Wednesday, November 7, 2012


The day dawns with a chill in the air, but soon warms up when the sun is high in the sky.

The dew is drying on the grass and jackets are shed.

The Captain is tending to his dogs.  This is a treat for him to do once a week, when he volunteers as a dog walker at Sammie's Friends, one of our local animal shelters.

Buddy and I go along.  He loves to watch the dogs go by, although sometimes he's not too happy when he sees one with his Dad.

I love the peace and quiet of it.  I catch up on my reading, sudoku, planning my posts and all with a beautiful view and a cup of coffee. Things that I can't always do at home.

The great delight, though, is seeing how happy these poor dogs are on their walks.  They have been penned up in their kennels since 5:00 the night before and they are so excited to be able to stretch their legs and take care of business.
  They are all so loving and it's sad to think why they are there and how long will they have to stay?  This is a no kill shelter but, for some, who knows what the future holds.

It is a pretty route to travel to get to Sammie's Friends.  It is a ways out of town, set among horse ranches, tall trees and breath taking views.

A horse ranch along the way.

A gaggle of wild geese, foraging through the field for their winter's fare.

This morning we were lucky to glimpse a small deer thinking he was safely hidden along the side of the road.

An old oak tree gracing a pasture.

Today was especially fine as the sun is so warming and the breeze is gentle...

...A day that only November can bring.

November is the month of thanks, giving and receiving, and we are so thankful for all the blessings that we have.
  As I sit here, composing this, I can't help but think of all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. 
 There are the ones that have experienced inconveniences, or the loss of material things, and there are those who's lives are forever changed by the loss of loved ones and precious memories.
  Each one, in their own way, are experiencing hardships and devastation, and my heart goes out to them all.

I would especially like to take this time to tell my fellow Scorpio, my dear, sweet friend, Barbara, Happy Birthday.
  She and I share the same birth day, and I so wish that she could be celebrating under better circumstances.

I am so thankful, and lucky, for this moment in time, where I can see the beauty in my part of the world, and am forever grateful and hopeful that it will continue for all of the November mornings to come.

Thank you, Tim, Tami, and Jake for the beautiful birthday flowers.  I share them with you, Barbara....Judy

I'm sharing this week with these lovely parties:


  1. What a lovely post, and a lovely, gentle man, too! How wonderful that he walks these poor pooches, but isn't it wonderful that someone wants them to have a chance! I like sitting in the car and working on embroidery or my journal while my dh does this or that, too! It's the same for me, sometimes it's the only quiet, peaceful time I get!

  2. Hi Judy, visiting via Sandi's HOME party. Your images are gorgeous, but my favorite is the one of Buddy peeking from the back of the car. ;) Melts my heart.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Much love,

  3. Happy Birthday Judy! I am a dog lover. I love it that the Captain walks the shelter dogs. This is a great post, compassion for Sandy victims and our four legged friends.

  4. It sounds like both you and your husband enjoy the outing, just in different ways. The countryside is lovely.

  5. Oh Judy, your images are so striking. I love pictures of Fall and yours are exceptional. I would go along too just to enjoy the drive and Mother Nature. So kind of your husband to walk the dogs. Take care.

  6. Hi Judy! Thank you so much for your visit and comment. It's always nice hearing from you. Thank you for taking us along on your country drive. Such beautiful photos and I like how you framed them (or whatever you call that) I'm not very tech savvy. That is so nice of your husband to walk those dogs. And Happy Birthday to you! Gina

  7. Love it mom!!!! Nature in all her glory with all the beautiful trees and color, Dad in all his glory walking his other "Bud"dies, you in your glory sitting in the car drinking your sugar and cream (opps!! I mean coffee). Although, I do have to say, from the look on Buddy boy's face he doesn't seem to be feeling the glory watching "his" human treat machine sharing the wealth with other dogs!! I'm sure though, as soon as you all get home dad makes it up to him!!! :) LOVE YOU AND HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  8. Beautiful photos of your area! It's so nice that your husband walks the dogs at the shelter. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  9. "Happy Birthday, Judy" Beautiful photos and nice to see your husband out with the dogs. I used to have a dog-walking service in our town years ago and would take dogs out for people while they worked. I usually walked about 8 - 10 dogs a day. It was wonderful to be out in the fresh air and the dogs were so happy to have company in the middle of the day. Our local shelter is always happy to have people show up to walk the dogs. Enjoy your birthday. Deb

  10. Happy birthday Judy.
    This is a beautiful post. You have described november and shown photos so lovely. How admirable of the Captain to go and walk those poor dogs. I often wonder. Why do people have dogs then leave them. They think them cute as puppies then cant handle them when they grow.. or just go off and leave them.
    Your photos are stunning Judy. It seems you are having good weather there. Its raining cats an dogs here.. for two days solid now.
    Have a wonderful day, lovely flowers to share with your friend too.
    val x x x

  11. Good morning Judy,
    Happy Birthday! {Sorry, I'm late} You and my son share the same birthday, November 7. What beautiful photos and thoughts. Your hubby is a hero taking those penned up doggies out for a walk. Loved your wildlife photos; so beautiful! I really enjoyed your post and thank you for sharing it at my HOME. Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend.


