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Happy Twenty-First Birthday

December 4, 2014


...Coming attractions...

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  1. Hi Judy, I love this post; it's such fun to get a virtual tour of so many blogger's homes. :) Your home is just charming; so comfy and cozy looking -- makes me wish I was coming to visit. :) Is this the guest bedroom in these pictures? I was thinking so, for some reason. I love all the authentic Victorian elements in your house, Judy; it's obvious that you and your husband have really worked hard to put your stamp on this house.

    Keep those pictures coming, my friend!

    Big hugs,

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. I just love the pink door, the brush tree, the pink wreath, the pink everything. That enamel pitcher is a treasure! How on earth did you get that tree to twinkle like that. Beautiful!

  3. Everything is so pretty, Judy! You have such a great, unique style. I think that's what everyone wants when it comes to decorating. You've inspired me to add a bit of holiday cheer to my bedroom! :)

    Happy Holidays to you!

    Jane xx

  4. Hello, dear Judy! I am in love with your pretty pink Christmas decor! It's so soft, feminine, and romantic :) Thank you for sharing such loveliness with us.

    Hugs to you!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to Jake. Your photo's are beautiful and I love your decorations. Everything is perfect. You really know how to put it together. Thanks so much Judy for sharing your beautiful home.

  6. Happy Birthday to Jake..
    Your home is truly Victorian and so beautiful Judy.
    Your decorations are amazing. It looks so cosy and inviting.
    I always enjoy my visits to Gold country cottage.
    happy week Judy
    val xxx

  7. Happy birthday to Jake. Your home is lovely. What a beautiful setting for the bedroom.
    What a delight to add some holiday cheer to a bedroom. Soft and romantic...Happy Holidays Judy.

  8. Love everything here, Judy.
    The new background, the Christmas décor, the twinkling lights, and Victorian touches to the guest room...etc... etc....
    You always do such a beautiful job not only decorating, but also decorating for the seasons :)
    Glad Jerry has you and lets you wave your magic wand and make everything gorgeous !

    Once again, Happy birthday to Jake... glad you were able to celebrate this milestone birthday with him.


  9. You have been very busy Judy. Your home looks amazing and I love the bedroom as it looks so cozy. Enjoy!

  10. Judy, I was feeling a little out of sorts when I got in a few minutes ago. Sat down to check your blog and it perked me up. I need to finish what I started in the bedroom here and seeing what you have so tastefully done in your bedroom put me in the mood. What a cozy beautiful room. It reminds me of the decorated rooms at the Strausburg Hotel a couple hours from me. So pretty, you certainly have a flair for decorating and beauty.

  11. I forgot to say in my last comment that I second the "cheers to Jake". What a handsome lad he is.

  12. Judy,

    Your bedroom looks so pretty and cozy for the holiday. Happy Birthday to Jake.

    Amy Jo

  13. Hi Judy,
    As always, your photos are always a joy to look at. Your touches of Christmas through out the cottage are wonderful. I'm trying to change things up a bit this year (but still keeping it Victorian), every year I decorate the very same way. You always inspire me to change things with your sweet little touches here and there.
    Have a great rest of your week and happy birthday to Jake

  14. Oh everything is so pretty and pinky!!! I love the soft way your decorate. And a Happy Birthday to Jake - what a fun time of life!

  15. That is OH SO PRETTY, Judy! I love it. It must feel like you are stepping back into a softer, gentler time when you go in there! I love it. Happy Birthday to Jake, too!!!! xo Diana

  16. Oh what Fun decorations, Judy! What is that little pink tree by the Santa made out of? I couldn't tell but it sure is cute! It looks like you are enjoying getting your home ready for Christmas! Send a Happy Birthday to Jake! Blessings, Cindy

  17. Hi Judy, the decor here in your home is gorgeous and so cozy and welcoming for Christmas. Darling pink tree and that first pic with the poem is one of my favorites in our guest room. I painted roses with mine many years ago. Thanks for always sharing such wonderful inspiration. You are so talented and really make everything special.
    Happy Birthday to Jake.
    Have a wonderful evening!!!

  18. Your home looks like a warm Christmas hug, just lovely.

  19. I could only see part of the pics due to our ongoing internet issues. However from what I could see your Christmas décor is sooooo beautiful!!!!! Happy belated Birthday to Jake too :o)

  20. Beautiful and charming Holiday decor!!!....Cheers to Jake for a great 21st birthday!

  21. Your bedroom is very cozy all decorated for Christmas. My oldest son just turned 21 on Dec. 8th too! He is now staying with a friend over the weekend and I'm sure there will be some "cheers" happing too. He's so happy to finally be legal. LOL!

  22. I love your beautiful cheery and pretty.
    I wonder how you get such softness to your photos....

  23. Judy congrats on your feature over at Ivy & Elephants! Love this romantic...I feel like I have been trsansported to another place and time. Happy birthday to Jake...hope he had a wonderful birthday!
    XO Barbara


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