"Deep summer is:
When laziness finds respectability." ~~~Sam Keen

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Everywhere you look
 there seems to be a sign of the
  coming autumn.

The seasonal buds
 are ready to pop open...

...a small breeze stirs
 and sends some leaves gently
 fluttering to the ground.

The autumn hued flowers
 are beginning to bloom at the same time
 the colors of summer are fading.

A pleasant sight
 nearing the end of summer...

...especially when these beautiful creatures come out,
 from behind.

There is no escaping
 the reason
 for  a changing vignette...

...or two.

A chance for a shot
 of a pretty, little, different looking butterfly
 turns into...

...an unexpected fleeting glance
 at Mother Nature's way of saying
 that Halloween is not far behind.


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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


In reality, a week in the country was actually four days,
 all filled with fun activities and some serious shopping.

We spent evenings at the campground, under the trees with a glass of wine,
 but come daybreak we took to the road.

We drove as far as Sonora and Jamestown,
 to Fiddletown and past the surrounding vinyards and wineries of the Shenandoah Valley,
 and to Volcano and Sutter Creek where we spent some time with my sister. 
 We stopped for lunch along the way and for dinner when we got closer to the campground.
  The Captain barbecued one night and I made a salad...

...that was the closest we got to anything remotely connected with the drugery of everyday life.

We drank lots of iced caramel lattes and had a very relaxing time and it all brought back a lot of very fond memories.

Not too long after we moved to Grass Valley, we bought a small 5th Wheel.
  We rented a space in this very campground by the month and drove up to our "cabin in the country" every weekend. 
 We were both working at the time and it was a treat well within our budget.
  At the beginning of the week the anticipation of the coming weekend made it all worthwhile.

As time went by we retired and became busy with working on the Cottage and the garden and we didn't go so much anymore. 
 We finally sold the little fifth wheel and bought our first motorhome.
  We had fixed it up to our liking and I can just imagine the dealer's face when he went to pick it up and saw the big, beautiful, blue roses that I had stenciled all over the walls.
  It was so cute and I wish I had pictures to show.

A new RV park opened up in Jackson and we started taking our motorhome there. 
 This is the first time we have been back to this little camp for quite awhile.

The trees have all grown and the duck population has increased,
 but it still has that serene, cozy feeling that it had all those years ago.
  We will be back again.


We did a lot of shopping, but not a lot of buying. (If you can believe that).

We picked up one very old, very dirty, but in my opinion, very great...

...piece that will be saved for another time.

This mama was very protective of her babies and was giving them constant advice on the evils of the world,
 when she could catch up with them, that is!

We watched happy little kids fishing with their dads...
which reminded us of Jake and his dog, Cooper, (above) fishing from the very same spot 16 years ago.

Every little kid should get a chance to go camping.

We also saw a neighboring camper's dog slip his leash and almost decapitate a duck!
  Lots of quacking but no harm, no fowl!!

We spotted a mountain lion behind the campground (true story..we both saw it).
It was quite a ways away but it was much larger than a regular cat, but there was no mistaking it was from the cat family. 
It was light tan in color and very sleek with a long tail.
 It may have come down from higher country because of the fires that have been going on in that general area.

I don't have any pictures to substantiate these last two occurances.
 You will just have to take my word for it.

And look what was waiting for me when we picked up our mail...
I am in Heaven!!!



The sun setting over the Shenandoah Valley.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014


Normally when I write a post, it's about one subject and a lot of thought goes into it.  Today, however...

...I'm going to mix it up a bit...and I'll start with this little foot stool.

It has been used on the porch for a few years and when I ordered the slip covers from Sure-Fit for the two wing chairs in the parlor, I also ordered two pillow covers in the same pattern.  I think I'm only going to use one of them so decided to use the other one to cover the little foot stool...

I like it in front of the chair.

You might notice that we put a rug down in the parlor.  It was one we had in the storage sun porch.  I'm not sure I'm in love with it.  Didn't like that white fringe...

...so I cut it off! 

I do like it much better, but am still looking out for another one.  Maybe! It is kind of growing on me now.

A while back I ordered this reproduction olive bucket from Walmart for under $10.  I got the idea from Yvonne at Stone Gable who wrote about it here.  Thank you, Yvonne. She has such a beautiful home and shares it all on her wonderful blog.

I used Rub and Buff in Spanish Copper to give it some age.  I really like how it turned out.


Last week I posted about Junior who showed up in our lives and we didn't know where he came from...

...I also mentioned his little friend, Lucy, and the fact that we DID know where she came from.

Well, it turns out that they both came from the same place...and that Junior is a girl, and in fact, is Lucy's mother.  So please meet...

June Bug, otherwise known as Junie.

It seems as if Junie still feels like she is a guest and, I'm sure, is glad to know that she won't be making that vet's visit any time soon, as she has already had her lady parts taken care of, if you know what I mean!

Now...that's a soap opera for you!

We are leaving Wednesday morning for a little R&R and will be back Sunday...

Happy Sunday everyone...but before I leave...

...just wanted to share with you a new kid in town.  
Isn't he sweet?  Born at Sammie's Friends animal shelter a couple of weeks ago. He was one day old when this picture was taken.


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We don't have many guests stay at the Cottage but when we do, we are happy to be able to afford them a quiet corner and a soft bed.

We enjoy their company and I hope that they are always happy and satisfied with their stay.

A few weeks ago we had one such guest arrive.  You may remember him as being portrayed as a large, harmful creature with big eyes and sharp teeth, needing to be kept behind fences to keep the fairies safe.

In reality, he is a sweetheart and was just photobombing.

He appeared one day out of the blue, not too long after we lost our Buddy, and he was so sweet and loving, as if he knew that we were a family in need of healing.

In my secret heart of hearts he is called Buddy, Jr. but he has just come to be known as Junior.

Apparently he likes his sleeping arrangements and the fact that they are numerous...


This is one of the two or three dining spots that he enjoys...

...and he's really good about sharing.

Maggie is so thoughtful..she is standing guard over Junior's dish so that the birds don't eat more than their share. Oh, yeah!!

"There are tabbies and tortoiseshell, black cats and white,/ all happy and purring from morning till night,/ and though they do mischief sometimes, which is wrong,/ they're so pretty, you cannot be cross with them long."

Old nursery rhyme from the Victorian era

Junior is full of charm and has an independent spirit.  He seems just right with his world and always makes us smile.

Do you see the dragonfly on the iron garden stake?

Junior does!!

He has brought a friend with him..let's just call her Lucy.

We know where she comes from and, hopefully, she will go home to have her kittens!! She has had many admirers around her, (giving us a few sleepless nights) but, thankfully, Junior is not one of them.

We don't know where he came from and we don't know if he is male or female.  We only know that he shows no interest in Lucy in "that" way, so he is either a she, too young or has been fixed.

For the time being Junior seems to feel that he is more than a guest here...

...and like all of the guests that come to the Cottage, he will be treated with kindness and when he leaves..with a hug and a wave, he will be wished safe travels...

...and if he decides to stay he will be treated to a visit to the vet...because that's just how we do things here at the Cottage.


Oh, it's siesta time...

Did I hear someone say fiesta?


Have a wonderful week ahead and I hope you all go to a place where you feel welcome and everybody knows your name...



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