  12. Hello Judy
    Happy Birthday!! Iam a Scorpio Too!
    Hope you had a wonderful day, your Autumn photos are stunning, Captain is star walking the lost kind
    speak soon
    Thea x

  13. Your photos are beautiful!
    What amazing scenery you have to enjoy while walking the dogs!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday :-)

  14. Well... Happy Happy Birthday!
    The flowers that you received for your birthday are just beautiful!

    I loved this post.
    So many kind thoughts and gestures.
    Thank you.

    Your sweet husband walking the shelter dogs is both kind, and charitable.
    What a sweetie.
    It also gave me an idea, to call and see if our shelter dogs might need a walk.
    So, thanks.

    Enjoy this day...


  15. Happy Birthday, Judy! I appreciate this thoughtful post so much. And I admire that good man of yours. I'm glad that November is so beautiful for you. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Happy belated birthday Judy. Sorry I didn't know it was coming up, lol.
    Beautiful fall pictures. Here the leaves are almost all down now and we're only have grey, boring days. But I don't long for snow either so I guess I'm hard to satisfie!!

    What a great thing, going out with this sad dogs. I feel so sorry for all animals that peoples gets and then don't take care of as they should. It's the same way with cats here. Lots of them that needs a new place to stay. I DO hope the dogs will get another, good home soon.

    Thank you for yet another lovely post. The roes are all around us here and I was so happy that I didn't have to hit one of them as driving home from work the other day. Thankfully he was a good animal and "looked" out if there was any cars coming BEFORE he went over the road. And that gave me time to stop the car, lol. I think they are adorable and don't want to hit them.

    Hope you'll get a lovely weekend over there. I'm free and will do some work with my Christmas cards.
    Love Elzie

  17. Oh WOW Judy...the colors are so beautiful!!! How blessed you are to live where you live. And what a wonderful thing the Captain is doing for those sweet dogs. I imagine he is their favorite guy in the world.
    I think it is so great that you go along too. It sounds to me like you get a lot done while he is walking the dogs : )
    sending hugs...

  18. Happy birthday, Judy. Such a lovely always. Your hubby is sweet with those doggies. Beautiful pictures. Nice kinds words and thoughts for all of those on the East coast.

  19. Dear Judy! I'm so irritated the translation doesn't work as it's supposed too. After all, how interesting is it to understand half of what's written? So now I've decided I shall write in English too so that you can read without the translation. I never translate when I visit your place as I do understand English very well after many years of learning. Hope you'll understand what I read then, you'll never know, lol.
    Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday dear friend.
    Love Elzie

  20. hi Judy ... new follower and will be back to enjoy more of your beautiful photos. I love the awesome Fall colors. Now quite here in Texas yet, but we do have some nice color. So kind of your husband to care for the dogs and get some exercise at the same time.
    Audrey Z.

  21. You have an incredibly wonderful blog. Your nature pictures are fantastic. I am so glad that people care about the animals that others cared. Lucky to animal shelters and voluntrer there. I have taken care of the reassignment dogs. It has always been good but it has been difficult before the animal found security after it has been

  22. Judy, Judy, Birthday Girl, stand right up and give us a twirl!Wheeeeeee
    Happy Birthday!
    Lovely post, hats off to the captain for giving up his time for such a worthy cause.
    Hopes alls well and you are enjoying the fall.

  23. Thank you for joining HSH! Happy Birthday!

  24. You share the most beautiful scenery. The pictures are really awesome. Happy Birthday!
    I was tagged in a game of blog-tag and in turn TAGGED You.
    Have and Awesome Day!

  25. Beautiful pics and a cozy time :) Thank you so much for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  26. Dear Judy,What a wonderful post.I'm so sorry I missed Your birthday,I'm a fellow Scorpio too! Happy Belated Birthday wishes to You. How lovely that The Captain walks the dogs in the dog shelter,thats such a wonderful thing to do.I feel so sad when I think of them in the shelter though,wouldnt it be wonderful if all dogs could have a warm and caring home....
    I love that you catch up on Your reading and Sudoko in that time and take in those amazing views,big hugs,love juliexxx


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