits directly 
under the shelf.

 Short of moving the wagon,
 pulling the sofa out from the wall 
and dragging the ladder in,
 it is much easier 
to just stand on the sofa. 
 What happens
 when you stand on a squishy sofa, 
without shoes,
 and try to reach up high?...

...your feet tend 
to rock back and forth
 and you end up on tippy-toes
 much of the time.

 This may not seem 
like such a bad thing 
and it certainly wasn't 
for my good foot,
but the bad foot
 isn't used to bending
 and hasn't been 
for about seven years.

 When I have the support of shoes, 
I don't walk with a limp,
 but I find it very uncomfortable 
to walk barefoot,
 so I tend to keep the foot stiff
 when I do.

I thought back 
and the last time
 I had rearranged the shelf
 was the day before 
the original pain and swelling started.

 Ha, ha, 
have I just diagnosed 
my own problem?

was my appointment with 
the vascular surgeon 
who had removed the toes.

 He checked the foot over, 
said it looked very good
 with no signs of trauma or infection. 
 He used the doppler 
to check the pulse
 and I could hear it loud and clear, 
so the blood flow 
is excellent,
 and he checked all up and down
 my leg 
and found nothing 
to be concerned about.

  He said he didn't know
 what might have caused it
 and asked if I had done anything 
out of the ordinary 
and I told him my theory.

 He thought it could be a possibility.

 So there you have it 
and now I promise
 no more talk
 about my toes
 or lack thereof.

since you have seen the culprit,
 in all its glory, 
here are a couple of other spots
 that are ready for 
their patriotic duties...

We are off to the kids on Friday.

  It is Tami's birthday 
and she is having her annual garage sale
 to raise money for her
 breast cancer walk
 in July.

Who knows what I may come home with...

"You ride shot gun, I've got this!"

is ready for a road trip
 and spending time with
 Rosie and Cruzer.

Have a
 wonderful and fun filled 
Memorial Day.


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Thursday, May 19, 2016


Thanks to all
 who have been so caring and concerned
 about my foot. 
 I appreciate all your kind words.
I do have an appointment with 
the original doctor that operated 
on Monday, May 23,
 and will hopefully have
 a definite diagnosis after that.

 In the meantime, 
I can tell you 
that I had my annual physical
 with my doctor yesterday
 and got very good news
 about my overall health,
 so I am very pleased about that.

  She looked at my foot
 and said it looks
 really good and healthy 
even though there is still 
a slight bit of swelling. 
 She seems to think 
that it isn't neuropathy 
as that seems to manifest itself
 with continuous pain 
and I am not experiencing that. 
 She thinks it might be 
scar tissue pressing on some nerves,
 but she is not a specialist
 so is glad I am seeing 
the vascular surgeon.

Imagine finding a butterfly that looks exactly how my tummy felt!

I had a slight attack
 of the old flu bug
 on Monday 
so have been laying low 
for the past few days. 
 The doctor said
 it is a viral thing going around
 and I am feeling much better today
 so that is the reason 
I am writing a little later this week.

Now on to the good stuff:

The flower of the moment: 
or as introduced to me by my grandmother,
 the Garden Gate flower.

It is 
what is blooming 
in the garden now,
 in great abundance,
 I might add.

I remember 
this old-fashioned and simple flower, 
from my youth,
 growing in my grandmother's garden.

  It was there 
that I learned the names of flowers, 
not by their scientific names, 
but by a fairy-tale image 
that the words
 from her lips 
conjured up.

"All the names 
I know from nurse:
Gardener's Garters, Shepherd's Purse,
Bachelor's Buttons, Lady's Smock,
And the Lady Hollyhock.

Fairy places, fairy things,
Fairy woods where the wild bee wings,
Tiny trees for tiny dames -
These must all be fairy names!"

Robert Louis Stevenson

When we first planted the garden, 
this flower was not on the landscape.

  It did grow somewhere 
in a neighbor's garden 
and the next season
 it grew in another neighbor's garden 
and following that,
 in another neighbor's garden.

there were brightly colored blooms 
appearing up and down
 the neighborhood 
but the majority of them 
seem to have settled
 in the Cottage's garden, 
evidence that it is truly
 a fairy's place
 filled with 
fairy things.

I hope you enjoyed your time
 looking through 
the garden gate.


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Tuesday, May 10, 2016


What started out
 to be a
 wonderful weekend...

The Captain 
his apprentice...

