Wednesday, February 11, 2015


When I jokingly remarked 
in my last post that a hurricane was coming...
better think before I speak!

Well, it wasn't exactly a hurricane 
but we did have some very high winds
 on our last night at the RV park.
 we were able to drive all the way home
 before the rains hit.

Oh happy days,
 we finally got some rain but no snow, although the white stuff fell in the higher elevations 
so that will be good for some runoff. 
 But, now we are back
 to nice, balmy, sunny days
 with frosty nights.

 Well, we surely will take
 what we can get.

Back to the camping trip.
  We had a great time. 
 We met up with my cousins and their two sweet little rescued doggies
 and spent some much needed time
 having fun.

This is Izzy. 
 She is such a little character
 and she whizzes around a lot. 
 She tends to dance rather than walk
 and is a total joy to watch
 and to be around.

This is Roxie. 
 She is very mellow and doesn't move too fast,
 quite the opposite from little Izzy. 
 She certainly puts Izzy in her place
 when she thinks she is not behaving well.  Roxie likes to sit with you
 and love you with her eyes,
 which are very beautiful. 
 She also really likes me
 so that puts me 
over the moon.

We did a small amount of gambling 
and found a machine that was paying off a little bit. 
 I won around $50 after putting in $20
 so that wasn't too bad. 
 The machine was based on the movie,
 so it had beautiful pictures 
of Leo and Kate,
 and every time it payed off
 it played the theme song.

 It was so loud that I could sing right along with it
 and nobody could hear me.

Road time 
To and from Jackson:
 4 hours


The little town of Amador City on historic Highway 49

We got home about 11:30 on Friday
 and picked up our mail at the post office.  We had an announcement from my friend, Sandy at Country Living. 
 That was my most favorite shopping place in Amador City.

 It turns out that, after 45 years,
 she has picked up and moved her shop to Lodi
 and was having a grand opening between 4:00 and 8:00 PM that evening.
  We cleaned up a bit,
 put our camping stuff away, 
jumped back into the car and drove to Lodi.

  We had never been there
 and it is a really cute town. 
 Although most places had closed by the time we arrived,
 darn it!
 We will have to go back again some time.

  I didn't take pictures like I had planned
 so I will have to get them next time.

I picked up this cute little bird on a perch of twine...

...and the roosting chicken sign and bright, cheery table runner.

Road time
 To and from Lodi:
 3 hours


On Monday, 
we received an e-mail from Sammie's Friends,
 the shelter where the Captain walks dogs.

  They were asking for a volunteer
 to take a dog to a new home in Pacific Grove.

 Long story short: we said we would do it.

We picked up Barney at 8:00 AM on Tuesday and left for Pacific Grove. 
 The Captain had walked Barney many times as he has been at the shelter for nine, long, months.
  Too long of a time. 
 I had never met him,
 but right away it was like we had known him forever. 
 Such a sweet and gentle dog. 
 He is a black lab mix and 8 years old.

 I don't know his back story but
 he seems well adjusted, gets along with other dogs but doesn't like cats. 
 They recommended he be in a home with older children.

It turns out that Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in Pacific Grove 
stepped up to take him out of the shelter.
  They are a rescue for senior people who,
 for what ever reason,
 can't care for their pets anymore
 or for senior dogs that have been in a shelter situation. 
 They are not a kennel
 so they do not have any dogs on site,
 but they do find either foster or forever homes
 for the dogs they take in.

Barney is going to a foster home
 with a lady who has her own dog approximately the same size and age as Barney. 
 He will stay with her until a forever home can be found for him,
 and until then,
 he will be cared for as if he is in a forever home
 which is so much better than being at a shelter.

Like I said,
 our first initial meeting with 
Barney was one of joy on both parts,
 but as we got on our way
 it was the strangest feeling.
 I guess because he was different from Buddy and what we were used to,
 it seemed almost like a bother to have him there. 
 It is a hard-to-explain  feeling,
 even to myself,
 because I love dogs,
 but as he settled in to the ride and the time went on, 
 we stopped a few times for him to go out
 and I gave him a few treats which he took with such gentleness,
that when we had to drop him off,
 I had tears in my eyes and a sense of loss.

