Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Blessings....Our Family

Jerry and I are fortunate to have many blessings in our lives but none of them are more important than our family.

I would like you to meet them, so come on in, get comfortable and I will make the introductions:

This is our beautiful daughter, Tami.

She is a kind and caring daughter; a good and generous friend; a loving wife; and an exceptional woman.

This is her handsome husband, Tim.

He is hardworking; a loving husband and a good provider; a role model; my technical advisor; and a darn good cook.

They are a loving couple and a good match for each other, but there is something you don't know about them.

Tami is a nine year breast cancer survivor and Tim survived a heart attack.

They are now healthy, strong and happy and are the most wonderful parents to their son, the light of our lives, our grandson, Jacob.

They share their home with:

Two cats:  Brother and Sister

 One dog:  Cruzer (middle)
with his BFF's Lily and Buddy

And an occasional chihuahua.  Tami volunteers at her local animal shelter.

Jake is 18 years old, a senior in high school and a good student.

He is kind and caring; soft spoken like his dad; has a lot of good friends and has the sweetest smile.

He has a job and a sweet girlfriend.  He is saving his money up for his first car.  He was accepted into San Jose State but thinks he will attend the local junior college for the first year or so.  He plans to study in the field of criminal justice.


Jake and Jacinda


                       Jake and Grandma    

Grandpa and Jake...


     .......and Now

When Jake was small we planted a garden for him.  I wanted to share with him what my grandmother taught me.  Words like tiger lillies, forget-me-nots, and bachelor buttons.  We made two scarecrows, and he and I went to the thrift shop to buy clothes for them.

I think Jake is an awesome young man, but to this day, I have to say, that I don't think he knows the difference between a rose and a pansy, but I remember him saying, "You sure know a lot of flower names", so I hope, at that point in time at least, he thought I was pretty awesome too!

                               WOW!! Where did that time go?

This is also a tribute to our son, Brent.  We lost him eleven years ago this coming April.

He was a kind and good young man, a free spirit.  He never met anyone that wasn't a friend and he never failed to make us laugh.  We miss him every day and he will always live in our hearts.  We feel blessed to have had our time with him.

I'd like to thank everyone who follows me and those that just like to peek in from time to time.  You are all welcome anytime.  The Cottage door is always open.

I hope your life is filled with the best of blessings....Judy



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  1. Judy,
    I am so very sorry for the loss of your son.
    No parent should outlive their children but unfortunately at times, God has a different plan..

    I always admire Mothers who go on after the loss of a child. I work with a girl who lost 2 children under the ages of 6 y/o.....

    Very sorry for your terrible loss...

    Many Hugs,


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