...were gathering together
for a much awaited 
back yard 

...but before that,
 the lawn needed mowing 
and as much as Kai 
NEEDS to be
 at the Captain's heels,
 he just can't abide 
the sound of the weed whacker
 so he follows the progress 
from door to window,
 as long as that part
 of the job is
 being done.

 during that part of the job, 
the weed whacker broke 
and Papa used a few potty words,
 so that moved the apprentice
 from the door and the window,
 but only as far
 as the

 it was my time
 for my Mother's Day present.

 A trip to Hobby Lobby 
and a few items to use
 in that much awaited 
back yard 

It was a great day.

 It rained really hard 
on the way to Hobby Lobby 
and I love riding in the car 
when it is raining,
 as long as I'm not driving!

 We stopped at our favorite 
In and Out Burger joint
 and that made Kai
 very happy. 

When we returned home, 
we caught up on
 some back stories
 of the Alaskan Bush People 
and went to bed early.

  On the way to the bedroom,
 I felt like my foot
was swelling. 
It hurt to bend it.

 Now here, 
I guess, 
is where I bring you 
up-to-date on my health issues. 
 They are not bad, 
and at my age,
 I feel very lucky 
that I am as healthy as I am
 along with these 
wonderful golden years,
 sometimes there is
 a price to pay.

Some of you
 have heard this story before,
 or parts of it,
 so just stick your fingers
 in your ears
 and sing la, la, la,
 if you don't want to hear it again.

  About 6 years ago,
 I had a blood clot
 in my lower right leg
 and I was rushed to
 Mercy Hospital in Sacramento.
  It took a few hours 
to get the situation taken care of 
and in that time, 
the surgeon thought 
he might have to remove part of my leg. 
 What he did do, 
 was cut one slit 
on the top of my foot 
and one on the side 
of the ankle, 
and using an instrument 
he pulled the clot out. 
 That took care of that problem but,
 in the meantime, 
the circulation was shut off 
long enough 
that it killed three of my toes.  
I had to have them amputated 
and I was put on Warfarin 
to stop the problem ever happening again. 
 It was supposed to be
 an out-patient procedure 
and usually 
when I have to have anesthesia 
I never have a bad reaction
 and wake up free of pain,
 but this time 
that was not the case. 
 I woke up screaming
 because it was really painful 
and they admitted me
 to the hospital. 
 I stayed in 
for about 4 days. 
 During that time 
 whenever I had to get out of bed 
and put my foot down, 
I didn't think 
I could stand it. 
 I couldn't do
 any physical therapy at that time 
as it was too painful 
to put weight on. 
 I promised I would put weight on it 
when I got home 
but all I did 
was hop on my good foot
 to get any place.

 If you have ever had
 any type of surgery
 where you can't use certain muscles 
right away,
 you will know 
what I'm talking about here. 
 I didn't know 
you could lose 
 so quickly.

I am only showing you
 pictures of flowers
 as I didn't think 
you would enjoy
 seeing the outcome 
of a toeless foot! 

Long story short, 
I had to learn to walk again 
by using a walker for quite sometime 
and then going to physical therapy, 
then walking with a cane 
for a while longer. 
 Even putting
 a regular shoe back on 
took about
 three months.

My foot is always 
slightly swollen 
compared to my other one, 
but I started having pains
 where the toes were 
a few nights ago 
which felt like 
little bursts of lightening 
going through.  
This went on at night time
 for a few nights 
then stopped and
 I was able to sleep. 
 Then, Saturday night was when 
the swelling got more pronounced
 and after soaking it in hot water
 and keeping my foot up for three days 
it feels somewhat better now. 
I really don't want 
to go to the doctor 
but will give it 
a few more days to see.

 I have seen the commercial on TV 
for diabetic nerve pain
 and the pictures look like
 what it kind of feels like, 
although, thank heavens,
 I am not diabetic.
 So we shall see. 
 I hope I don't have to go on
 any medicine
 as it is hard to regulate the Warfrin 
when you introduce new medications, 
and I do 
really well
 on it.

I really don't know why 
I wrote about all this 
except so many sent me
 Mother's Day wishes 
that I wasn't able to answer right away, 
I just felt I needed
 to explain...

...and all of the flowers
 were from a bouquet 
that Kai sent to me 
for Mother's Day 
and I wanted to share them 
with you...

...and if you
 are really into this sort of thing,
 I have a great story 
about a punctured bladder 
that I can tell you! 
But that is 
another story for
 another day.

I hope everyone had
 a wonderful Mother's Day 
and we will be going down 
to the kids in a couple of weeks 
and will celebrate with them then.

  I am looking forward to it.


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