Monday, March 3, 2014


It's here...

We asked for it...

We wanted it...

We needed it...


We probably need a lot more of it...


We can't help wishing, just a little bit, that it would go away...


...the beauty of the coming Spring would continue to shine through.


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  1. We should have sent some of our UK rain your way. Please do not return the favour! So lovely to see the blossom and the start of Spring even though we know without the rain it wouldn't look as beautiful.

  2. Oh you are so lucky Judy...we still have the white stuff all over here. However I do see some daffodil shoots trying to push through the frozen ground. Super cold here today and still icy...BUT...the robins are singing!
    XO Barbara

  3. ...I know how you feel but the rain will bring a even more glorious spring...and it is almost here!

  4. Oh, Judy- No chance of Spring here yet. We have TONS of snow (literally). Lucky girl you are- rain and all- xoDiana

  5. Fabulous photos - I'm glad you are getting rain - seems everyone needs it - except poor S.CA - my heart breaks when I see the stories. We are hoping for spring to show up too - at least our bit of snow has gone and rain has come back. I'm waiting for those sunny, warm spring days that seem to go on forever and ever up here in the PNW.

  6. I like a warm spring rain as it washes away all the dust and dirt of winter left on the roads and sidewalks and then things start to burst forth as in your photos. I hope you don't get so much rain that it's a problem. Your pictures make it look so refreshing. Have a great week.

  7. Right now its just to cold for us down here. Cold and rainy. It was 80 degrees the other day and I was wearing short pants. Please warm weather come back...LOL
    I would like you to pop on over and celebrate Mardi Gras with us. It will be fun.
    Happy Mardi Gras,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  8. I loved the rain and my flowers were doing happy dances. The grass is emerald green and the roses are going crazy - have so many buds on them. Your pictures were great of the rain. I sure hope we get more - my flowers are blooming early this year.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  9. The weathers has been surprisingly nice today in the UK yet it will probably change who knows! I love your pictures especially the first one! :)
    - Becky x

  10. Hi Judy,
    Love your red transferware! It's just so pretty! We still have very cold weather and lots of snow around yet. Spring is sure taking her time coming this year. Thank you for stopping by. I am no longer hosting the HOME linky party because of computer issues I was having back in January. I had announced it several times but I guess I could have announced it a couple more times. The only party I can handle at the moment is my Tea Time Tuesday party. You are always welcome to link up to that when you are sharing some china pretties. And if I ever resume the HOME linky party, I will let you know. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  11. Absolutely beautiful photos of the weather! I can't this right.


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