Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hi Everyone:

It's me, Buddy.

I know it's hard to tell when I'm rockin' these shades, but when you're a celebrity, you can't be too careful.

I have been asked to do a guest gig, today, with Shannon, Holly, Missy, Lily and Jessie over at Cozy Home Scenes for Paws and Claws Friday.

You should check it out.  I think you will love Shannon's blog, if you already don't know it.  She is such a sweetie, and her blog is awesome, and she was a big help to my Mom during the setup of my stairway to stardom.  And if I dare, I might say those pups are some pretty hot dogs!

You know, I thought I saw a car chasing me the other day.  Do you think it could have been the papp....Oh, wait....That was me, chasing a car.

I know you think from past posts that I'm this awesome dude that is full of P&V, if you know what I mean, (rhymes with 'Kiss"), but be prepared to see my softer side...Well, maybe not my softer side...Let's just say...A different side.

And if you go blabbing it around...I'll deny it all!

Thanks for your support...Because, Lord knows I deserve it...

Buddy and Mom...
OK, here we go, 
she always thinks
it's all about her!

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  1. LOL- Gotta love a talking dog that is full of P&V. xo Diana

  2. Visiting from Cozy Home Scenes & am a new follower! Loved your guest post. Thanks for sharing Buddy & Buffy's story. Buddy looks like star material to me, LOL!

  3. Great picture! I came over from Shannon's blog, loved your Paw & Claws piece. I also read the Visitors to the Secret Garden, birds are so fun to watch.

  4. Hi Buddy! You sure do look cute in your sunglasses. Holly has a pair she wears when the paparrazzi comes calling too. Thank your Mama for the wonderful post that the two of you sent in. I loved seeing you and it's easy to see what a good life you have with your family! I hope you got a special goodie in your food bowl for being such a star today. You deserve it! Tell your Mama to have a great weekend!

  5. Very cute! Okay, I'm off to check it out now.....

  6. I am so honored to meet you Buddy! I am now one of your loyal followers! Hugs, Penny

  7. Buddy... you are just so cute!
    Judy.. have a great weekend!
    dee dee

  8. Buddy is a star! Such a handsome picture in his sunglasses, love your post.

  9. I apologize for not responding sooner to your post on my site. I hope you look at it on a regular basis as I am slowly forming it into what I want...though it will never be finished.

    I very much like your offering. As much as we love living here in Arizona, when I see your beautiful home with all the flowers and greenery in the sunlight, I miss the closeness to the Sierras that we enjoyed in California.

    I haven't heard from Sid in awhile. I guess that's what we are destined to do...go in spurts.

    Buddy is great. You probably know the soft spot in my heart I have for talking animals. Go to my site and click on "Client Access". Then use the password burros. We adopted three in May, one for Klondike and two for our snowbird neighbors who will take possession when they return in the winter. See what they (the burros) have to say.

    I don't know if Jerry reads this stuff or not, but tell him I just got my engine back from the machine shop and am starting to put it back together. The LeMans resto is proceeding perhaps even a little slower than my website.

    When you go to my site, enter another guestbook item. The link to your site is not working properly. I went to Todd's site and got here from there.

    Your brother...(Bruce)

    P.S. Tell Buddy that Lucky got bit in the leg this morning by a rattlesnake. I never found the snake but the fang marks are about 1.5 inches apart (must be really big). He has been treated at the Vet's and should be fine in a few days. How "Lucky" is that?

  10. Well I loved the FEATURE of Buddy and Buffy on Shannon's blog, which I saw some time ago. But I wasn't able to get this one at the time, so just seeing it! Have to love a talking dog, on the Red Carpet no less! Dialog so funny.....I also know you (especially) and the Captain have lengthy conversations with said star dog. Usually, when I visit, I sort of ignore Buddy cause he gets so excited if you don't, and he is BIG DOG! However, now that he has been celebratized, HE will be ignoring me, with that BIG nose up in the air.

    I can't believe our 'brudder' actually made contact! (comment just above this) Like he said, we are usually in touch in spurts. I need to send him a fresh spurt! Wow, they have new asses! And Lucky!!!! If memory serves me, and it rarely does these days, Lucky started out as a pup with them with a rattlesnake bite!!! I know they have gotten all their dogs immunized for those bites. Huge vet bills....huge!

    Now I'm on to read your next blog: 'I'm So Excited!'


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