 We both kept having the feeling
 that he was still in the car
 when we were on our way home.

Barney with Carrie from Peace of Mind Rescue

Barney is such a gentleman and sweet dog.
  He will now be living in a beautiful setting with fresh air, sand and ocean all around him
 and when he finds his forever home,
 I know he will live the life which he deserves.

A hand-painted mural on back of the house

After dropping Barney off
 we stopped for lunch on Cannery Row
 and then on to home. 
 Before we got out of town,
 there was a Tuesday Morning with a parking spot right in front, 
imagine that!!
 Of course, we couldn't just keep on
 without stopping...

...there was this cute chorus line of rabbits
 doing what rabbits do best...
duh! the Bunny Hop! 
 If you are not older than dirt 
you might not be familiar with this dance...

...and this sweet little sparrow
 all dressed up for that first
 soft spring shower...

...I spotted this little stand with the bird's nest on top.
  I think I will embellish it with some real looking nest supplies
 and it, too,
 will be ready for spring.

Road time
 To and from Pacific Grove:
 8 hours and 19 minutes

In less than a week
 we have been on the road
 for almost 16 hours,
 for a total of
 837 miles!

 we would do it all over again, 
 we will wait awhile!


 a contented guy 

and one lucky dog!


Can you tell 
Barney was here?

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  1. Awww, what a sweet story. You sure have traveled a lot. Barney is one very special dog who seems so mellow. I hope he loves his new surroundings. You and your hubby were so loving to take him to Pacific Grove. I have hopes he will find his forever home. Happy Wednesday Judy. Blessings.

  2. You certainly have been on the road and putting on miles. Barney is a sweet looking dog and reminds me of our son's dog Buckley right down the the white wiskers on his chin. Same age too! I'm glad he has a new foster home and hope he is settled with someone who will love and appreciate him. The mural on the house is so beautiful. I'm glad you had safe travels. Enjoy the rest of the week. Pam

  3. Hi Judy, Oh my seeing the smudged windows brings back big memories of Miss B when she would smear up the windows on road trips. Barney is a beauty and I am so glad he will be well cared for until he goes to his forever home.
    Your travels looks like it was an amazing time and your had lots of fun. Love the pic of the little town too.
    You and your hubby are sweet and generous spirits to drive Barney all that way. The world needs more dear people like you all.
    Wishing you a nice evening and so glad you got some much needed rain.
    Hugs, CM

  4. Oh so much going on - love the little bird perch - and the bird in the rain coat. Our Tuesday Morning is not a very good one - I've only found one or two things in there that I would even consider bringing home. Wish it had a better selection.

    Gold country is one of our favorite areas of the state - my family lived in Lotus before we moved to Alaska when I was a kid - and we spent time in Placerville. Lovely photos - glad you had such a good time.

  5. I think you should go back and get Barney. He would be a terrific dog for you. Sounds like he also liked you.
    You trip sounds like you had a great time and seeing all that beautiful scenery. Izzy and Roxie are darling dogs. I love my dogs so much - they are both rescued.
    Enjoy being home and you got some great treasures too.

  6. You put your right foot forward, you put your left foot back, do the bunny hop...hop, hop, hop! :) I Must be as Old as Dirt!! I Love Hwy 49, Amador City, Sutter Creek, Placerville, so much Fun shopping time! Sounds like you've had some great travel time too! Barney looks cute, hope he finds a great forever home! Have a super rest of your week! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  7. Adopt him! Adopt him! Adopt him! I just kept waiting for you to tell me that you and the Captain decided to take him home with you! Awwww....
    What a busy week you had, oh my! That little historic town looked like something right out of a movie!
    Your cousins dogs look like real sweeties! How cute!
    Thanks for sharing your trips with us and have a "love"ly weekend!

  8. What a sweet fellow that Barney is! Your words tell how much he got into your heart in the short time you had with him. I hope he finds his forever home soon and you will always remain a part of his journey. That mural on the side of the house was just gorgeous. Wow, you've logged many hours on the road. What an interesting life you lead...thank you for sharing. Courtney

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