"There is a smiling summer here, which causes birds to sing, and sets the bees in motion". Emily Dickinson, 1858

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


says summer to me 
as much as the early morning sun 
shining through the parlor windows, 
filtered by the lace curtains 
and highlighting a piece of 

It is warm enough 
to allow the screen door
 to take in the soft breezes
 and still cool enough
 to enjoy them.

 Of course,
 this won't last long but,
 for now, 
it is how it is 
on the second day 
of summer.

Now that we are experiencing 
a new beginning, 
I am trying my hand at
 growing a small live plant
 inside the Cottage.
  It is called 
"China Doll" 
and it is a 
very dainty, airy and vulnerable 
little thing. 
 I was assured 
it was very easy to grow 
and since I've now administered to it 
for about a month,
 and it is still flourishing, 
that still remains 
to be seen.

I have added 
some dried herbs 
to the old settle bench. 
 I ordered the 
Sweet Annie from The Flower Patch, (here)
but the lavender
 and the rosemary
 are home grown.

I managed to complete 
the dried 
sunflower wreath...

...and am pleased 
with its rustic and earthy 
addition to 
the dining room.

We attended 
the annual antique show
 that is held at the 
Prospector's Nursery
 every year.

 Before I show you 
the treasures we were lucky to find,
 I'll tell you a little bit 
about the location.

The nursery
 is located about
 half way between 
Grass Valley and Nevada City.
  It is a large property 
that sits on wooded grounds
 and is covered by
 a bright and open sky.

There are plenty 
of places for 
gatherings of sun loving plants
 and shade lovers
 nestled under the 
pines and cedar trees...

...and overlooking it all
 is a very large and well appointed 
gift shop.

I will share pictures of the inside. 
 There is always something for everyone
 but it is especially a 
treasure trove for French Country lovers.

 During the 
Christmas season 
it is a 
sight to behold.

These are the wonderful,
 and colorful, 
items that we walked away with.

 I have no intentions 
of changing anything 
about any of them. 
 I especially love 
the twisted wire 
that is attached to the chairs 
to steady them.

They might not be 
to every ones tastes,
 but I have perfect spots
 picked out for each 
and they will
 make a statement.

I finally finished 
my latest paint-by-number piece
 from Country Living.

  It will have 
a perfect place to be displayed soon,
 one which I
 never even thought of
 when I started it.

This is the same spot
 I've shown before 
with just the horses.

 on the way home from the office 
we spotted these little families
 on their way 
to join the herd 
and find their own
 summer adventure.

I hope you enjoyed
 these summer ramblings.


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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


have many important milestones 
throughout their lives,
 mostly good but, 
 some bad ones too.

 for now,
 I wish to focus on
 the good ones.

High School Graduations

My dad - 1935

Me - 1957

The Captain - 1957

Tami - 1979

Jake - 2012

These are a few 
of the proud milestones 
in our
 family's history...

...and here 
is the 
latest one.

How did 
this little boy
 change so quickly...

...into this 
 young man?

graduated this past Sunday 
from the University of California
 at Santa Cruz, 
Crown College, 
with a degree in 
Business Management Economics.

He will continue
 his education in the fall
 at the
 University of Santa Clara
 working on his
 Masters degree.

Here are a few more pictures
 I'd like to share 
with you...

Jake's proud parents,
 Tim and Tami...

Jake's proud grandparents

Jake and Jacenda

A little extra
 curricular activities!

You might remember 
Jake's friends, Parker and Jonathan
 AKA "The Pool Boys",
 helping in the removal
 of his back yard swimming pool.

 Here they are again 
supporting him!

Tim and Tami
 treated all of us 
to a delicious brunch
 at the Yacht Harbor after the ceremony.
  It was such a pretty setting
 with the boats going by 
on their way to and from the sea, 
and after I took this one shot,
 my battery
 went dead!!

this was such a wonderful day 
for our family, 
it was a day
 of a much different kind
 for possibly 102 parents and grandparents 
in Orlando, Florida.

  My heart 
goes out to
 each and everyone of them;
 for their losses 
and for the milestones 
that will never 
be realized.

How many more 
"moments of silence" 
should we have
 to endure?!!!

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Bernideen at BTTCG 
for featuring my post
 from last week.

  You are too kind, 
 and I greatly 
appreciate it.


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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


This picture
 was taken four years ago.

 It was Jake's graduation
 from high school. 

 It's hard to believe 
how quickly 
the time has
 flown by.

Since that day
 in June of 2012,
 he has gone through 
two years of junior college
 and this coming Sunday
 he will be graduating,
 after another two years, 
from the
 University of California at Santa Cruz.

He has been accepted 
into the master's program 
at Santa Clara University
 and will be starting classes 
next fall.

He has been working
 part time at UCSC 
with the computers
 while a student there.

  Beginning next week, 
he will be a 
full-time employee 
and will realize a substantial pay raise, 
which he is 
quite excited about 
as you can imagine.

  Since he is planning
 to live at home 
and commute the short distance 
to Santa Clara 
for his classes in the fall, 
he will continue to work at UCSC. 

 As everyone knows,
 college isn't cheap 
and this situation 
will work out well for him 
and help with a
 head start
on his future.

We are going down
 for the graduation
 and will be taking
 a few photos to share, 
as the
 very proud grandparents.

I have added
 a few more pictures 
of the patriotic goings on
the Cottage.

Have a great week everyone,
 don't forget to vote!

I would like
 to thank the ladies
 at Dishing It & Digging It
 for featuring my plans
 for the back yard renovation.

 I appreciate it so much.


It is hotter
 than a firecracker

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